5 comments on “Pageantry Norms S4 E4: Binibinis Back in Action Part 2

  1. I watch the video bcoz of Lesley. Wow, personality development trainor pala cya. Eh Di cya nah Ang nakatakdah😊hihihi. Kalokah lang.
    Malakas sex appeal nya ha. Mabenta cya sa mga afam hihihi☺️
    Ang ganda ng assessment ko ano po hihihi🙄

  2. Pat Babista registers superbly on screen. Her inner beauty reflects very well in her calm, confident and insightful answers. She has s great future in pageantry.

    I always have a soft spot for teachers joining pageants, especially those from far-flung provinces. Teacher Lesley did not disappoint. Very best of luck to her.

  3. Samantha and Patricia are articulate. Lesley is facially gorgeous. Alexandra has nice smile.

  4. Buona serata, Signore Normani.

    I’m honestly underwhelmed. I had high hopes for this batch/episode; I find their looks pleasing. But,… you’re right. Your endorsement of SamPan is justified.

    One word to describe the other three nice ladies. The SAME one used to describe ROM.


    Mas exciting ‘yun’g previous installment with Felizarta, Taruc, and Mendoza. Even better was that one with Hannah, Honey, and Gabby (what Season was that, po?). I’m sorry… Maybe it’s all this SamBer-MGI excitement. We’re all so buzzed up… 🙂

    But yes! Lety’s Buko Pie, I swear by my own life. No weekend swim in Pansol during my youth was complete without dropping by their roadside stall in neighboring Los Banos (where we also bought fresh water buffalo milk from the Dairy Training and Research Institute. @ paul, u know?).

    • (Cont.)

      If this were the Last Four, I would assign as follows.

      BBP-International > Ticaro, because a shy-ish version of Alexandra Britton (Kylie’s Aussie 1st RU) comes to mind.
      BBP-Grand > Rosales.
      BBP-Intercontinental > Babista.
      BBP-(The)Globe > Panlilio.

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