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  1. What happened to this photo? I like the reds but the pose is very awkward , it is as if Bea is lifting a large terracota vase with water in it to put on her head but then she tripped. It’s like a symbol that in 2022 the Philippines will bow down in MU. I hope not.

    Where is Tracy Maureen Perez?

    • @ River Robles Great question!

      I would like to think Mr. ALV took the opportunity (that’s at least two whole months!) to cast her in an up-&-coming TV series, the shoot for which has begun somewhere in the USA. Hoping. 🙂

      • Thanks @ Flor Tula for the reply. I am just confused with the press release from Rappler and the announcements of ALV a week after the finals night cancellation. Rappler says she went back to Philippines but ALV says she will be in New York , mind you that was even before the Super Typhoon came.

        I also don’t see any IG posts with Gazini now or any of her friends who was with her in Puerto Rico.

        I am guessing she is sick and got an extended stay in PR. The IG story before the supertyphoon didnt mention she left PR. Ive documented each girl and based on social media posts and ooficial announcements from the national directors, only 2 delegates are still in PR – Miss Puerto Rico obviously and Miss Philippines . I do hope I am wrong.

        Miss Namibia and Miss Netherlands were supposed to stay in PR too but they instead went to the USA and Aruba, respectively.

      • @ River Robles I refer you to one of Adam Genato’s vlogs on the matter. He discusses what Tracy can do for the interim. Apparently, she’s staying put in the USA on Mr. ALV’s orders. The rationale is that in case pandemic lock downs in the near future make returning there difficult, then it makes sense to simply stay put & wait. Puerto Rico is USA territory, so I guess it’s just as well.

        (I don’t know, but maybe she has relatives or good friends in the USA. So, may matutuluyan naman siya kahit paano.)

  2. Industry captains make sure that their products, services and brands are always in the market 365 days a year– no vacation leaves, no seasonal leaves, no perceptual gaps in their annual calendar. They make sure their organizational structures and systems are on the go in each business cycle. Pageantry is fast becoming a global industry. Thankfully, packets of pageantry development on a national level are strategically located worldwide courtesy of MUP, MSA, MUT and, to an extent, MEP. They move heaven and earth to ensure pageantry pulsates with life despite this lethal pandemic. They did not cower in fear, hibernate in their dug-outs, nor cancel their annual crowning events. Instead they leveraged on technology, and capitalized on their innate innovative spirit and agility, to still bring pageantry and their advocacies to their publics. I view this early search by MUP for its next titlist a step in the right direction, a building block to the development of this budding global industry.

    • @ scorg Sa madaling salita, merchandiser. 🙂

      Makes sure laging may laman ang mga istante nila sa grocery & takes note of what moves fast & which ones languish… Or sa vegetable-&-fruits/fresh produce section ng palengke, naka-display ‘yung ‘sinigang flavor mix’ product nila para lahat ng bibili ng pechay o okra ay mapapaisip…

      (It’s funny now, kasi ‘yung nagkukudkod ng niyog, may ‘instant gata’ na ring ibinebenta, Just add H2O.)

      • @Flor, your imagination floored me. Top-of-mind awareness of one’s brand involves being visible and available all the time at all customer contact points– be it supermarket shelves or in the airwaves. All businesses today, including pageantry, have to contend with the daily battle for shelf space and battle for mind space. Since pageantry’s products and services are intangibles, shelf could refer to media spaces or slots. Organizations serious about their vision, mission, advocacies and brands– have to ensure their proactive visibility and availability to the public at all times. No place for perceptual gaps, pandemic or no pandemic, calamity or no calamity. That’s what prestige is all about.

  3. Can you imagine if Bea was with India and Paraguay in the top 3 instead of South Africa and Philippines is second runner up ?

    & can you imagine if instead of Aruba in the top 16 , Spain or Ireland was there to compete in the swimsuit semifinal round ? The 2021 MU would have been a 99.9% on the perfection scale …

    the 0.1% is mostly the dumb SHarvey jokes and for the song Hallelujah not having been sung in Arabic even though it was announced that it will be sung in Hebrew, English and Arabic …

  4. We all know Tito Norman is friends with the MU people which explains why he knows who the winner is days before the finals night.
    We also know that Tito Norman has been ‘banned’ by Binibining Pilipinas to cover their event
    So we know where his loyalty lies and there’s nothing wrong with that at all

  5. Kaloka. Nabasa ko sa Twitter ni AltGMA na kaya daw maaga or before election para magastusan ng politiko ang peygent. Kalooooooooka! MUO, ibalik na sa Cubao please. Nakakadiri.

  6. Dahil sa “most prestigious” dumadami ang readers/commenters sa post na ito… comment pa more para umabot tayo sa 100 or more! Ganyan nga tito Norman you found the right formula: use controversial terms

  7. Diosmio! Para lang sa iisang adjective na “prestigious” eh pinagtatalunan pa?

    Toxic talaga mga Pinoy fans! Nagko-concentrate sa mga minor details na wala namang impact sa overall result!

