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  1. Day will come to an end in Thailand before long… Hope the ladies will be given time to sit down and compose their speeches for the Final.

  2. I can’t believe some of the comments here…. Pang mga utak dayukdok! Sa mga slapsoil dyan… Wag kayo masyado desperado! Mga utak aliping saguiguilid, NAKAKA-HIYA KAYO!!! 😬😠😤😡🤬😤

    • @ Closer2Fame HAHAHAHHAHH!! “Slapsoil”…. Hampas-lupa. 🙂

      ‘Saguiguilid’, is… my first time to encounter this word. I learned something new today. Thanks, po.

    • Aliping Sagigilid LOL! The last time I heard this term was in Grade 5: “Ako, maharlika. Ikaw, maginoo. Silang lahat, aliping sagigilid! (At si Miss Banzon, mangkukulam!)”

  3. I have this feeling na dedepende sa final Q and A ang labanan.Hopefully Sam B. survive the crucial round of Q and A.Her pasarela is really good.Maybe mas kakaibang pasarela sa final para may surprise effect.Her entrance pose is the best during the swimsuit competition.

  4. Beauties fighting for TOP (tough) 5 slots: Mexico, Czechia, USA, Indonesia, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, Argentina, & Thailand.

    Kanya-kanyang drama. Kanya-kanyang strategy. Kung mahusay sa kadramahan si Angkol. Syempre hindi patatalo ang Team Philippines. Ganun lang yun mga bayot ug mga inday.

    Dear good friends Flor Tula and Ana Winter-Lund posted a number of lengthy analyses. Fabian Reyes did another one liner. But where is Scorg? Bakit tahimik sa South Africa? He, he, he…

    Maayong buntag from Mindanao.

    • Kaya nga, where is scorg?

      No discussion is complete without the inputs of the icons of this board.

      If the posters on this board were fashion editors, then Ana Winter-Lund is the editor of US Vogue, while Flor Tula is the editor of British Vogue, tapus scorg is the editor of Vogue Italia.

      Si Qlaire naman is the editor of Bulgar.

      Char, not char.

      P.S. I’ve christened Claire as Qlaire IbbeTsAnon, that’s some next level QAnon pageant tea she’s been brewing here.

    • Thanks for the acknowledgment, @Paul. You are so dear.

      @SQ, I feel so elated. When I was younger, my ultimate dream was to work in the fashion industry or for Vogue magazine, but God put me in a place I love the most instead, and that is working with the great minds in business around the globe. On the side, I lurk here and mingle with you. I am able to exchange wits about beauty pageants and fashion, and I love that. Hoping to see you in person.

      But, yeah, where is Scorg? Missing her/is fair share of goings on in MGI.

      That’s all.

  5. Tama na iyang apology and cry cry.

    Gusto mong manalo because you deserve this crown at hindi sa cry cry and mga issues. Marami talaga issues doon sa nananalo. Kasama iyan sa extra baggages ng corona,

    Focus focus. Chill. At huwag gigil. Tama na iyang apology because you have a crown to get! Alam mo victories come with challenges. Bottomline, you worked hard for this.

    And also be ready for the responsibilities that this crown represents. Ang tanong, kaya mo ba iyan?

    Hindi pupwede iyong kakayanin.

  6. Nsabi ko na to about Rabina na dapat makita sa kanyang mukha Ang pagiging powerful as a Queen at yan din pala gusto ni Nawat sa mananalo and ready to work😊
    I already said na nasa Top 5 c Samantha. Pero sabi ni Guru Oh ng Thailand ay dapat mag-alay daw sa isangTemple ng Thailand c Sam para manalo at ginawa raw ito ni Pia at Meowww kaya nanalo🙄😆😊Kalokah divahhh hihihi

    • @ bong700 SamBer’s handlers/team, IF THEY ARE AS SOPHISTICATED as you obviously are (no kidding! We know underneath that ‘007’ bubble is a luminous soul), SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT ON HER BEHALF BY NOW, IF NOT ASKED KIND FRIENDS IN THAILAND TO DO IT.


      Now I remember a pleasant little village on the road to Ayutthaya years ago… In the middle of a quiet piece of tree-sheltered property stood a modest-yet-still-splendid temple. Above and around it, bats and cattle egrets in great numbers were settled… The place reeked P-E-A-C-E. I would have made the offering at that particular temple, now only a memory.

