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  1. I congrats to #QueenP Alonzo Wurtzbach & our new Queen Iris Mitternaere congratulations in ur reign/tenure #goodbye

  2. If only Maxine had used the interpreter , I think , with her glowing beauty that morning , she could have been in top 3 and Tovar dislodged. Maxine could have been the first ever 2nd runner up from the Philippines in the history of Miss Universe pageant.

  3. sa una pa lang, hindi ko na kinakitaan na mananalo si Miss Thailand. Although kinakabahan ako na baka sya na nga ang manalo dahil naman sa blog na eto napag uusapan lagi si Miss Thailand. Feeling ko kasi overly prepared sya at gigil na gigil na makuha ang korona, gigil na gigil inuulit ko….. that attitude did not impressed me at hindi naman sya talaga kagandahan (di ko type personally, kamukha nung Miss Globe natin). Plus the fact na maraming nations ang magaganda talaga. Miss Indonesia they said eh may charm, which I think meron, but when it comes to speaking, mejo walang laman, need talaga ng interpreter ni Miss Indonesia.

    Another choice for Asian candidate is Miss Singapore and Miss Malaysia, but anyway, they did not make it. Miss Kenya was totally a surprised for all, even her I guess when she was called first amongst Top 13.

    I was relieved when Miss Thailand did not make it to the Top 3, sorry Miss Thailand, kinabahan talaga ako hehe. Ayaw ko talaga, lets remain to be the powerhouse in Miss Universe in Asia.

    Congratulations to Miss France. Hopefully Miss Universe will be more popular in Europe. I had the chance to live in Europe for 3 years and yes Miss World is far more popular in Europe as compared to Miss Universe. Kaya goodluck to Miss Julia. With Miss World choosing winner based on biased judges, goodluck sa kanila for not crowning Catriona (sorry until now eh masama pa talaga ang loob ko).

    Overall happy ako sa Top 3, yun lang sana si Miss Colombia wore the gown…yung gown na sinuot nya sa local pageant nila, with that gown…..oh my God, she could place higher, 1st runner-up or the crown I guess.

    • For Miss Philippines Maxine Medina, I was kinda disappointed sa gown. I though it was pasabog as they described it. Mas maganda pa yung glittering red gown na sinuot nya sa final rehearsal. With her “answer,” I was actually not expecting too much from her. I don’t know who said that it could have been easier for Maxine if it was held in another country. But Maxine for me has the most beautiful face in this batch. Congats Maria Mika Maxine Medina Miss Philippines.

      Also, may I take Dayanara Torres’ kind words on the new branding of Miss Universe. This made it clear the Miss France has it.

      “In the end, personality had a whole lot to do with it,”

      “When you arrive at an event where the Miss Universe is going to be, you want to find a person that’s accessible and not just a robot or with an attitude. You don’t want that,” she explained. “You want somebody that’s more human and who’s going to touch other people. Because when they talk, people are going to listen.”

      “I think being more human at this point in time, when the world is going through so much, it’s much more important than a person that’s just impressionable to look at,”

  4. Congratulations FRANCE!

    Congratulations Maxine for bringing the Philippines its 7th consecutive placement, the longest running consecutive streak of any Asian country, in Miss Universe!

    TO IMG: Please stop with the hard selling of body image issues for marketing reasons and fielding token “fat” candidates like Miss Canada who obviously gained weight just to push this issue for you during the pageant. Yes, WE GET IT, but in the process of giving a placement to your token candidate, there were far more deserving candidates that were pushed out of a semifinalist placement.

  5. Sus.. kawawa naman si Maxine……Napakaraming bashers na alam na alam paano sagutin ang tanong. … sige na… eh di wow… kayo na at si Maxine na ang di marunong…

    Intindihin sana natin na
    1. .. may mali sa pag interpret…ng interpreter… “Significant Change…..into… ” makabuluhang naganap na pangyayari na nakita mo sa loob ng sampung taon..” ng sinagot niya sa English… the judges would make an impression that she is unresponsive….in fact, she was responsive to the tagalog question… OO nga naman ang Miss Universe para sa kanya ang makabuluhang pangyayari na nakita niya…. However the real issue in the question is “SIGNIFICANT CHANGE”..
    2. mahirap din sa kanya ang mag answer sa Tagalog.. because she was not being rehearsed and used to it…She was trained to answer the question in English for more than a year…. at biglang sabihin magtagalog ka na lang na walang practice… Di mo kakayanin sa pressure pa lang… Di mo kakayanin kung paano mo sisimulan sa tagalog ang isasagot.
    3. alanganin kang sumagot sa English dahil maraming nag aabang na grammarian or the best description is GRAMMARIST sa paligid..Na-conscious tuloy siya sa pag sagot….
    4. saka mahirap sagutin ang tanong…in a few seconds, kailangan mong mag recollect ng mga events that has a significant change in the world for the past 10 years? at pumili doon kung ano ang isasagot.?. buti sana kung homework yan. makapag research ka pa at makapagsagot ng bonggang-bongga.

    Please let us be HAPPY for her…. she made us proud by making it to the TOP 6…. malaking karangalan na iyon para sa bansa natin. Kung di sana sumali sina Miss Kenya, Colombia, France, Thailand, at Haiti eh di siya sana yung nanalo..

  6. I can finally say and sleep well that “Indonesia is not Miss Universe” yahooo…. I coulnd’t really see her as a queen. “BUT” I must admit this past few days I did fell in love with the personality of Keke not just as Beauty Queen of Miss Universe type of girl.

    Congrats Keke(Top13) and Chaling(Top6)

    The pageant is over and I should say I already like you KEKE but I still don’t like Indo fans 🙂

    Maxine you made us happy that you have proven yourself with that million dollar smile and sophisticated-classy aura. You have been a great host delegate. The bashers will keep on barking but they will remain bashers meanwhile you are a Miss Universe top 6 finalist. The MU streak continues!

