41 comments on “10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Mutya Johanna Datul when she competed for and won the title of Miss Supranational 2013

  1. Galing ng confidence nya during supra time nya. Yung landi factor nya sa SS malinis. Hinde yung type na unqueenly ang dating. I hope we can get our supra 2nd crown this year. I am thinking wynwyn m that can bring our second supra crown. If im not mistaken wala pang nanalo sa supra na nakataas ang buhok? Right? I think that hair really suits wynwyn. She can be a potential winner with hair up. But i hope medyo gandahan pa lalo na sa make up. She need more spark especially in her eyes. If ever she will join at makuha nya ang MUP i hope wag sya masyado malikot sa ss you know like what she did during RH. That move more fits in supra and not in MU.

    • @ Geoff : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      I agree with Teresita Ssen for Supranational! After looking at all the winners, I realized their common denominator (and something RH 2017 possesses) : THE LOOK OF A DELICATE PRINCESS FROM SOME FAR-AWAY CASTLE DEEP IN THE EUROPEAN COUNTRYSIDE.

      Although Batthika did not place this year, her immediate assignment to the Polish campaign suggests a FIRM/HEALTHY working relationship between Gerhardt Von Lipinski and the RH organization. This could bode well for Mimilanie’s niece. 🙂

  2. during the very beginning of the Miss Supranational 2013 pageant show, she was already a standout… 100% I knew that she would walk away with the crown no doubt

  3. The thing I remember about Mutya the most is her smize while she was competing in Supra. She just really seemed to be enjoying herself. You can see it in her eyes in all the pictures & footage of her during the competition.

    Yes, Mutya has a quality of naiveté about her, but that was part of her charm. And she charmed & smized her way into the pageant history books as the first Asian winner of Supranational.

    • I know it’s not Clara Sosa’s fault that she is being manipulated by Nawat… but girl, please have some integrity.. You are already aware of what’s going on and yet here you are lying to to wash your hands from any fault. I feel so bad that she has to lie for the crown she won because the pageant owner is a psychopath.

      • @ Closer2Fame : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

        For the next year, she needs to not bite the hand that feeds her. Was (Paulina) Vega still MU when Trump made those disparaging remarks about Mexicans? I wonder if she ever thought of resigning (in which case Nia Sanchez would take over)?

        My dear sweet Angkol is so silly, and blew it all! (Sigh) 😦

      • @Andrew: Yes, Paulina was still MU then. Kaya nga nag tweet si Trump na “hypocrite” si Paulina for keeping the crown pero she criticized Trump for “telling the truth re illegal immigration”.

    • I don’t know why they are re-living this issue.
      Nobody is buying it as it was obvious that Cat was the clear winner from the very beginning. ‘Everyone ‘ agreed .
      I feel bad for MGI 2018 for being put on the spot .
      Who was the interviewer ? Was he Pinoy or Malaysian?

  4. Mutya Datul reminds me of Melanie Marquez, funny at times but very very witty.
    That’s all. Bye!

    • When is your trip to thailand na kase therealjeremyhunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal? Im waiting for your transformation.

  5. One of my most admired beauty queens– simple, authentic, humble, down-to-earth. This is my idea of a confidently beautiful woman!

  6. Di ba same von lipinski din yung nasabi na it was global beauties and them na nagpakana ng scandal sa ME regarding bribery with lorainne?

    • @ Padede Boy : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Pakana? So, they just made all that up? Does Von Lipinski and/or GB have some DEFINITE axe to grind against ME? Or, simple pageant politics, lang?