      (In another time, Thai friends of my mother visited… After some casual convo in the living room, they apparently were taken by something they saw outside (our window). They then began talking amongst themselves in Thai, which of course we Filipinos were totally clueless of, then explained to my mother that they had to go to our backyard garden to perform an offering ritual. I watched it happen… Prayer sticks were lit and inserted into the soil; a plate of colorful-sweets-or-something was placed right next to the smoking rods. Then, hands pressed together, things uttered… Didn’t take too long and the offerings stayed in the garden until they left. Thanks to your comment, I remembered… AFTER ALL THIS TIME, only now has it returned to my mind. I never asked what it meant. And to this day, I still don’t. I never bothered asking Thais I met later in my own professional life what it was for; I was probably too busy at the time. I probably will never know.)

  7. My view on Sam’s apology is more of what they say… “Choosing relationship over being right”… a teacher once told us, sometimes saying sorry is not admitting to a fault rather for not letting the painful events overshadow the deep grounding of the relationship. I am not speaking for Sam’s action but only looking at this perspective which is very fitting to this pageant’s battlecry — “stop the war, stop the hate and spread love.” keeping you sam in our prayers. god bless. and warm embrace.

    • If ako yung nasa grupo na balak sumira sa effort ni Sam( if indeed meron man!).. without them knowing it…this will backfire to the whole filipino pageantdom!! THAT WE ARE ALL RABID PAGEANTLOVERS WHO DINE ON CRABS ALL DAY LONG!. Sana magtulungan nalang..coz,..the same thing will happen again para sa kanilang mga kandidata na lalahok abroad!! Birahan,Hilahan na lang!! …PINAGTATAWANAN NA TAYO NG IBANG NON- PINOY PAGEANT GROUPS.

    • @ panchopolo Thanks…. From M Pageantry. 🙂

      We still have the NatCos and Evening Dress Prelims. PLENTY can still happen.

      For now, I’m putting Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, Philippines, and… USA (!) in my Grand Court.

      Presently, all that is certain is Cambodia making the First Cut on the strength of winning that ‘crowning reaction’ poll.

      A lot of people see something special with Denisa Spergerova (Czechia, no?). If ever, will this be only the second time a European penetrated the Final 5? Naalala ko tuloy si Klara Vavruskova…

      • Yang mga M Pageantry video–na-addict ako kagabi. I sat eternally through Lola Ko and Lola Guru’s indecipherable chitchat para lang maki-usyoso sa fearless forecast for Sam.

        May the evening gown NOT throw us into panic. It is de rigueur for fans to go into panic and pandemoniium when it comes to KF gowns.

        I wasn’t really into Czech Rep, but the swimsuit comp and market street candids converted me. I hope the prelim judges saw in her some so-called power that Nawat is looking for.

  8. Di ba nga sinabi noon sa report ni Jessica Soho n URBAND LEGEND n nga noon n never mananalo ng Miss World and Philippines. Pero 2013… we got one.
    Sam B… she is doing her best… wag naman nating guluhin ung chances nya.
    Kung salbahihin man siya ng MGI… nasa kanila n un… sino b ang makuquestion ang credibility. At least she her part… narepresent nya ang Pinas… and ndi siya naging sakit ng ulo.


    • That also happened in 2013 while Megan Young was competing for MW in Bali when some pinoy fans posted her sexy racy photos with Rogue magazine and even wrote Miss World about it. It’s a good thing they didnt entertain it and Megan won the first ever MW crown for our country. So, it’s a sad reality that we have the tendency to pull down our kababayans.

  9. never mananalo dito ang Felepens

    taun taon ginagamit ang felepens

    mga utu uto

  10. Naku, mga baklush!

    Alamin niyo muna kung paano nagsalisalisi ang pangyayari bago kayo mag-comment!

    Nevertheless, yaman din naman na walang nangahas na mag-splok ng tienes, i-splok ko na ng bongang-bonga!

    Yung issue ng Missosology, pinatatanggal ni Nawat sa page nila yung coverage ng MGI! Maayos namang sinabi at walang patutchada bagkus professionally implied! Years back, may hidwaan na ang Missosology at MGI! Dahil sila nag-chica nun na nanunulot nga ng mga National Director ang MGI from Miss Earth! Another incident nung nag-backout yung sponsor ng MGI sa Vietnam na primary sponsor naman ng Miss Earth nung ginawa dun yung pageant! Din-down grade ng Misso ang MGI sa pageant ranking kaya nabuo yung Big 5 (MU,MW, MI, ME, MS)! Then came Globalbeauties na the same concept of Missosology who in return downgraded Miss Earth (dahil nga dun sa indecent proposal incident) then elevate MGI in their pageant ranking!