  7. Congratulations to Mademoiselle Iris Mittenaere for clinching the Miss Universe crown, ending the 63 -year drought for France. I heard her post pageant interview and I must say, what a charming lady, the joie de vivre evident in her voice, and a humble queen as well.
    Haiti as 1st Runner up was a fresh change, and she is a strong runner up as well, in the same league as Evelina Papantoniou of Greece (2001) & Carolina Gomez of Colombia (1994).
    Maxine in the top 6 was a commendable performance, she exceeded my expectations. She was a gracious & sweet host to the girls but cranked up the volume with a strong preliminary performance. Her placement is the Philippines’ 7th consecutive appearance in the Miss Universe top 10 semifinals in this decade, an impressive feat that solidify its status as a pageant powerhouse.
    The Top 13 was a surprise. Canada? Never saw it coming. But no offense to the lady, she’s a beautiful ,voluptuous woman, a real woman, Gloria Diaz be damned.
    Venezuela didn’t make the cut. I hope Osmel Souza don’t bitch slap her when she goes back home.
    I feel that Misses Spain & Nicaragua should be there. The new Top 13 rule ruined their chances.
    The other winner besides Miss France? The Philippines & the Pinoy pageant fans , of course.
    The winner & runners up are very well deserving, no question about it.
    Fair judgement, without bias or anomaly, prevailed, the way it should be.

    • that’s a beautiful answer:
      there’s humility in accepting that one failed
      and there is hope and optimism that you can work
      hard to overcome that

  8. Congratulations pageant fans for making Miss Universe season an exciting time! Nakakawithdrawal ang pagtatapos. Ive read a lot of inputs already but would just like to share some that others can/may reinforce or correct:
    1. Right after Haiti gave a strong answer during the top 3, and she was gaining the crowd support after her last view/walk with Boyz2Men, we clearly saw and hear Paula Shugart reminding the judges that they were to judge based on the whole performance/totality of the girls during the whole competition. It was clear to us then in our row that France was going to win.
    2. Did you see Venezuela come out to participate with the rest of the girls during the swimsuit parade? If she did not because i did not see her, she must have felt really dissapointed not making it to the first cut. Not my intention to create an issue but it must be tough for a powerhouse and a favorite to not make it on the first cut. Props to her though for showing grace when Thailand was called.
    3. As seen at the prelims, Miss Hawaii was indeed here to watch the pageant live. I greeted her and she smiled back. Gracious lady. I would have asked her that having a Filipino blood, would she consider complying her Philippine residency and compete at the Binibining Pilipinas next year? Bakbakan ang labanan nila ni Catriona Gray if ever!
    4. There was a silly news even during the dress rehearsal that Boy Abunda was offered to do the interpreting for Maxine. Had it been a more commanding interpreter, Max could have..maybe.. considered utilizing him. Not to blame the interpreter but one guy at my back observed that the Pinoy interpreter spoke so fast that he failed to get Maxs attention to get to listen to him. I mean, there should be no excuses to her lack of depth but imagine if the interpreter slighted her answer to something like..Miss Philippines thinks that in the last ten years, the world has become so interconnected and has become so small that we get to celebrate something like this in united spirit that would have been a challenge in the previous generation…Parang ganung interpretation, walang sinabing technology or social media but a foreshadow of the essence of her english answer kung tinagalog nya..Tipong may magagawa sanang konting enhancement ang interpreter. Pasencia na, hoping lang ako. Kase ang ganda ganda nya kanina. Lutang talaga sya..konting ire na lang sana…

    • observation ko lang. in the start of the top 6 q&a segment, wala namang na sabi na gagamit ng interpreter ang pilipinas. bakit sumulpot si kuya sa stage?

    • actually yung interpreter ang mali hindi yung sagot ni maxine

      QUESTION: What is the most significant change you’ve seen in the world in the last 10 years?
      INTERPRETER: Ano pinaka makabuluhang naganap na pangyayari nakita mo sa mundo sa loob ng sampung taon?

      change= pagbabago
      naganap na pangyayari= events

      so ang sagot nya is yung miss universe event ang isa sa pinaka makabuluhan kaganapan nakita nya in last 10 years because thru that event daw all nation are gather together as one.

      kung iisipin mo me sense ang sagot nya dun sa tagalog na tanong but malayo sa english question

    • 1 I like the point that Miss Hawaii should join Bb Pilipinas. And Catriona Gray. That would Binibini 2017 an exciting pageant.
      2 There is no malice when Paula Shugart reminded the judges that they should not be persuaded by throngs of applause. I heard that too but its a gentle reminder that judging should be done fair and square.

      Kudos Maxine Medina. And you are correct, Ms Gloria Diaz.

  9. [Steve Harvey: What is the most significant change you’ve seen in the world in the last ten years?

    Maxine: Oh, It must have to be the technological advances of the internet. It has dramatically changed the way we access information, conduct business and how we interact with peoples and nations across the globe. It brought down huge barriers that once separated us. In a way, our world today has become one.

    Steve Harvey: Okay, you’re on to the top 3… Now, name something over the course of your life that you failed at and tell us what you learned.]

    O ayan, kayo naman sumagot mga kabayan. Sayang eh, back-to-back na sana.

    • The most significant change for me for the past 10 years is the social media. Social media made people to have contact with each other and reunite in the fastest way.

  10. And may I just have the last say on Gloria Diaz (please forward in case someone knows her…hehe0

    Dear Ms. Diaz,

    You are proven right when you say Maxine will not win the MU crown (“one in a million chance”, your words). But sometimes in life, it is far better to be kind than to be right.

    Your statement may be true but it is not kind at all. Especially coming from a fellow Filipino. We all know deep inside that a back to back win happening in the host country is next to impossible. But you could have been kinder or encouraging in your choice of words by saying something like what Ms. Moran said…”Maxine is a strong candidate…we will see”.. or something to that effect. One can still be be honest without being abrasive.

    World Peace.

  11. Reasons why most Filipinos are happy with the result (Rating: Fair / Not Fair):

    1) Ms. France is a deserving winner. FAIR. Filipinos will root and cheer for Maxine until we are blue in the face, but deep down we all know that the top three are better than she.

    2) Maxine got a decent finish despite of. However, anything less than Top Six will be a cause of uproar / bitterness for the Filipinos: FAIR

    3) ABC : Anyone but Colombia. A win for Colombia means Adriana is vindicated. NOT FAIR.

    4) HOETIT: Higher or Equal Than Indonesia and Thailand. Indonesia because we feel slighted by their consistent, higher placements in other pageants. Thailand because we want to be THE powerhouse of Asia. NOT FAIR.

    5) EAL : Europe At Last! FAIR

    6) Judges did not place any of their respective countries to Top 13. FAIR (Because their candidates were not the strong anyway). Ms. World and Ms. Supranational and Ms. Earth should take note.

