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  1. Bakit yung 2nd Runner Up meron crown, pero yung 1st Runner Up waley? O baka may pagkakamaling naganap?

  2. Bongga mga Vhaks! nakatatlo si Arnold!!!! Pero, speaking of Binibini, mukhang marami rin tayong makukuhang crowns this year. Ito hula ko:

    Globe – crown
    Supranational – crown
    Intercontinental – crown
    grand international – crown
    international – crown
    universe – crown

    Mas bongga ito! Walang tatalo sa Pinas sa lebel ng pagiging country of the year!

    • Naku naku shoeses ko na may heels, nangarap ang baklush eh ang chachaka ng mga binibini this year hahahahaha sabagay libre naman mangarap sige lang

      • Naku rin….shoeses mong puro tinik ang heels, may insecure dito na baklush…akala mo naman sobrang ganda kung maka-chaka sa ating mga binibini…eh, salumpuwit ka nga lang ni Cynthia Thomalla. Baklush! Ikaw na! Miss E coli 2018!

    • basta manalo lang tayo sa universe ok na sa’kin. 1 miss universe crown is equivalent to 100 miss world crowns, = 300 miss international crowns, = 900 miss supranational/grand international crowns! 😀

  3. Congratulations.
    I thought she wasn’t going to win kasi parang nag-iba face niya compared to when she was competing sa Ms World PH.
    I was wrong. Congrats again.

  4. Bongga mga Vhaks! nakatatlo si Arnold!!!! Pero, speaking of Binibini, mukhang marami rin tayong makukuhang crowns this year. Ito hula ko:

    Globe – crown
    Supranational – crown
    Intercontinental – crown
    grand international – crown
    international – crown
    universe – crown

    Mas bongga ito! Walang tatalo sa Pinas sa lebel ng pagiging country of the year!

  5. Three of the four reigning titleholders won their respective international pageants, lol Laura.

    • Let me remind you that Laura beat Wynwyn Cynthia and Sophia in MWP17. She’s still the biggest winner in the pageant all four of them competed in. So sana iwasan natin yung comments such as “lol Laura” or any similar (almost derogatory) comments. Besides, we all know what kind of pageant Laura competed in

      • @unorthodox and OY Laura didn’t deserve her win at MWP tho? The moment she entered MWP without any BWAP project, which is the heart and soul of MW, she should have been out of the game already. “Kesho hindi naman kasali sa criteria ng MWP last year ang BWAP ehh” this just proves a girl’s genuineness with helping others and doing charity works, girls like Wynwin, Thia, and Janella had strong BWAPs knowing that it wasn’t part of the fasttracks, they even continued their projects even after the competition. Laura? She started one after winning MWP seemingly because it was mandatory in the international pageant that she’s joining in. And don’t get me started with that racist video of hers ugh.

      • Racist ? That is stupid . Is Laura white ? Was she referring to someone belonging to a different race ? U have to realize that kind of conversation happens all the time among Pinoys .. without any malicious intent .
        Laura did not deserve MWP? Was that be cause she was a TYG at MW held in China? That was lose-lose situation for Laura . She had no chance at all … from the very beginning .
        Nope , thank you for re-opening Laura’s old healed wounds and pouring salt and alcohol on them !
        Wala kang patawad.

      • @nope, if Laura didn’t deserve her win, how come the judges proclaimed her the winner that night? And ikaw na rin nagsabi, BWAP wasn’t part of the criteria for judging in last year’s MWP edition. Why? Because the new MWP Org already has one prepared for whoever will win (the maternity ward). Might i remind you that Laura has an ongoing project called PREP (Promoting Rural Education in the Philippines) about building libraries and teaching rural kids, and that is what she considers her BWAP. But she had to “drop” that project and instead focus on the Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center Maternity WArd as her BWAP because that’s the one the MWP Org is really focusing on. So in that light naipanalo ni Laura ang korona based on the criteria that mattered the most that night.