    A few months back nagkaroon ng Zoom interview, I just can’t remember if it was hosted by Adam Genato or Voltaire Tayag? Ang guest, Karen Gallman, Jehza Huelar and Eva Patalinjug! Na-focus kay Eva kasi nga ni-reveal niya kung ano nangyari sa kanya sa MGI! Which is like nagamit lang siya for publicity of the pageant to the extent na hindi daw makatingin sa kanya ng derecho si Nawat after the pageant and there was also an incident na sinabi din ni Nawat kay Miss Malaysia “I hate that country” na narinig ni Eva! Alam niyo na kung anong country yung nire-refer niya!

    Fast forward, 2-3 days back, nagkaroon ng teaser ang The Qrown Philippines na i-interview-hin si Eva Patalinjug! Ang interview date matatapat sa kasagsagan ng pageant activity ng MGI! So, yung mga fans na nakapanood nung interview a few months back ni Eva, ikot ang mga pwet na “This is not the time”! Kaya pati tuloy si Eva, lumalabas na masama and buti na lang na-cancel yung interview!

    So, while Samantha is in Thailand doing her best, baka akala niya seguro nag-proceed yung interview thus the apology! Kung hindi ba naman may hinayupak na gusto sumabutahe to create division and hatred, damage control sila ngayon! Eh may mga resibo ang mga pageant admin sa instagram kung ano-ano mga kabulastugan ang mga pinaggagawa ng mga kampon ng demonio ng pageantry way back Rachel Peters and Catriona Gray!

    • Hindi nakatulong ang age-old warlahan ng GB and Misso when MGI formed in 2013. Sides were quickly drawn, and were they nasty! The Lucrecia Kasilags and Kalorka Mercados of bekidom brought in all forms of conspicacy theories. The irrepressible Nawat couldn’t be stopped from stoking the fire. As recently as 2018/19, all hell broke loose over Coco’s Catriona body-shaming and Clara’s anti-Miss Earth IG–with fingers pointed at Nawat for allowing these ladies to rant. Eva lost, SamLo turned neurotic, Corona came. And now Sam, arguably the closest chance to the crown.

      Claire, you might be right about Sam feeling apologetic over the misguided Eva interview. But she was also apologetic (and tearful) during the swimsuit competition. My guess was that this was over the brouhaha over Misso’s FB post on taking down MG announcements from their page.

  11. Panoorin nyo Yung live interview ng M Pageantry/Kenyong Kay Nawat. Doon nyo masasabi kung sino Ang winner. Powerful daw dapat Ang nanalo at Isa sa mga magaganda and not the most beautiful and ready to do the job Ang winner. Tingin nyo powerful ba c Sam sa mga drama nya hihihihi, eh Di cya na. Pero malakas Ang kutob ko Kay indonesia at Isa sa mga latina like puerto rico.. mexico..Ecuador. Definitely, Sam is on Top 5 + Yung nabanggit kung 4 na countries above 😳😆 hihihi cherette

  12. I have read about the fracas between the MGI owner-organizer and the Missosology people two days ago. The root cause was not mentioned though, and I do not want to provide root cause analyses, especially if I don’t have the first-hand info. Lol.

    The only truth in this is that Nawat Itsaragrisil’s Thai-mushroomed MGI pageant is an oxymoron of advocacy and ambition. As they advocate peace, they aim supremacy thru controversy. Unfortunately, he’d love to exchange heated arguments with Pinoy pageant fans because he knows that the biggest pageant fan base now is the Philippines. He ignited war with the Pinoy pageant fans when he demeaned Catriona’s winning the most coveted title of Miss Universe. He might have thought that he would get through the pageant world’s midst via such ridiculous blunder. From there, I began to unfollow her pageant and I only came to comment about Sam’s performance in MGI lately.

    Anyway, if we think Sam has erroneously used the opportunity to apologize on and in behalf of the Filipino fans during the pageant’s preliminary interview, she could only do so much. We just hope then that such strategy would work on her advantage. After all, we have this preconceived notion that Nawat takes everything against our candidate and her sash whenever he gets hurled by Pinoy fans. For I know he will continue to use Filipino fans in order to get free social media mileage of his MGI, but still give us a disappointing placement in his pageant at the end of the day.