    7) Pleasant Surprises : Haiti and Kenya (FAIR)

    8) Diversified Top 13 finalists (FAIR)

    9) Superb and warm Philippine staging and hosting with nary any negative incident all throughout the duration of MU. (FAIR)

    10) Sense of Closures. Pia / Adriana / Steve. Maxine / Andrea / Steve. Philippines vs. Indonesia. : (FAIR).


    Sad about Venezuela and Spain though.

    World Peace.

  12. Ako lang ba nalasing sa sagot ni Maxine?

    Steve Harvey: What is the most significant change you seen in the world in the last 10 years?

    Translator: Ano ang pinakamabuluhang na ganap o pangyayari nanakita mo sa buong mundo sa loob ng 10 taon?

    Maxine: In the last 10 years of being here in the world is that I saw all the people really in one event like this. In Miss Universe. And it’s really something big to us that we are one as one nation we are all together. Thank you. Salamat po.

    • wala rin akong ibang maisip na hindi cliche.. ayoko namang isagot ang politics. I think the best answer that is relatable to pageant is like this. The most significant change ive seen in the past 10 years is that pageants are evolving and has substance and that more and more pageants established with different values and advocacy and being Miss Universe as it’s premiere pageant in the world, the universe rather. lol (kissass)

      • I disagreee….Ms universe unfolded it b4 your eyes….it is woman empowerment by being confidently beautiful…by accepting who are….by empowering who u are, no matter how u look, how you talk, love and accept who u are….and be confidently beautiful….Maxine missed that and everyone na nagmamagaling missed that, Maxine cant even accept na Filipino siya at kelangan niyang tanggapin na Tagalog siya…everyone missed…the very reasons the Ms Universe is existing now….they showcased diversified women and be more accepting who u r even u failed many times you can be Ms Universe….it was unfolded all through out the show.

    • the most significant change I see in the last 10 years. . . actually in the whole existence of miss universe is to have that man (interpreter) beside you Steve. it’s always the host and miss philippines in the q&a round. I don’t know why that man beside you exist. maraming salamat po.

      • Even that answer is better !

        “The most significant change I have seen in the last 10 years is the iPhone evolution. It started as iPhone 2G and now it’s iPhone 7. Can you believe it? Thank you”

      • Allow me to say the change in this country the Philippines; especially the election of our present President Duterte. I can say I approve of his commitment to fight corruption and illegal drugs. Altho the means to an end may vary, I don’t care, cuz I do not have relatives killed. If it hits close to home it may change me emotionally. Collateral damage may happen but look there are no more police kotong, airport personnel are honest, conscientious and polite. I look at it objectively and to the U.N. I don’t have problem with it at all.

    • mali pag kakainterpret kaya ganun ang sagot ni max

      change = pagbabago
      makabuluhan pangyayari = events

      so naisip ni maxine yung miss u ang isa sa pinaka makabuluhan pangyayari (event) na nawitness nya over 10 years

    • May ‘ganap’ ba? Kakaloka din kasi ang translator, kuda agad…hampasin dapat iyon sa pagmamadali.

    • The most significant change I see in the last 10 years is the impact of globalization in our country. It provides job to our people, it contributed tremendously in our economy and allows us to communicate to people from other countries like there are no ocean or walls. Thank you!

  13. The choice of a woman of substance, Miss France, as this year’s MU winner may yet elevate beauty pageantry to a higher level.

    In today’s world where social and political institutions are being delegitimized, and xenophobia, sexism, and hateful rhetoric comes out of the mouth of the very leaders who are supposed to unify and inspire, beauty pageantry is one of the few platforms left where ideas are heard and believed by millions, and therefore can be a powerful global agent for inclusiveness, openness and cooperation. For it to take its relevant place in the global stage, it has to have a credible intelligent spokesperson. Miss France represents the country currently being violently torn by ethnic and religious strife, yet she clings tenaciously to the values of openness, diversity and inclusiveness. In her interviews, she expresses her pride in her country’s openness to refugees and immigrants, and elation at the diversity that enriches its social fabric. Truly, confidently beautiful!

    In today’s wired world, beauty pageantry is evolving. To survive, it has to be able to talk sensibly to billions up close and personal. The choice of a credible and intelligent spokesperson is a must. MU chose the deserving one. And what a line up of choices in the Top 13—all women of substance! (Although I would have loved Miss Kenya to be in the Top 3, and Miss Sri Lanka to be part of the Top 13!)

  14. Norman,
    I know your final prediction was just to appease your readers here but I know deep down in your heart, you were rooting for France.

  15. Congratulations France for a well deserved victory.
    Oh bakit walang back to back naku dinaya si Maxine o napolitika.
    Ngawa na mga baklang pangit

    • if it were Miss Globe 2nd runner up Nikol Manalo who joined instead of Maxine, we may have had a back to back no? sayang! hahahahahahahahaha

      • Ngawa pa more mga ilusyonada kasi. Patriotism is different from being real.
        I have been wanting to say this.. Maxine is bobita

    • http://news.abs-cbn.com/news/01/30/17/mittenaeres-win-is-brightest-symbol-of-ph-france-ties-french-envoy

      MANILA — France’s Ambassador to the Philippines Thierry Mathou considers the coronation of Frenchwoman Iris Mittenaere as the new Miss Universe on Monday as the “brightest symbol” of the relationship between France and the Philippines.

      Mittenaere was crowned as Miss Universe 2016 at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay on Monday, replacing Pia Wurtzbach.

      She is the second Miss Universe winner from France after Christiane Martel back in 1953.

      In a statement, Mathou said Mittenaere’s victory was even more symbolic since this year marks the 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties between France and the Philippines.

      “To witness Pia Wurtzbach pass the crown to Iris Mittenaere was truly a beautiful moment that represents the friendship between our two nations and our common quest for excellence,” he said.

      “We are very proud that Miss France Iris Mittenaere has been crowned Miss Universe 2016, a year after Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach,” he added.

  16. Congratulations to Miss France and a great top 6.
    Based on the top 6 and top 3 q&a, I think the MU judges got it right.
    The most shocking moment was Venezuela not making the top 13!

    Former MU’s from India, Puerto Rico, Angola, and Japan (prelims) served as judges and none of the respective delegates fron their countries made the top 13. Interesting…No regrets, no complaints..

    MWO and Julia Morley please take notes. 😉

  17. Does anyone know why Venezuela didn’t make the Top 13? Totoo kaya yung diva rumors about her?

    I was also hoping that Nicaragua, Malaysia, Germany, and Australia would make the first cut.

