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  1. Dapat yung unang qualifications eh yung magaling sa kudaan period then yung facial beauty tapos yung height. Kung wala kayo nyan wag nang mag aksaya ng panahon. Nakakahiya yung sa q and a hindi makasagot maayos. Wag nang sumali ang mga pandak. At kung gumaganda lang kayo dahil sa make up wag nang sumali. Kung pangit wag nang sumali. Yung mga recycle na hindi naman nanalo wag nang ipagpilitan .

  2. The Philippines has an oversupply of world-class beauties, but the global demand seems to be stymied by this pandemic. Twice-postponed MI is still a big question mark with this new Omicron variant. MW is still smarting from its nightmarish Covid 19 experience in PR. With the Omicron and Delta variants still stalking the world, notably Europe and USA, the future of global pageantry is not so rosy. Of course we do not want to see a situation when our long list of high-caliber beauties will slug it out for a narrowed list of alpha international pageants, and settle for second- or third- tier contests, or worse succumb to the lure of fly-by-night contests sprouting in some unexpected places.

    • I don’t think we have an “oversupply” why do we keep sending recycled queens???? Venezuela, or should I say USA, India ang may oversupply of beauties
      . Iba iba every year, hindi yung taon taon same2 lang ng mga mukha. Kakaumay.

  3. Good luck to the veterans and repeaters.
    I’m more excited sa mga newbies and unknowns na sasali and then surprise surprise, they end up winning.

  4. You guys are under estimating the 22 year old Klea Pineda who has a height of 5’9, a Starstruck season 6 winner meaning she is multi-talented, a Lakandula descendant meaning she’s inately inteligent, politicaly inclined and a kapampangan- trilingual, and has more than a million socmed followers combined has a huge edge over the other pageant queens… W/ sufficient trainning and marketing, she could easily become an international winner.

  5. Bella for MUP 2022 . Just look at her amazing ballet pictures and superb comm skills . Worst case scenario , she will be top 3 at MU.
    Chela for MUP 2023 . Cute face , very feminine personality , and great comm skills . I won’t be surprised if she wins MU 2023 if she gets the proper training
    Tamondong is super beautful . . She should spend 4 more yrs to hone her comm skills and her personality
    I’m dilly dally about Galeria and Magtanong
    Galeria can keep our top 20 placement .
    Patch can easily make top 3 at MU . SA was 3rd place this yr , why not her ? Patch has great comm skills and has a very beautiful feminine voice . But they need to find the right hair and make up for her . And she needs to improve on her overall presentation . Pasarela is lackluster . If she can only
    Learn from Alaiza Malinao or Miriam Quiambao.

  6. Galeria could in MU Thailand with her looks. I just don’t know if her beauty is enough to propel her to the top with MUP’s taste in a candidate. Her communication skills need more work, I think.

    Patch Magtanong should give MUP. If Ahtisa and Patch join, it would be a bloodbath with both MIP fighting for the crown.

    I do love how MUP so has fielded quality candidates so far. I mean last year’s top 5 could easily complete at MU easily and make the first cut.

    Ahtisa, Patch and Michelle Dee would make good MUP additions.

    I am not sure about Steffi- I’d rather her cross to BBP and try to win the MGP crown and slap that beauty to win that golden crown. I think Nawat will love her.

    Bella should definitely try MWP. She will not win MUP, unfortunately. Her personality is better suited in a pageant where fierceness is a non-factor. She also has the demeanor suited for MI.

    • @ 4M I think we’ve discussed Steffi’s case before. She would have already joined BBP if that were her plan… Recall Uncle’s earlier post (~2019?), saying she was eyeing MWP? And that little work she took as a car show model, how that might diminish her desirability to the old guard? 😦

      UNLESS, Angkol TRULY does like her. But for ‘Philippines’, he seems to prefer NOT the Latina look. Cordovez, Clenci, Shah, & SamBer don’t exactly register ‘brown Americana’. Also, maybe he leans more towards a petite Filipina? And so a possible reason why SamPan was sent this (2021) time? 🙂

      I’m not sure, but I think Steffi is aging out as well (meaning, late twenties). Being KF, I believe an appointment would be the best course of action for her now. By placing in the Final 5 of MUP, she has already proven her worth; I think it is no longer necessary to force the issue. No doubt, she’s..!