    Ang importante ngayon nakuha na nila Jonas ulit yung formula para makapa-produce ng potential winner! And ang pinaka-compass dun eh yung strong communication skills!

    Kung ano man yung screening na ginawa nila last year isama mo pa yung ibat-ibang challenges only means na it is effective!

    Kaya kung mare-replicate nila ulit yung ganung formula for this year and produce another competitive winner, bago pa sila ulit mag-renew ng franchise, perhaps, makaka-produce na sila ulit ng winner!

  8. Have MUPh-Tourism and MUPh-Charity engaged in activities related to their titles?

  9. Taft candidates for MUP 2022: BONGuton, FLORera, FABebe chimp. Sila ang last 3 standing. It is anybody’s ballgame. Paramihan ba naman ng kulubot ang major major criteria

  10. Excited to see new faces joining the pageant and curious as to which province or city is going to host the pageant.

  11. maybe they just should have said “the pageant that sends the one representative to the most prestigious pageant of them all in the universe ! ” …

  12. Ginalaw na raw ang baso ni Patch ???
    I have no opposition.
    She needs a boob job and more work out . And better hair and make up
    She also needs to improve on her overall presentation especially her pasarela.
    Dapat yung May impact like India this yr
    Her good comm skills and beautiful feminine voice are a major plus

  13. What does it take for a pageant to be prestigious? Prestige is widespread respect and admiration felt for someone or something on the basis of a perception of its achievements or quality. In this precarious period in history, which pageant had the courage, agility and innovativeness to face the formidable challenges of the pandemic? When others hibernated in their dug-outs, or simply disappeared, which pageant kept pageantry pulsating with life in this part of the world? When the pandemic prevented the staging of live spectator events, which pageant continued its annual search without let up and still proved that online events can still draw hefty corporate sponsorships. I am a simple pageant enthusiast who is simply grateful that there is one organization that kept the celebration of beauty unabated despite the gloom of this pandemic. If that is not prestige, I don’t know what is.

    • It’s the need of funds scorg. They need to pay the hefty franchise of MU. Same happened in Colombia. The old owner disagreed with the increase that’s why the franchise was taken from Señorita Colombia. There’s no pressure na magstage from BPCI since Hindi din naman magstage ng 2020 pageants ang mga franchise dun haleer. They did the pageant 2021 before the staging of their respective international pageants. Prestige for me is longevity. BPCI survived the height of the red terror in the 70s, Martial Law and other events in the past they survived too.

    • Flor remember na maraming nakasanayan din ang BbP na pageants in the past na wala na ngayon, example the Miss Republic of the Philippines at Hiyas ng Pilipinas na lumamlam na Ang prestige. It’s unfair that you only see the NOW without considering the past. What makes it prestigious (BbP) is because it is backed by a stable and a wealthy man, Jorge Araneta together with his Araneta Group of Company. While other organizations are reliant to outside sponsorships.

      • @ Wynona Ryder ‘Ay, wala po akong sinasabi recently concerning BBP/BPCI. At most, that MIO took back their 29 age ceiling & cancelling (again) for 2021… I’m sorry, I don’t know get your drift…

    • Ayyy. Andito na naman ang #TeamAhasAndKweens. Care to explain why napaka-positive mo for MUPh and MUP queens but napaka-nega kay Cat and BBP?

  14. Realtalk, Binibining Pilipinas pa din ang undisputed and the most prestigious national pageant. Saka na natin sabihin na “most prestigious” ang Miss Universe Philippines kapag may nagtitle na sa Miss Universe. Prestigious, oo, pero hindi pa most prestigious. I could feel something tuloy haha

      • Lol we are talking about the national level. Sige aberrrr what makes MUP prestigious besides sa MU ang top crown nila?? Yung pa condo nila sa bgc?? Yung kotse nilang premyo na made in China? Wkwkwkwk

  15. I know what that “something phenomenal is brewing”… more voting voting voting poll poll Paul asaan ka na? Paul sa march pa MW

  16. Paiba-iba ‘yung font… Very peri, now. It went through gold, silver, white,… At least ‘yang ‘burda’ sa margin, na-maintain. I like it. Gives an ethnic~modern touch. 🙂

    Uncle goes, ‘WE’RE brewing something phenomenal”. Umamin na kasing AP, ‘eh. Wala namang masama. I mean, of all pageant bloggers atm, Norman Tinio wouldn’t be surprising & is expected given his stature.

    Let’s assume Ingrid Samtamaria, being city mate, was his ward last year. Now, as I understand it, it is allowed for an AP to get additional sashes as he/she desires. Why not two more, po? One each for Bulacan & Pampanga (HUCC’s of your choice), in consideration of your roots?