    I think France is a deserving winner though. She was my bet in the Top 3.

    • I was shocked and sad for ms Venezula coz she was really amazing during the prelims. Maybe she was not good at the judges interview kaya di cya nakapasok and besides 60% ung interview, 20% SS and 20% EG sa prelims. So baka yun ang nangyari. Anyway feeling ko theres something ky Venezuela kse early days ng competition super close cya ky maxine. My mga pa video2x pa cya.pero nagtaka ako bkit nung days na malapit na finals. Si colombia and other latinas halos kasama nya sa mga photos n vids. Inicip ko baka kumukuha lng cya ng fame or papansin .. anways baka paranoid lng ako hahaha

  18. So proud of Maxine Medina. With the extremely difficult feat to win a b2b MU title, thr pressure of being the host delegate, and all the constructive critiicism she had to endure, a top 6 final placement is an outstanding reward.

    The commitment to excellence at for MUP at MU continues;

    2010 top 5/4th runner-up
    2011 top 5/3rd runner-up
    2012 top 5/1st runner-up
    2013 top 5/3rd runner-up
    2014 top 10
    2015 top 3/winner
    2016 top 6 finalist

    • Ganun if we were to based the placement on the new format, only Janine Tugonon and Mirriam Quiambao are the real runners up

  19. I’m a happy happy girl!!!! Viva la France! Sissy! 😜

    Maxine good job! Fair placement!

    • Hi, Laila! I am happy to read that you’re happy. Your presence in this year’s edition of Miss Universe was like Iris’ – subdued but impactful.

  20. Top 6 out of 86. I can’t be any prouder of our very own, Maria Mika Maxine Medina. She was on a mission – to beat the odds and rise above the challenges and she did just that. She was one of the heavily bashed Miss Philippines representatives to date, with great emphasis on being bashed by her own know-it-all countrymen, with an even greater emphasis on being bashed in her own home turf – BUT she was able to figuratively climb her way to the top, with a very charming smile on her face, despite the hundreds or thousands of 🦀 who tried to pull her down. Congratulations MMMM! From a Filipino pageant enthusiast like I am, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for keeping the winning streak, and for making me/us proud!

    • truthfully, maxine was beaming on that stage. she really did look like a winner

      and she did not break the streak of placements at MU

    • True. Maxine did herself and the Philippines proud. When she flubbed her answer at BbP and still won, many probably pegged her as a clapper at MU. I myself felt that one of the remaining semifinalists should have won. I felt that maybe they were reserving that candidate for a future stab at the MU title, knowing how difficult it was to achieve the back-to-back feat. But Maxine soldiered on despite all the bashing she got, and did all the hard work to be able to represent the Philippines the best she can. And I think she did. Okay, many were probably disappointed with her answer at top 6, but hey, it wasn’t an easy question to answer, not in the 30 seconds they were given. We all know Q and A is not Maxine’s strong suit, and better speakers have been known to fold under the kind of pressure she was in at that moment. Even Charlene Gonzalez did not give a strong answer at this same stage (Top 6) in her time. Making it to the first cut (Top 13) is almost a given for the host candidate, so reaching two levels further can be credited to Maxine’s efforts and her strong performance in the swimsuit and evening gown competitions. Remember that a good number of supposedly strong candidates did not accomplish what Maxine did. Venezuela did not make the first cut, as did Spain, Aruba, Nicaragua and Australia. Brazil and Indonesia could only reach Top 13, while USA and Canada got only as far as Top 9. Kenya, who was very impressive in the initial interview, could not get past Top 6. So if you ever feel like bashing her for not getting to Top 3, please don’t. Unless you can prove that YOU would have done better.

  21. Back to the regular Top 15 > Top 10 > Top 5 pleassssse. Really don’t like the ‘3 at a time’ thing, it looks messy.

  22. on the aliw side. nakaka-aliw na ang daming nagsasabi na nahulahan or napili nila si France na mananalo at they have Haiti and Kenya in their list. pero pagbinalikan mo yung old post ni Norman parang wala namang ganung mga comments.

  23. if you are looking for tell-tale signs of what MUO is looking for currently

    the confidently beautiful tag now has the additional “grace and intelligence”

    “Beauty, grace, confidence, intelligence. Those are the qualities embodied by your 65th #MissUniverse, Iris Mittenaere.”

    from their facebook page

    • Hi, Sunkist. I wonder how the camps would re-calibrate their strategies given this renewed focus of MU on “grace and intelligence”. Many of our ladies seem predisposed to rely on “aura-han” and “six packs with a strong walk” but whenever we watch BBP, all the “aura” dissipates in the Q & A, where only a handful like Kylie V and Christi McGarry shine. I wonder how this development will impact the dreams of Charmaine Elima and Vina Openiano, who are both dusky stunners but were definitely not communicators, as of their most recent attempts.

      • hi Caroline,

        interesting points. the candidates for the most part have the grace covered. there’s this innate grace in the filipina candidates that’s hard to deny. as for the intelligence part, i would have a hard time thinking of just one thing. i’ve noticed that MU is very keen on asking current events/news/politics-related questions. they have to be up to date with whats going on in the world and relate it to their personal experience and then they have to contend with the 20-second time frame to answer these questions.
        wit is a good start, but how do you train one to be witty?….so much to think about…i would say start by making them knowledgeable

      • I agree. The next representative should at least have a good grasp on current events. She should be articulate in delivering her thoughts. Aside from the standard training a beauty queen should undergo, she should read a lot and study politics, international relations etc.

      • There are girls who are innately good with communicating their thoughts. Pia, Megan, Janine, among others. But communication skills can be improved by first improving the mind. Getting comfortable in expressing oneself in English (which seems to be the language of choice of our candidates) can be accomplished with proper training in language and public speaking. But your mind has to have something to draw from first. It is a long process, so anyone who plans to join BbP with MU in sight should start as soon as possible. In Charmaine’s case, her stint with PAL would have improved her communication skills, and honor graduate sya di ba so she has something between her ears naman. I am not very familiar with Vina Operiano.

    • Hi, Sunkist. To make our candidates knowledgeable is a challenge because we all assumed that MU was looking for something different in a winner last year when Pia won. Iris’ victory confirms our assumption that our succeeding representatives need to be able to clearly and coherently deliver answers to questions about current events in less than 30 seconds. Who do you think among the possible BBP 2017 aspirants will be able to brush up and stock up on current events in less than a year when it seems that a good number of young adults and students don’t really read the papers or watch the news?