      Poor ME has become everybody’s favorite and convenient whipping boy! 😦

      But I would not be surprised if there was some credence… After all, the Europe pageant bosses should know each other – and their Latino counterparts? – quite well. But the point is, Russia did not win Earth, so keri lang. 🙂

      Datul is SO BEAUTIFUL just looking at her face males me 🙂

  7. Last year na ng Binibini ang MUP. She has a year to prepare and improve her comment skills. Go MU2020

  8. Actually napanood ko sya sa binibini when she won, Hindi sya zero IQ, may sense Kaya Sagittarius nya noon, and I think if she speak her dialect mas macommuinicate nya fluently Sagittarius Nya compared to that benilde girl who competed in 2016 ayun talaga walang sense sagot nya kahit I Tagalog early talaga. I am happy for Mutya. She a type that can compete again. Personally kung nasa LCS na talaga ang MUP franchise I wouldn’t mind supporting to join again. MU caliber talaga…

  9. Crush na crush ko talaga si Mutya simula nung nakita ko siya nung contestant pa lang sa Bbp

  10. Cute story pero cautionary for our future queens.

    Winners should be confident and prepared from Day 1. Airport sa HK lang, takot na. Four suitcases pagod na?

    Tapos laging nag co-complain sa organizers about food offerings a la Mexico and Ecuador??

    Tapos IQ of I have an IQ of 0???

    Buti na lang Supra ang pageant niya and charming and endearing at LUCKY siya.

    I like her saving story though. Clearly the girl has something upstairs.

    • Suitcases with no wheels ? It was reasonable to feel tired . She was not complaining .
      She was asking for food . Again, she was not complaining
      First time to fly out of the country ? Of course , it was reasonable to get anxious abt it .It doesn’t help that sometimes airline attendants (especially Pinoys) can be cruel to their fellow Pinoys.
      Didn’t she win? What was there to complain abt ? She got the job done excellently .
      Complain complain , Mr. Justgrc

      • @Fabian

        Well, as a classy and stylish NYer – you should know that suitcases with wheels have been in existence for like two decades now. Punta ka lang sa Ross or Shoemart merong na. Even Duane Reed might have some. For sure those kitschy souvenir stores in Times Squares have them direct from India where the shopowners generally originate. Or Divisoria.

        Tapos merong tawag na internet na you can learn about the layout and procedures of an airport in advance. It’s called education and preparation. Isn’t that how stylish and classy NYers get to dress to the nines – by seeing what others are doing?

        Tapos medyo Pinoy inferiority complex ka. So what if Pinoys can be cruel to Pinoys. You see how classy and stylish NYCers are direct and take care of themselves when they need to. The more I think of it, you could not support Cat because she does not feed into your complex of weak Pinoys who can only succeed thanks to divine intervention and superstition. Or kasi artista ang magulang a la Wyn Wyn.

        What you call complaining I call constructive criticism. You should know as a 6-year NYC inhabitant that the latter propels success.

      • They were available at SM? Well, she didn’t have the money like you Cali socialites.
        Searching for the airport layout ? Who in the world does that except for terrorists? U do not want to get stopped at the airport on suspicion of terrorism .

        Mutya maybe humble but she is neither coy nor weak . She is assertive . And she knows what she wants . You can tell by her stance.
        I don’t know why u had to inject Cat into your argument . .. to incite her fans to gang up on me ? That’s a cheap blow .
        You know I love Cat . I tried to be guarded with my comments last month because of what happened at MW 2016.
        I have inferiority complex .. just like everyone else . But where I work, it will be hard to survive if inferiority complex is your everyday theme.
        Constructive criticism ? How ? Mutya has won already . It’s called nitpicking, justgrc

      • @Fabian the Contrarian

        You’re the queen of nitpicking so you would know.

        Sarap talagang i-pikon ang mga Pinay. No wonder Nawat enjoys it.

        Ikaw pag magsabi sa mga faneys ni Catriona para kung sino. Eh mali naman. Everyone remembers your doubts about her when it was plain as day that she was the winner from Day 1 . Your credibility is out the window now. Hopefully at your job you display better judgment.

        Tapos meh pa terrorism ka pa. Bwahahahaha.

        Future queens can learn from Mutya good and bad. Pero pag pikon, defensive talaga ang dating!