    I think it would be nice if MUP can complete the Region 3 Cluster, with at least one rep from each of its constituent prefectures – Zambales, Bataan, Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, & Aurora. It will be also interesting to see how they will vote come the Popularity Poll. Will each stay loyal to their girl ’til the end? Or, will they come together to push their strongest card to the top?

    Oh, yeah. One more thing & I’ve said this before. FULL TRANSPARENCY in the Poll, please. Real-time tally. We will appreciate numbers. Thank you & wishing much success to the 3rd edition!

  17. It’s not the MUPO that says MUP is the most prestigious national beauty pageant; it’s Tito Norms.

    Nevertheless, MUP is the most awaited beauty pageant in the country. It is most talked about. Precisely because the winner gets to represent the country in the most prestigious beauty pageant on earth.

    Anyway, one of the girls who will accordingly join MUP is Rina Maier. This girl has got the goods. I just don’t know her communication skills.

    That’s all.

    • Walang ka prestige prestige ang performers recently sa Miss Universe. Hindi ba sila makakuha ng Hollywood A lister performers? Like maroon 5? Coldplay? Jusko in 2017 si Fergie nag perform, way past her prime. 2018 Ne-yo very 2008. 2019 the who na member ng fifth harmony na naflaflat kumanta. 2020 ??? Flo Rida, so 2007. 2021? JoJo na so 2005. Nakakaloka. I am longing for a big name who will perform in the live event. Hindi kung sinu-sinong tao.

      • Dear Gul,

        Whoever MUO gets to perform in the Miss Universe pageant is their sound discretion. They own the pageantry, hence they should be the ones to decide whose Hollywood artists they would love to perform on the stage. If we think they sought non-A list Hollywood artists, that’s our problem, not theirs. After all, we are just mere expectators, and the MUO is already assured of revenue courtesy of the host country or sponsor/s AND of the million views worldwide, especially us who love Miss Universe.

        That’s all.


    • I think Ana they choose yung hindi maayadont mahal ang TF. I think you’ll agree. Sa Pilipinas ang pinakabongga na siguro na nag perform in LOCAL pageant is nung bbp 2001 with A1. Sobrang patok nila nun. Or Eraserheads in 1996 BbP.

  18. The most prestigious??? Wala man lang nadonate na straight from the org sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo. Kakaloka

    • as far as i remember nagkaroon po sila ng Fund raising not just for the childrens but also for the affected people/areas of typhoon odette. posted yan sa mup page and nakapost din sa page na tumutulong si on cooking and nagbibigay sya ng foods sa street sa nasalanta. The most prestigious dahil MU ang title nila which is MU ang pinaka prestigious sa lahat ng pageants. thats why.

      • No what I meant is CASH. STRAIGHT from the org’s pocket. Kung most prestigious sila for sure marami silang pera, right????

  19. This is a strategic move for them to start early with the thought of potential postponement due to Covid which could push the final date to the right.

    If that’s the real intention then good for them! Otherwise, if the pageant does push through in April then it gives our rep some time to actually have a reign and training.

  20. The reign of a Miss Universe Philippines practically ends after the MU competition . Time to find another girl to train !

  21. KEPEL NG MEKHE. MU is indeed the most prestigious. MUPH? KEPEL ng mukha. The audacity despite the chakarot management.

    • hinde naman sinabi in the “world”. IN THE COUNTRY po nakalagay. theres nothing wrong on claiming that prestigious pageant dahil saan ba ilalaban ang winner? diba sa most prestigious pageant in the world/Universe.

  22. I am so thrilled and so excited who will be the next MUP22. What are we waiting for girls. This is your chance mga kabarangay, no height requirement. Hindi mahalaga kung tunay o hinde basta sa tingin mo babae ka pumunta na kayo. Mag-isip na kayo kung ano na angmagandang adhikain ninyo sa patimpalak huwag naman yung paulit ulit na advocacy.

  23. such a shame that Bea will have such a short short reign … she deserves more time to enjoy hers

    • Ineng sumali ka kaya. Who knows mapatungan na ng corona ang head mo after trying for the umpteenth time. Kung di ka nanalo sa purok beaucon, this is it for u. Go gurl!!!! 😆😆😆😆😜😜😜😜

    • Yes. It’s very not humble of them. The most prestigious title I agree. Prestigious daw wala ngnang na donate na cash from Bohol mismo na naapektohan ng bagyo from the org itself. Nakakaloka. Sana nagdonate sila ng 1million para higitan nila ang 500k donation ng BBPCI sa mga nasalanta. Pati MWP at MEP walang nagdonate. Dyan mo malalaman sino pinakaprestigious lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • hinde naman sinabi in the “world”. IN THE COUNTRY po nakalagay. theres nothing wrong on claiming that prestigious pageant dahil saan ba ilalaban ang winner? diba sa most prestigious pageant in the world/Universe. thats why.

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