      • We will be able to find that girl. Binibining Pilipinas should include these qualities in their selection process. They should also add close door interviews and change the type of questions asked in the coronation night. In this way, the trainers, handlers and BPCI will be able to gauge well the qualities of the aspirant. For the candidate, she will be able to recognize her weaknesses and improve.

      • Good morning Caroline,
        definitely start with the news, they have a big task of filtering the news and current events especially at this particular moment in history. they should be trained to be critical and analytical about the information presented to them. like how one event could trigger several repercussions. you can sense in Iris’ answers that she is very aware of what’s happening especially where she is from and it does not hurt that in french culture discussions about politics is an honored tradition.

  24. For all the Miss Universe Pageants held in the Philippines, Colombia is a runner up
    1974 – 3rd Runner up (Ella Cecilia Escandon)
    1994 – 1st Runner up (Carolina Gomez)
    2017 – 2nd Runner up (Andrea Tovar)

    Just an observation.

  25. Congratulations Maxine! You made us proud. I would like also to point out that hindi sya makakarating sa top 6 w out her sweet at magandang ugali. perfect host.. wala tayong narinig na may pinakita syang di maganda. Tingin ko isa din sa basehan ng miss universe yun marunong rumespeto, mabait at classy ang kandidata. Ang ganda mo talaga Max at walangdamit na di mo kayang dalhin.Para sa kin panalo ka pa din dahil sinagot mo yun tanong ayon sa nararamdaman mo. Im happy that France won.

  26. Moving forward, here’s my observations: (1) Venezuela stopped clapping when Brazil was called. She might have a hint already that she will not make it (2) I commented before that “France is the biggest threat” coz of her calmness and it work to her advantage (3) I find the presentation “unmaximized” in group of 3’s (4) they are really looking for woman with “story to tell” and or “academically” charming (5) given this development, Cat Gray or Vina Openiano are the girls I can think of who already have a strong footing to be the next rep (6) I hope BPCI will crown a strong delegate this year, put in shelve muna Yung mga model material or reserve it for other titles (7) France deserve the title!

    • I think nire-reserba ng A&Q si Patricia Magtanong, a model and in her junior year in UP School of Law. Damn, this girl is gorgeous and intelligent! She has resemblance to Lara Quigaman and Ruffa Gutierrez. Baka next year nila isasabak ito because there is Charmaine Elima who is ready to assume Maxine’s throne.

      • Thanks for the info! The name is starting to ring a bell though first time ko narinig. Charmaine and Dindi is on the same league. Both flight attendant. Pareho Kong bet. But Given the recent result parang di magi-impact kaya I shifted to Vina coz she’s a Lab Scientist and beterana na rin SA rampahan and Cat Gray is still on her reign. Pwede rin Angelica Alita.

      • Unfortunately, very few law students are willing to put their studies on hold to join a pageant, so i doubt Patch Magtanong would join BBP.

      • Wait for an independent candidate to be fielded by a group of fashion designers. A magna cum laude BS Psycho grad and is now on her 2nd Year Med. 5’9 and was just given permission by their famous wealthy patriarch.

  27. Haiti, 1st runner up in 1975 to Finland, now 1st runner up again 41 years later to another ‘F’ country, France. Finland won its second MU title in 1975 and France also won its second MU title in 2016.

    Just an observation… maybe there is some correlation and/or forecasting trend.

    Let us rank Maxine. This is my best estimate:

    Thailand 3rd ru
    Philippines 4th ru
    Kenya 5th ru

  28. I have no complain against France winning well-deserved- Happy for Europe for the longest drought finally miss universe now in your side.
    Wish you all the best in your reign Iris.

  29. TBH, I was expecting a pasabog gown on Max… I initially heard that Cherry vic was gonna dress her for the finals (according to Jonas’ interview) so i got excited. Then I saw Max’s final e.g, and I knew right away it was created by Eala LOL. It looked like a modified version of MAx’s gown in BBP… I mean it wasn’t ugly. It was elegant. BUT was it stunning? Naaaah. I was expecting more.

    MU is very different na talaga. so BBP better start crowning women with substance. someone who knows how to lead and amazing at public speaking.

  30. Grabe naman ang mga pinoy fans sa fb live, may nag comment na dun na magpakamatay ka na maxine, shame on you. Below the belt na yun ahh. Hindi na yun tama. Tinagurian pa naman tayo na the biggest fans in the world. And the biggest haters also. We love you maxine. You make us really proud

  31. I just finished watching the pageant. I didnt watch it live.
    I was shocked when Venezuela wasn’t called out. I seriously thought she was killing the competition. Not the prettiest but her confidence was outstanding… I guess she failed her interview but i assumed she’d be great at speaking…

    MU is very different na. It’s really not just about projection on stage and being pretty.. Venezuelans will need to step their game up. Plastic surgery won’t help them anymore.

    Maxine’s beauty is hard to miss! Very beautiful. Pero ramdam ko ang kaba nya. Although i was confident she would make it to the top 6. Her answer was the weakest that’s for sure.. I would’ve talked about the yolando typhoon and how different countries got together to help the filipinos stand up on their feet again. I knew then that she wouldn’t make the final 3 but i was still hoping inside. Nonetheless, I’m very happy she didn’t choke. GREAT JOB MAX ❤ YOU MADE US PROUD!!

    I wasn't expecting Colombia to make it top 3… I thought it was between Haiti Kenya and France. But to be fair, Andrea is really stunning and she actually did great in the Q&A.

    I knew Haiti would be one of those silent killers. I was eyeing her before the competition even began but dropped her from my list because I felt she was outshone by other girls. But throughout the finals, I saw a bit of Pia in her. very strong and confident. I seriously thought she was gonna take the crown home. (her hands were even on top of France during the announcement lol)

    When Venezuela was out who I initially predicted to be the winner was called out, I put France right at the top of my list. She's gorgeous, calm and intelligent. During the final QA, I thought Haiti's answer had more fire. But when I really evaluated their performance, France had the most personable answer. Haiti's was great but it didn't really answer the question. It was her delivery that made her answer strong. All in all, IM HAPPY FOR FRANCE's VICTORY! I'm glad the crown was given to a European! May you have an amazing reign!!