    I still wish Sam the best of everything in her journey at MGI.

    That’s all.

    • BBPCI should do something about it.

      Filipinos should unite if MGI tries to politicize its results based on personal take of Nawat

      I know MWP is title-hungry and would not mind to have it on roster, but for delicadeza, they should not vulture for this pageant. Mutya and MUP should refrain from taking this franchise. Philippines should lead by example of showing this pageant where its credibility is. Change the pageant name from “MIss Grand International” to “Nawat’s Pageant”.

      Let MGI appoint/handpick its filipino rep for the sake of Philippine participation. But I really no one goes to that level for the sake of opportunity.

  13. I am glad her preliminary interview went smoothly. I am looking forward to her NATCOS presentation.
    I admire Sam for apologizing in behalf of Filipino pageant fans. It was an act of courage and humility. Acknowledging the mistake and asking forgiveness are roads to reconciliation.

    • True. I’m amaze with how Sam is representing our country. Hindi madali humingi ng tawad sa isang bagay na hindi mo naman kasalanan but for Sam, she embraced her being our representative, inako nya kasi name ng bansa natin yung nakataya. And she wants to put an end to all the word wars, grudges and bitterness from the past. Looking forward to the next events…natcos, prelims and finals night. Keep on voting for Sam sa Starphone. 🙂

  14. Some thoughts:

    So many Pinoys have been dismissive of MGI from the start, but many Pinoy fans really turned on MGI when Eva missed the cut.

    After Eva was left out of the top twenty, many Pinoy fans went on a rampage on MGI’s FB & IG pages, calling the pageant cheap and tacky (words that have also appeared in many comments on this board with regard to MGI).

    If I remember correctly, some Pinoy fans also made these comments on an FB Live with Nawat and Clara Sosa, the MGI winner the year Eva competed. As expected, Nawatt did not take kindly to these insults to his pageant.

    There are a few things at play here:

    1.) We Pinoys have become really entitled, that we expect our delegates to just show up & place kahit napaka-lacklustre ang performance (honestly, I felt that Eva basically phoned in her performance).

    2.) If MGI is really so inconsequential, why are we so butt-hurt that we haven’t won it?

    The thing is … is that Nawat actually has such a deep respect for Philippine pageantry. Prior to Eva, our delegates have had high placements in MGI. Nawat has attended Bb Pilipinas finals night on a few occasions. He hired Xian Lim and Nicole Cordoves to host the 2017 pageant in Vietnam. What is that if not a gesture of respect and outreach to Pinoy pageant fans? And we respond by calling his pageant cheap and tacky because we cannot win it?

    I get that as a pageant, MGI has its own character—its own unique blend of spices and flavor, if you will, which may not, perhaps, entirely appeal to our palate.

    So eto ang tanong ko: Should we reject the cuisine of another culture simply because it is not familiar to us, because it doesn’t resemble Pinoy cooking?

    Or could we, perhaps, open our minds and educate ourselves to appreciate Thai cuisine on its own terms in order to enjoy it?

    Yes, MGI is not Miss Universe. So, let’s stop expecting MGI to be Miss Universe. Why don’t we just enjoy it as a pageant with its own unique flavor profile?

    • Very well explained SQ. Agree with you on your assessment of MGI. It has its own type of branding which we can choose to follow or not.

      Thank you for explaining about the Eva incident and its aftermath. Now I have an idea what’s eating up Sam. The drama though is not necessary. A simple, one-time, dignified, “I am sorry” statement would have sufficed. Instead, Sam seems to always appear always on the verge of crying and explaining during interviews – which is not attractive at all.

      World Peace.

      • Before you make a comment kasi know the facts, know all sides, know the entire story. You also have to understand where Sam is coming from…know what she has gone through just to be where she is now. Know what misso did which was so untimely and out of the blue. Know what pinoy fans are doing on social media. If you were in her shoes, you wont let anything sabotage your chances. Siya yung naiipit sa lahat ng ito. So I won’t blame her if she has been emotional on this. She’s protecting something valuable to her. And I admire her for addressing this issue with humility and courage. Ang daling magbitaw ng salita but you’re just reacting on the surface level lang. Mag-ingat ka next time.