  7. calling on Mimielanie Marquez to allow her daughter to join & quite possibly win MUP2022 (Michelle Dee !!!)

  8. For MUP, I wish Patricia Magtanong would give pageantry one last shot. If she is no longer amenable joining, I want Pauline Amelinckx rejoin and win MUP. This girl has the beauty, brain and good pasarela skills, provided she works hard on trimming her weight. The last time I saw her pics, she still looked stocky. If she needs to have a mesh sewn on her tongue in order for her to slim down, then do it. She has a higher chance to be the next MUP, and I can see her winning the MU crown.

    For MWP, I’d like to wish for a new set of people to lead the franchise before it totally becomes a fourth-tier national pageant organization. Also, I wish it throws off unnecessary titles in its court because they
    only cheapen the MWP pageant. Now, for my #wishmiss, I’d like Bella Ysmael join and win MWP. She is a Miss World prototype. Her being ballerina would make Julia Morley adore her. Bella has got a very interesting personality, is very beautiful and graceful, and can speak with class and wisdom.

    Klea Pineda isn’t yet ripe to join a beauty pageant. But yes, she is glamorous. She can represent us in Miss World. GMA has more beautiful girls to field in pageantry, such as Rere Madrid, Pamela Prinster, Lexi Gonzales, Gabbi Garcia, etc.

    That’s all.

    • Ana, kahit anong pagpapapayat ni Pauleen. Ganun na talaga ang body frame nya. Actually, she’s a shorter version of Catriona. Nacompensate sa tangkad ni Catriona ang weird body frame niya. Pauleen kn the other hand is not that tall. Kung pwede magpakuba ng ribs Gawin nya. Lol

  9. I would like to see also Patricia Magtanong and Emma Tiglao in a national pageant once again.

  10. Sa hirap ng buhay sa Pilipinas ngayon sigurado ko lahat ay gusto sumali sa mga patimpalak pero kung walang pondo sa pantustos hanggang sa probinsiya na lamang sila sasabak sa patimpalak. Malamang yung may mga kaibigan na handang maging sponsors ang sasabak sa mga malalaking patimpalak sa ngayon kaya hindi na lang magtataka kung ang mga limang nabaggit ni Tito Norman ay posibleng sasali bakit hindi, lahat ay may karapatan sumali kahit retokado mula sa taas ng noo hanggang sa baba ng talampakan.

  11. Roberta Tamondong and Phoebe Godinez are fit to be fielded at MIss International. Isabela Galeria and Ahtisa Manalo are perfect for MU. Klia Pineda would be sent to MW

    • @ serge And with your signature economy of words, you effectively summarized the article. 🙂

      Another CHILLY Manila morning! For the life of me, I don’t recall the last time the ‘Amihan’ was this strong… Awakened by back pain, aka ‘tanders is very real’. 😦

  12. Beauty-wise, Ahtisa Manalo and Isabela Galeria are both good for MUPh, and their comm skills are on the same level as Bea – not very witty but conversant and passable. Seeing the trajectory of IMG looking for a spokesperson, I want to see both Pauline Amelinckx and Emanuelle Vera with better styling. I want a classy MUPh.

    I would love to see other national pageant newbies surprise us all like Rabiya and Bea did.

    • Both Amelinckz and Vera have already competed in the nationals and I don’t think MUPh will ever crown one.

  13. Sabi ko sa self ko, sino ba tong Klea Pineda na to? so I visited her instagram page and then lo and behold (sadly) I don’t see anything in her. Nothing special. She will be another Kisses Delavin ifever she joins. She reminds me of that US bred Vigan girl whom everyone was clamoring about some years back but when she finally joined, she was a big disappointment. Where is she now?
    I like Tamondong and that 1st RU at Eco Teen this year. Both have potentials and very promising.
    Ahtisa must join MWP not MUP

    • Likewise. I do not see anything special about the hype kay Klea Pineda. Siguro kung dati pa siya sumali. Pero habang lumilipas ang panahon mas madami pang lulutang jan na hindi kilala.