  32. Alright bitches who’s able to pull the archives of Norman’s post and look for my post about France being the dark horse? Anyway, this is well deserved win and definitely a long time for France. She did an amazing job from national costume to swimsuit to gown and Q&A.

    Now on to the serious stuff: WTF was the Filipino interpreter for? That’s a first in 65 years of MU. Had Maxine used it then she could have come up with something more meaningful than just her answer.

    Venezuela did not make it to top 13 because she was condescending and conceited. Telling everyone that you’ve won every single pageant you joined does not make you endearing to the judges. The more that they will not want you to win to prove you wrong.

    Anyway, till the next BBP madness! They better get someone who can COMMUNICATE! How many times have they emphasized that MU is a job – a real job that requires the girl to communicate.

    • Hello, Franco. I think the key to choosing MUP in BBP 2017 is to find a candidate who possesses the VERY RARE balance of being physically beautiful and being able to think on her feet. Maxine is undeniably beautiful and “alta” (as Laila described her), which is also quite rare in an era of exaggerated movements but BPCI’s gamble of crowning the most beautiful and by all accounts, a good person, with the hope that they and A & Q could work on her communication skills (or the lack thereof) in less than a year did not pay off. I like Maxine and I was hoping she would deliver but her showing is a clear indication that it might be easier for a winner to possess a 22-inch waistline (Venus) and six-pack abs (Carlene) than to have a clear/coherent thought and speech pattern. Venus and Ara were also less than stellar in the final Q & A but at least you assume it was their nerves and their lack of English proficiency that got the best of them, not the lack of a thought pattern.

  33. I have no problem with France winning because from the start facially, she’s the one to beat talaga. I love her beauty ( of course, maxine is beautiful ha!)very innocent, parang rolene strauss ang arrive niya. gone are the days where ang nananalo eh ung super galawgaw. fierce, glamazon which are perfect for advertorial, photoshoots and etc (which is trump era tbh)

    Now they need a woman to represent the MU Brand. empower women, they have to have a girl na pakikinggan, na magiging role model ng mga kabataan.

    Im happy with the top 6 finish ni Max, sabi ko if umabot siya don, okay na ako, now if she advances to the top 3, bonus na yun. let’s be honest. q&a is her weakness but still we believed in her. because she represents us. If nasagot niya yun talaga, bongga. her answer is okay. not that good. not that bad. the problem is the depth probably of her example or the answer but nonetheless, she was okay.

    The gown. medyo naloka ako. had she just worn the emerald fringe gown, i wouldn’t mind tapos sabayan mo ng ganong styling. pak! plakado. or the cherry veric gown, pak pa rin. the Eala gown is not ugly or what, it’s beautful but i believe it lacked impact. maybe next time mag take risk na tayo. sheer kung sheer ganyan. diyamante kung diyamante. charot. Michael Cinco, Rocky Gathercole or furne one, ezra santos and the likes.

    But i feel like Kenya should be the one na nasa top 3 instead of Colombia. sorry, not hating Andrea actually, mas maganda aura niya yesterday pa. But for me lang naman, mas nararamdaman ko si Kenya. Tipong kinamusta mo lang, nag speech na agad si bakla. charot

    Before Maxine was called for the top 6, I was really praying hard kasi andiyan si Brazil e. anyan pa si USA. and all along akala ko/natin si Canada ang mananalo. bwahahaha.

    I was surprised ha, na fan vote lang si Thailand. she gave a strong performance during the prelims.. pero baka sumablay siya sa interview.

    Venezuela.. hmm pasabog din ito na hindi pumasok. totoo kaya ang mga chisums sakanya backstage na may attitude itey lalo na ung terno issue sa vigan? hmmm

    • I also liked Kenya especially when she was first called in the first cut. I thought she spoke with wisdom. But, when a political question prompted her, na-lost si girl. She tried to answer, pero wala talagang sense. Sa kanilang tatlo nina Chalita at Maxine, she ranked 6th, 5th si Max at 4th si Chalita.

      • yun na nga ang problem e. but i think Kenya would do great if ibang question natanong? i mean ramdam ko ung wisdom niya, her humility since the first time she was called. may story si girl. may hugot.

      • The question given to Kenya was difficult given that MUO is an American franchise and Donald Trump is the US president. She was probably thinking how to come up with an answer that would not sound critical of DT and at the same time sincere. I believe she and Haiti gave the strongest performances in the closed door interviews to be able to get as far as they did in the competition. I am certain that she would have done heaps better if she got any of the other questions asked of the other Top 6 qualifiers. Wala, destiny talaga ni France ang manalo. And she IS deserving of the win based on her performance in the finals.

      • Kenya just choked. Nawala ang kuda! Biglang bumula. Kulang sa current events. Maxine did well but her gown, hindi pang pageant ang style aesthetics ni Rhett Eala. Thailand was good and her gown was real style.

  34. Ms. France is a deserving and refreshing choice. She has the beauty, height, proportions, preparations, and everything else except the obvious lust for the crown. She possessed what some of us seem to forget – to compete and have fun at the same time. Now that the Trump era is definitely over, will we see candidates like Iris and Catriona representing us? These girls have the bases covered yet they exude an aura of serenity and class, the type who make carrying a 32 kg suitcase look like they are lifting a feather. Which type of beauty or person will best represent us in this new era of MU?

    • Parang bagay si Catriona sa IMG Era ng MIss U. I hope someone could convince her to join BBP someday. She will definitely ace the interviews.

  35. tie yata ang Ph at Indo sa country of the year, i wonder how Misso will break the tie

      • sa calculations kasi ng Misso, kapag semifinalist 100 points. Add that up to Indo’s current points (430), they have a total of 530. Then, sabi rin ng Misso, if two finalists made top 5 (in this case, top 6) but no ifficial ranking is released within 24 hours, they all get 130 points each. Add that to PH’s current points (400), then it would also total to 530.