    • kerek- deep inside, Pinoys still want the acknowledgment nonetheless. Ganyan kaipokrita ang ating lahi…hihihihi boycott here, boycott there but in the end, we still live and let go…. Think about the Marcoses, the Erap fans, etc. We just cannot learn how to stand our ground.

  15. Binubwisit mo ako Samantha Bernardo…
    Sino namang desperadong hampas-lupa nag instruct sayo para mag “Apologize” for your fellow Filipinos?!… Where is your pride?!… Kung sino man yang naka-isip nyan grabe… Napaka baba ng self worth!!! Uminit ulo ko after seeing this video.. tsk tsk My eyes can’t stop rolling whenever I’m reminded of this cringe moment…. ughhhhhhh!!!!

  16. Nasabi na po ang nasabi. Hindi na po natin mababago yon. Mas mahihirapan lang tayo at maiinis kung hindi natin tatanggapin ng buo na yon ang sinabi ni Sam sa prelim interview. Ok na po yon. Kung part man ito ng strategy niya or itinuro sa kanya, unawain po natin. Baka po kasi yon ang naisip nilang way para tumatak siya siya sa mga hurado. Mali man or tama ang kanyang nagawa eh we have to radically accept yung nangyari. Marami pang pwedeng mangyari sa mga susunod na araw bago ang finals. Ituloy lang ang pagsuporta kay Samantha Bernardo. Good vibes lang para sa lahat! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  17. Ang sangkabaklaan divided ang support sa MGI!

    Half-part is supportive of the pageant because they are fascinated with the glossy presentation of the show!

    The other half is not supportive because of it’s phony advocacy slash battlecry! The owner of the pageant is calling to “Stop the War” when he himself failed to deliver an example, like, by throwing shades to Miss Earth or to Filipino fans (like what happen in the Vietnam edition) whereas the truth, he attended the 2013 edition of Miss Earth just to recruit National Directors to be a part of his inaugural pageant!

    Overall, Filipino fans will support whoever is wearing the Philippine sash! Especially if the candidate is giving her 101% performance! Such as Samantha Bernardo who only have 20 days to prepare yet was able to deliver result!

    But likewise, there are also group of Filipinos who are programmed not to be happy when a ward of a certain training camp is soaring high! Like what happened recently,

    Is it a coincidence na i-interview-hin ng isang pageant group si Eva Patalinjug right after ng superb performance ni Samantha B sa MGI? Buti na lang nahimasmasan si Eva to cancel the interview, most likely, natiktikan niya na gagamitin lang siya para kaladkarin or hatakin pababa si Sam B, now that the girl is peaking!

    This same pageant group is the same pageant group na nag-leak ng gown ni Rachel Peters in Miss Universe 2017!

    Now, you connect the dots, Ano nga common denominator que Rachel Peters and Samantha Bernardo?

    After ma-cancel yung interview, ang statement nung pageant group,

    “Our goal was to feature all MGI reps. We were gonna focus on her post-pageant life, Nagpaubaya na po kami para walang issue.”

    Heller! Coincidence na with all the MGI reps starting with Eva Patalinjug? Why not Nicole Cordovez? or Parul Shah? Kung wala ba naman silang sabotage plan???

    Gosh! Talagang may mga kufalech na instead of focusing on their ward eh mas inaatupag ang panghahatak ng mga performing well candidates!

    • Is it trulala that Aces and Queens are sabotaging KF queens??? cheret!!! hihihihi

      • Lagi namang ganyan. Pero sa stay ko sa misso at sa sashfactor dati, its the other way around. Pag Aces dati ang naging MUP, halos grabe ang bashing. Pinakamalala ang kay janine at pia.


  19. patola naman kayo sa pageant na ito

    wala kasi kayong mapanuod na MU
    MW MI

    kaya kumahog kayo dito sa cheapangga

  20. MGI seems to look for a way to get buzz here and there, to be trending on social media platforms. They need that to gain more popularity than MI, MU, MW or ME; to increase its stakeholders. MGI also veer toward entertainment / showbiz hype, no?

    And Sam is doing it because she knows what the org is looking for. Just look at her wardrobe collection, her countenance during swimsuit event, her a bit lengthy takeaways during media interviews. Sam did her homework.
    MGI I think is a far different brand than what we are accustomed like MU or MW or MI, isn’t it?

    Just my observation.

  21. Was there really that much drama between some Filipino fans and MGI that it had to be addressed during the preliminary interviews? What happened? She cried? That’s too bad that some fans can be so atrocious… but I’m sure fans from other countries have strong opinions about this pageant too. I just hope that this drama did not take the focus away from what the preliminary judges are looking for.

