21 comments on “Samantha Bernardo for the MGI Preliminary Interviews

  1. Sana may video of these asymmetric dresses in motion. I’d like to know what was on the designer’s mind for such design. They certainly look unimaginable on still shots.

  2. I love her outfit…it’s simple yet elegant. I’m noticing that Sam is wearing a lot of whites which signifies peace.

  3. Again TACKY TACKY TACKY!!!….
    matches the TACKY taste of the pageant owner….🙄
    NAWAT should be favoring her by now…
    Unless the pageant owner has a complex hatred against TACKY people like him… Who knows?!

      • Tigilan nyo ako sa camp wars nyo… wala akong paki dyan…
        Pag panget… Panget talaga… wag pilitin ijustify… tsk tsk…

  4. again

    kahit basahan pa suot nyan
    if siya tinakda sa utak ni angkol

    asa pa
    papagamit na naman kayo

    wala kasing pageant na nagaganap kasabay kaya tutok na tutok kayo dito
    sabik kasi kayo sa live pageant

    • isabay pa si ateng rabiyak
      para lang maging relevant nagcomment pa kay miss scotland
      gurl, Physical Therapist ka yes pero hindi ka naman matagal nag practice
      lecturer ka teng


  5. Hope Samantha’s mind will not be as confused as this hideous ensemble during the interview

  6. I like the concept and color but yes the bottle portion is kinda too busy for an interview type of wardrobe.

  7. I love it. Filipiniana with a twist. Removing the unique hemline would make the dress oh so simple, Mukhang syang mag fi first communion if it were made simple. I am guessing she’s still wearing that white diaper though. Lol.

    And look at her face (first photo) : Beautiful.

    World Peace.

    • Soen po yun hindi diaper panty. May burda pa po yun at may 7 kulay para sa buong linggo. Sorry ka na lang. Hahahaha!

    • @ Thomas Tanders na lang talaga tayo, Dude. That diaper/panty fixation. 🙂

      The kids are right. Last year pa ‘to’ng trend na undergarment through sheer/gauzy skirt. Watch the dancer as Flavio sings “Calma” on the Operacion Triunfo Oficial canale, for proof.

      After all, trends take a year or so from initial runway preview to percolate through retail racks.

      I’m still unconvinced sa irregular-jagged hem. ‘Simple’ could have been a Dior ‘New Look’. Watch again that poolside shoot by the MUT 2020 candidates, though that was blatantly ‘Retro’ but there is at least the advantage of immediate recognition of idea/design/aesthetic. For me, this looks (…).

  8. Too distracting — it’s like the outfit can’t decide what it wants to be. Too many things going on. When it comes to one-on-one preliminary interviews, it should be simple yet elegant. The focus needs to be on the face; not the outfit.

  9. Am on the fence sa interview outfit nya….Luv it from Waist Up…but Waist going down…Naaah!…may mga alaala ng Ribbon pleated-gown ni Janine Tugonon.

  10. A bolero with ‘farfalle’ sleeves? Then removed and replaced with the jacket?

    That hemline is REALLY odd. W-H-Y?

    Why does KF assign avante-garde ensembles for the Prelims Interview? Look back at that ‘thing’ Emma Tiglao wore at the MIntercon 2019 Prelims Interview…

    Nope. Sorry…. 😦

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