    • Indos only calls themselves country and of the year because they keep pushing MGI as a grandslam. Yet they did not acknowledge that Philippines won numerous minor pageant crowns this year. Placed higher in some too. It’s just indo propaganda. As trump and his fake tan arse would say; fake news

      • not really missosology, but their ranking of the countries in the big 5. It’s not perfect but out of all the rankings out there, i thing Misso’s is the most cohesive and easiest to understand. For comparison’s sake lang. aminin mo kahit papaano nakakaproud na number 4 tayo overall. pang appease lang ng pride kumbaga, saka for entertainment na rin

    • Wait. Hindi ba Quarterfinalist pa rin under ang Top 13? Kasi base sa pagkakaintindi ko:

      Top 13( QFs)- Top 9 (SFs)- Top 6 (Finalists)- Top 3

      • top 13 competed in swimsuit, same as yung previous format when top 15/16 competed in swimsuit. The top 15 were counted as semi finalists then so yun yung ginawa kong basis to assume na semis din yung top 13

  36. Di ako magproprotesta. Ok sakin si france. Maganda. Me katuturan sya. Happy for maxines top 6 finish.


      • i read somewhere na MUO is planning to do it in the Ph ulit bec af the warm welcome of the Filipinos. Cant decide yet if Ill be looking forward to its fruition or not. hindi ko pa masyadong maisip kung anu-ano yung mga possible scenarios, advantages, and drawbacks nito

  37. i just hope that the notion that a miss universe must communicate in “english” should be put to rest now as in, maintenant

  38. First, congrats to Miss France. I’m happy and contented that she’s the successor of our very own Pia.

    Second, congrats pa rin kay Ms Medina. Pero sayang hindi siya nag ask ng interpreter. I suggested it in previous threads. It seems mas ok pa ang sinagot nila Ms Arida at Ms Raj during their time. But still, I’m proud kay Maxine dahil naipagpatuloy niya ang pagpapalakas sa sash factor ng PH sa MU.

    I disagree in having Miss Colombia sa top 3. I felt it was a form of “peace offering” to Colombian pageant fans. Anyways, congrats still.

    The inclusion of Miss Haiti in Top 3 surprised me. I think this is one of the element surprise the MUO has for this edition. I was a bit surprised with the failure of Miss Venezuela to make it even in semis.

    I got 2 out of the 6 finalists this year: PH and France. The others were Misses Curacao, Brazil, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. (refer to the thread January 27, 2017).

    Second, I’m happy that 2 of my wishes came true: it’s time for Europe to win and victory for a country who hasn’t won 20+ years.

    It’s over now. Move on na mga kababayan. See you next year.

    • Error: My second to the last paragraph should have been “Lastly” and not ‘Second”. My apologies.

  39. Filipino designers have yet to learn from the designs of the gowns of Haiti and France. Miss France’s gown was five months in the making. ‘Yun ang pasabog! Nu’ng nakita ko ‘yun, napabulong talaga ako nang “uwian na, may nanalo na!” Literally jaw-dropping.

    With Rhett Eala’s evening gown, I was dismayed. Hanggang doon lang siguro talaga ang creativity n’ya pagdating sa beaucon gown. The fans in MOA were not awed by the gown. Paglabas ni Maxine, tahimik lang, meaning wala talagang pasabog.

    Sana sa susunod, stop na sa mga pa-suspense effect. Ilabas agad ang design para mapagdebatehan. Kase may pulso ang fans, kapag hindi talaga maganda, bash ‘yan. Pero pag pasabog, higit na nakararami talaga ang pupuri ng design.

    Buti na lang facial beauty ang pinanlaban ni Maxine. Again, sapat na ‘yun. Ayoko nang mag-comment sa sagot n’ya sa QnA portion. Because I love Maxine, our very own.

    • Agree. Sa totoo lang, nauungusan na tayo ng Indo at Thailand in the evening gown department, in terms of what their Miss U and Mess W reps had been wearing.

    • Kala ko pasabok yung gown niya sa finals hindi naman wala naman masama sa payo ng feng shui dont wear red.. nothing special about that gown very ordinary… kala ko isusuot niya yung gown na marami gems na transparent na super sexy….

    • Hi, Ana. I am a little worried with the brouhaha surrounding the evening gowns of our representatives that MSA (guys, remember her?) might decide to retain sole discretion on deciding who and what our Binibinis will wear. I am all for being strategic and proactive, i.e. taking lighting and the venue into consideration but really, this practice of keeping everyone in suspense is becoming annoying. Maxine was crowned at least eight months ago and a day before the final, it’s Rhett, it’s Cherry Veric, and then Rhett again. It seems the least organized, strategic, and professional to say the least. We lamented BPCi’s way of forcing delegates then to wear Cumbia. Now that the delegates and their handlers have a choice, they can’t seem to make up their minds. Ano ba to?

      • George, you are correct. Tapos kung makapagsabi ang karamihan sa atin, magagaling ang mga Filipino designers. Maaaring ang ilan, but not all. Michael Cinco is exceptional. He may not be into pageant gowns, pero ‘pag kinomisyon ‘yan ni Madam Stella to specifically design for our rep, tapos na ang laban. He is genius. Look at Pia’s barong gown during preliminaries, that was still the most beautiful gown to be ever worn in this Miss U event.

        Mole, I don’t know but I really don’t believe in fung shui. If it were true, Miss China reps should always get the luckiest gowns and place in the top 5. No one could perfectly predict one’s destiny. We work partly for our destiny, and the Greatest Almighty above takes the rest. Bagay sa skin tone ni Max ang red than emerald green, but the design was not fabulous. It was simple and forgettable.

        Hi, Caroline. I understand Madam Stella has restored her faith in our designers through the pleas of some of our beauty pageant enthusiasts. What made her also decide to dump Barazza is the media blitz on MJ’s horrendous evening gown and natcos. Ang ayaw lang talaga ni SMA at sobra s’yang nadismaya was the issue ng mga designers noon, ang gulo-gulo nila nun kaya nabwisit ang matanda at kinomisyon na si Barazza. Sana ‘wag lang maulit ‘yung mga dating eksenang ‘yan sa mga designers natin ngayon. Pero ‘yun nga, ‘yung pa-suspense effect, kainis! Ang tagal nating hinintay, tapos ‘yun lang?

      • Hello, si Stella Marquez na naman ang may kasalanan? She gave free hand to the designers and everybody involved with Maxine. Wag mam-blame kung hindi totoo. Panay chismis.

    • You have to expect a lot of red tape in BBP for these gowns to be approved. Also, the budget is #1 factor as to why they cannot produce something for that long. Cheap, short, and easy — you can’t have all of those.

      • I think the designer should not mind about the budget. That is because return of investment is assured if the designer wows the MU fans with his winning gown, then that would make you to the fashion world. Indeed, it is a “make or break” to the designer. I am now wondering what will happen to Rhett Eala’s career?