    • I agree Lily.

      I am assuming a typical preliminary interview would last five minutes per candidate. Instead of maximizing your 5 minutes telling them how qualified you are to take the crown, you “wasted” your time apologizing. Me thinks, it is her ploy to project she was a peace-maker, someone humble enough to bridge the gap between countries (read: Stop the War). If it were the intention, that was just…uhm..tacky?

      You had a tacky welcome dinner gown Sam. I was hoping your interview was not as tacky.

      World Peace.

  22. I also don’t get it. What was she apologizing for again? Apologizing means admitting to a mistake. What are the mistakes or sins of the Filipino people Sam that you need to apologize in our behalf? Aside from showing our support to you? I think there is no need to apologize just for you to earn some brownie points.

    Please lessen the drama and emotions and crying during pageant interviews. You also cried during the after-swimsuit competition interview.

    It can only mean two things : Playing the pa-awa effect to endear yourself to Nawatt at the expense of your passionate supporters, or you are sincere but can’t handle the pressure. Either does not reflect good on you.

    World Peace.

    • Totally agree with what you said. Sam should focus on the positive that she can bring to the pageant instead of highlighting any drama that some insignificant fans stirred up. If MGI is a caliber pageant, they will be looking for a positive professional to be their next spokesperson, not someone who is easily fazed emotionally.

    • Stop these nonsensical comments. Do y research before you give comments before you judge her. She looks great at the welcome dinner. Green is one of the colors of the crown.

  23. The ensemble looks good when she stands up but sitting down , parang elementary graduation ang dating

  24. HA!!! ‘Yan pala ‘yun’g nakita ko’ng nag-sorry daw kay Nawatt… Bakit? Mainit ba mga Pi(_)noy? Akala ko ba it was cordial all throughout with no one bashing other countries and all just expressing support for whomever they liked? Kasi, tulad natin dito. We are frank when we have reservations about a few dresses… Pero, kay Sam/KF lang directed ‘yun. Whazzup now?!! 😦

    Alam niyo, guys? Now that we’ve seen her white pieces (including that pre-departure-shot “pigeon”), I have to say the SINGLE BEST Filipiniana look for me in recent years was that simple all-black ‘terno’ worn by Nguyen Phuong Khanh as a ‘pasavogue’ just before relinquishing her Earth crown to Nellys at Okada Dome. Not a single bit of embellishment! Just masterful fabric handling.

    (I also have green in mind. Would emerald/forest green work with her? Or, Hakkenson chartreuse?)

    • I think the issue was with Misso not covering MGI and some other stuff about Eva’s interview. So much drama between Pinoy and MGI…hihihihi

      • @ 4M Misso ba nag-host nu’ng interview with Ewa where she said na ginamit lang siya?…

        (And/or, was Misso’s request to cover the pageant denied? Kasi, pansin ko, ‘yun’g isa’ng pageant page na Philippines-based na “M” din, ‘andu’n… Is Angkol auctioning coverage rights? How much daw?)

        My take : SamBer was overwhelmed by all the warmth she has gotten, and just maybe her apology was out of graciousness to Angkol for the wonderful time she has had… Wala naman’g masama du’n. And if I were Angkol, I would see the emotional outpouring as authenticity, not a put-on. Remember, THIS was the Binibini he PERSONALLY encouraged to try again (back in 2018?), if the spluk one of us made is accurate. So, yeah. Sam would be SUPER-thankful! 🙂

        I THINK THE PAGEANT BOSSES ALREADY HAVE AN IDEA MORE OR LESS WHO FITS THE JOB, just as @ kembular2020 has said before. The Prelims Interview is just to confirm their vibes. Guys, ANDAMI na’ng dakdak ni Sam, mula pa nu’ng ‘Dinner with the Top 5’, so I’m sure by now Angkol has already made up his mind about her. I don’t think he would have any more to ask her sa Prelims Interview. And JUST MAYBE, Sam knows/feels it, too. Kaya, nag-‘TY’ na lang siya.

        (I personally prefer such an approach, na ‘yun’g Bosing will have the final say, that only those things with her/his blessings will prevail. I like it when SOMEBODY takes FULL responsibility for the outcome. After all, it’s HER/HIS pageant… At kung gusto ako ng Bosing, ba’t ako re-refuse?)

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