      • Acheng saan na na punta ang usapan .
        Akala ko nasa earth tayo
        NASA Pluto ka na pala

    • Girl, do you even know what it’s like to travel to different time zones, different languages and airport signs while hauling those luggage?

      The lesson learned is: you need to show that you are genuine and not just a “well prepared” candidate to the point that you are acting robotic. Sometimes, honesty about your feelings could go a long way as it shows your authenticity and towards others.

      Mutya, coming from a lower to middle class upbringing did not have the luxuries and privileges others did and she being very comfortable in her own skin made the difference.

      • Teh, yes I know about how to travel. So do at least a million other people. Hindi yan secret privilege. Daming travel blogs online and IG to learn in advance.

        Let’s not forget Mutya did not come to Belarus on her own. She was a BbP titleholder. BBP Gold pa.

        Kahit mahirap so what. Excuse lang yan. Kung mahirap talaga then where did her gowns and wardrobes and makeup and whatever come from? Or four suitcases without wheels for a pageant contestant traveling on her own??

        Mutya Is certainly likeable and proved herself. My point is Filipina candidates should be more prepared than what obviously happened with her. Her story speaks of naïveté, which should not happen to any Philippine rep under BPCI (or MWP).

        Sarap mag sabi ang mga Pinoy na they are the best in beauty pageants, pero her insights show that even BbP titleholders can learn and improve.

        If you can’t see that, well sorry not sorry na lang.

      • Justgrc , how could u possibly say Mutya was not prepared ?
        She won , right ?

      • @Fabian the Contrarian

        Teh, read her interview. Tell me she sounded prepared for the travel, which was the beginning of her pageant experience.

        Pwedeng pa-ikot ikot hanggang Pluto but her words speak for themselves.

      • your comment is very insensitive. she did not have the luxury to travel overseas. did you even watch her interview with boy abunda? she and her brother went to manila and ate pastilyas to crave hunger. Do you think girls can be trained how to travel and how to assimilate in new environments by reading blogs and watching videos???? Do you think they can be trained for every single situation that happens?

        LOL at you!!!! You definitely sound very privileged and out of touch to those who live in the lower class. Maybe you should go to Tondo like Queen Catriona and experience it for yourself. hihihihi

    • @jstgrc

      You are saying that because you don’t know Mutya well enough to understand her situation. What do you expect from a girl who grew up in a remote barrio in the province?! 1st time in an airport, 1st time on an airplane, 1st time out of the country w/ 4 large suitcase w/ no-one else but her limited command in English…. What do you expect from a girl so poor she ate bugs?!… But she was more than willing to risk everything, leaving her small town penny-less to help finance the medication of her sick mother.

      Don’t be too quick to judge!

      • Fine. All I have been saying is future delegates could learn from her experience.

        Why is everyone so defensive about that.

        Sounds to me like even Mutya might have done things differently looking back.

    • Hindi siya nag complain sa social media. Don siya sa owner nag request. mali ba yun?

      hala hala??? nakita mo ba gano kalaki ang suitcases niya na walang wheels? iba pa yung natco niya. tapos siya lang mag isa

    • @4M

      LOL at third world mentality. I’m poor so excuse me na lang.

      Cat herself believes education will break the cycle of poverty, FYI.

  11. she is witty

    still simple

    one of the most beautiful beauty queens inside and out

  12. Such a good read, Tito Norms. Mutya is one of the prettiest Filipina titleholders to date.

    Anyway, in relation to my comment about Patch Magtanong in Tito Norm’s previous post, I found out that she took the Philippine Bar Exam in 2018, so least likely will she join this year’s BbP. And once she becomes a lawyer, it will be less indulging for her to join a national pageant. What a waste! I thought she could be the Philippines’ answer to Colombia’s Ariadna Gutierrez or South Africa’s Tamaryn Green.

    That’s all.

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