    • Thats because Kisses is a midget in pageantry.. Meanwhile Klea Pineda with the height of 5’9 who’s a Starstruck season 6 winner, a Lakandula descendant, and has more than a million socmed followers combined has a huge edge over the other pageant queens… W/ sufficient trainning and marketing, she could easily become an international winner.

  14. Doon tayo sa may integrity at independence. Yung hindi tuta at nagpapagamit sa mga ahas.

  15. Oh my god… Roberta Tomondong, Ahtisa Manalo and Klea Pineda are all very qualified or at least have the potential to become Miss Universe.. It would be so hard to choose…. the Philippine fandom could potentialy spark WORLD WAR III with this line-up.

  16. 1) I don’t know if Philippines has had a teen queen who went on to also win a Senior ‘concurzo’. Atm, our consciousness are on Tamondong & Paton (come March). The latter, I’m not too sure… The former, I want to get that distinction! But I get the feeling destiny will let BBP ‘cool down’ this year following crowns by MM & Cinderella, so I would rather the former skip. Haste might make waste.

    So, yes. I think 2022 will be a ‘rest’ year for BBP. A Runner-up placement at best.

    2) MUP 2022-Charity, as successor to the duties of VVV. 🙂

    3) Busy pa pala, ‘eh. Concentrate on that business muna. Keep the demons clueless~guessing.

    4) This sounds as if there are backroom talks to deliberately NOT give Phoebe any of the international assignments HnP is offering. ‘Last year’s impressive showing of Cebu City’ hints at either MUP or MWP*. BIG shoes to fill! But after what the city endured (Odette), they surely could use the motivation.

    5) Klea, G! Baka mag-over-age na. If she has Schengen visa, Supranational. Or RHA?

    * – Tracy was ‘Cebu City’ in MUP 2020, right? And her BWAP (now) is in Cordova.

      • @ Closer2Fame Mayroon kasing pageants, preferred medyo bata… And Klea being a fresh face, will definitely attract the attention of major players.

        MW & MGI, with age ceilings at 27, clearly skew younger… MI, too. But as the article says, she is setting her sights on MWP, so let’s work with that. Anyway, KAPUSO naman siya, so easy.

        Speaking of youth, I saw the Deutsch Welle documentary on Karl Lagerfeld. He once was part of an exhibition in (his native) Germany on classic standards of beauty. He said beauty is, for him, fleeting (not ageless/timeless, as some cosmetics & wellness companies like to trumpet but this is MY opinion). What that could mean at least for pageantry is that when a woman ‘blossoms’, that’s the time to make the first foray/attempt! We do not know how she will look in just a year or so; strike once the iron heats up enough to glow, so to speak. That being said, it is true there are among us who bloom late, and that’s probably why some ‘concurzos’ stretch theirs to 30/31…33?

        Klea seems to have accomplished a lot for someone her age. I think we should target a ‘competition bracket’ of early- to mid-20’s… Huwag na natin ipagpiltan ‘yung mindset na ‘ay, sagad na sa age ceiling, ilaban na’. Masyado nang risky ‘pag ganun. After all, mag-postpone lang ng isang taon ang pageant, disqualified na on age. Nakaka-stress! 😦

    • @Flor 1). Joyce Ann Burton… Bb. Pilipinas Young international 1981 and Bb. Pilipinas Universe 1985

      • @ john (Admin is very strict now in terms of confidentiality/privacy/proprietary content. Lolz.)

        Thank you for the comment/reply. Joyce was very lucky to have gotten the opportunity to represent the country. But she won neither of her assignments. What we want is someone who can ace BOTH the Junior & Senior divisions! If Kathleen Paton (who won her Teen International) can exceed Kelley Day’s finish at Eco-International (2020 edition earlier this year), then she’ll be our first. 🙂

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