        One last thing, the judges in MW are completely different and independent from the ones in Miss Multinational, Miss Eco, and RH. Their personal preferences are not identical. Hence, the placements of these 4 women are not comparable to each other, unlike in MWP na isang set of judges lang ang nagjudge sa kanilang apat. Wag kang ano jan

      • @Fabian she’s half white iirc (btw u don’t have to be white to be racist) and joke or not, making fun of someone’s skin color for being darker than hers is RACIST. Especially if she’s joining an international pageant where girls of different races, color, and ethnicities join.

        @unor and that’s where the new MWP org was flawed. BWAPs should be done in a voluntary mindset, hindi yung ok so ito yung malakas na BWAP kaya ito yung gagawin mo. And did she join knowing that she’s already going to win kaya hindi na siya nageffort ng BWAP sa MWP? No matter what you say, that girl Laura has many issues surrounding her or rather surrounded her that’s why she just isn’t as lovable as her predecessors. She looks like she’s moved on though so good for her. BTW Manushi was a deserving winner.

      • Like i said earlier, Laura had her own BWAP (the PREP). It’s not like she joined unprepared and “feeling winner” agad kaya hindi na nag effort. She had a project, but she just switched to another one because that’s what the local org wants. And though I completely agree with you that BWAP should be done voluntarily, aminin natin na you should have a substantial amount of wealth, privilege, and connections to be able to organize your own project. I mean think of Catriona, she has a genuine desire to help children in Tondo and she was successful to do so because she had the right connections, right platform, and well, she’s well-off. But what if we consider girls with the same background as Janicel or Mutya Datul? They might also have the genuine desire to help and the willingness to serve others but they do not have the machinery and money to be able to successfully organize their own BWAP. So ibig sabihin ba hindi na sila deserving maging MWP just because wala silang established BWAP? Eh kaya nga sila sumasali sa MWP (aside from personally wanting the crown) in the hopes na matutulungan sila ng local org to make their desired projects come to fruition. Kaya i believe BWAP should come after winning the local crown, well kung meron ka na even before joining eh di mas maganda, pero kung wala pa okay lang din. Siguro ang issue lang dito is the current MWP had their own BWAP prepared for the winner na and they weren’t as willing to adjust to the actual winner’s BWAP as people have imagined.

        Regarding the supposed issues surrounding Laura, i havent heard of any. Or at least i haven’t heard of any that would make her not deserving for the MWP crown. And imagine mo yun? she had issues pero she still managed to beat the other three women who later on won internationally. This is not to put the three women down, but rather an attempt to make people realize na Laura’s feat isn’t something to just “Lol” over. She won MWP fair and square i believe, ibang usapan lang talaga yung mismong Miss World na. I mean, Arnold Vegafria as part of the judging panel???? it’s as if Julia set it up so that had Laura won or even placed very high, maibabato nya pabalik sa mga Pilipino yung mra criticisms and accusations sa kanya regarding Wilnelia and the Indonesian ND.

        oh and yes, Manushi deserves it naman talaga. Luh ang dami kong satsat

    • Hmm to burst your bubble… Laura beat the 3 of them that night… We cant always win so dont LOL Laura.

      Congrats to the 3 winners though. Well deserved!

    • NOPE – You are bringing up another haka-haka. Just let go of it. You have a flawed LOL argument. MWP pageant night Laura bested everyone. MW, Reyna, Eco, etc ibang usapan.

      Did you for a second think Pia is inferior to Ara & MJ? Pia lost to Ara in 2013 and MJ in 2014 but Pia won BIG in MU2015. Gets mo? kaya stop the LOL.

  6. Ultimately , this girl is prob gonna want to be a Binibini Queen .
    I think she can win any of the crowns
    I hope it’s either MI MGI or even MU provided Cat wins 2018

  7. See you in Bb 2020 ! she is an MU material, can break into MU semifinalists!

  8. Congrats Thia! Thank you for representing our country really well ❤ ❤ ❤

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