    • Hi, Ana. I remember that it was Michael Cinco who designed the Designer Dresses of Queenierich and Valerie in MW2012 and MW2014, respectively. Would you know if CQ paid for those gowns or if M5 agreed to design and lend gowns to our 2012 and 2014 MW reps gratis? Sayang eh. I remember in Valerie’s case, we knew saw the yellow gown prior to the pageant kasi a photo of it was posted online, including here. Hindi ko lang ma remember kung may preview yung kay Queenie. The two girls did not win but they looked like a million bucks in those dresses.

      • M5 was kind enough to lend his dresses to Queenerich and Valerie (and Sandra Seifert for Miss Earth) in their respective competitions. Those gowns were really impacting. I understand gusto rin magdamit ni M5 sa mga Binibinis. Siguro he is just waiting for a formal talk with the BPCI people.

  40. This is such a lovely photo of the reigning Miss Universe with the former MU winners. In fairness, ang gaganda pa rin ng mga nanalo noon.

  41. Why is everyone mad at Indonesia She sounds so pleasant and humble . Now I know why people like Thailand – she sounds really nice and humble too despite the seemingly overconfident presentation

    • Well, hindi ko rin gusto si Indo before. Pero after watching her in the prelims, I knew she was a potential threat. Plus she’s super charming, it’s hard not to like her. Yun lang, feeling ko kinulang. Hilaw pa, napaaga yung pagsali nya sa MU.

    • ayaw ko talaga sa manalo Indonesia..dahil sa Miss World..oo apektado sya sa ginawa ng Miss World director. Kaya kawawa naman sya, she deserves more kung hindi Indonesia ang sash nya.

    • She was nice and sensible. But the other girls were just as good. Maxine choked in her 10 years of existence question.

  42. Napaka unpredictable talaga ng Miss Universe..it is not just physical preparation, hindi paramihan ng luggage, hindi pabonggahan ng costume. Preparedness can bring you to top 6 or even top 3. But winning the crown I want to say really depends on your fate and the judges’ decision.You must convince them.

    Congratulations Miss Haiti.

  43. So happy with the result of 65th Miss Universe! So happy for France!! The last time they won the crown was during the 2nd edition of Miss Universe! And after 14 years, the crown is back in Europe! So happy for Maxine! She did a pretty good job!! So happy that Indonesia didn’t break the streak of not entering the evening gown competition 😜. So happy for Haiti. Di ko lang trip ang “messy” na evening gown. Parang di napraktis. So Sad for Venezuela, DR, Barbados. Etc. Pahinga lang ng onte bakbakan na ulet for Bb. Pilipinas 2017!!

  44. happy that france won.
    tbh kahit sino sa kanila ni haiti e deserving naman.
    mas gusto ko si kenya na pumasok sa top 3 kesa colombia.
    sayang si maxene, among the 6, siya ang pinakamaganda, pero weakness talaga niya q&a, still happy for her, top 6 is still a good placement.
    naawa ako ke venezuela, kahit man lang top 13 sana, mukhang bokya si lola osmel sa 2016 pageant season.
    mukhang philippines pa rin ang country of the year, mapa- gb man o misso, right? 🙂

  45. Even Charlene who speaks perfect English did not make it past top 6.
    So I think Maxine did as well as she could given her obvious limitations.

    I know it would not have made a difference but I wish she had looked exactly like she was at prelim.. so gorgeous and chic

    • Girls, basta ako…masyado akong proud kay Maxine sa decent placement na narating nya for the Philippines:) Would you believe na si Miss Haiti ay part-Filipino? Ang great grandmother nya ay Pinay na farmer sa Haiti:))))

      • Kaya pala maganda si Miss Haiti kasi may lahing Pinay 😉

        I’m happy with what Maxine accomplished. She represented the Philippines so well.

        Pero ang ganda talaga ng bagong Miss Universe 2016. Bongga ang beauty!

      • Mai-connect lng tlga ang lahing pinay kay haiti hahahahhaa pagnagpa-blood test si ms. Haiti, wla na ang dugong pinay niya sa sobrang diluted..credits to her country!

      • @morena batong bakal: oo girl, kaya kahit hindi nakapasok si Maxine sa top 3, parang wagi pa rin ang Pilipinas kasi nga may Filipino blood si Miss Haiti:)))) Whatever it is, masyado akong proud for Maxine:))))) Top 6 is tough!

  46. What is the biggest change you’ve seen in ten years? Thank you Maxine for your wonderful answer!

    • Maganda naman ang point ni Maxine sa question….yung biggest change ay yung paghold ng Miss Universe sa atin dito sa Pinas and nakita na nagkakaisa hindi lamang ang mga Pilipino, kundi lahat ng lahi…

  47. Only one Latina in the top 6 for this year, and one that has African ancestry no less. Does this spell the end to Latina Glamazon domination in Miss U?

      • San Longhino, I don’t think Haitians are considered Latinas since their culture and language are dissimilar from other countries in Central and South America plus Puerto Rico and DR.

      • @caroline

        Latin America is a group of countries and dependencies in the Americas where Romance languages are predominant. The term originated in 19th century France to consider French-speaking territories in the Americas (Haiti, French Guiana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, Saint Barthélemy) along with the larger group of countries where Spanish and Portuguese languages prevailed. It is therefore broader than the terms Ibero-America or Hispanic America—though it usually excludes French Canada.

  48. Congratulations Philippines ! Hosting the Miss Universe again has put our country right at the center of the world map. My friends couldn’t help but be awed by Maxine’s charm and beauty. The beautiful spots together with the people as captured on cam plus the commercial that showed the warmth and hospitality of the Filipino people with the slogan that says “when you’re with Filipinos, you’re family” was just heart-tugging. My Caucasian friends I was watching with, was just amazed by how beautiful our country is. They’re actually planning on visiting our country in the near future ! So proud indeed to be a Filipino ! Thank you Maxine, BBP, MUO and Pia for bringing the Philippines closer to the world, the universe rather. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas ♡♡♡ 🙂 🙂 🙂

  49. Mga bes, so let’s talk about Maxine’s controversial gown. Jonas confirmed that she’s wearing Cherry Vic but it seems that Maxine wore Rhett’s gown instead. I wonder if Maxine stood up for Rhett by doing a last minute switcheroo and revolt against the decision to throw Rhett under the bus…. To be honest hindi ko feel ang gown nya but it was good enough to take her to top 6. I really wonder what was going on with the gown hoopla. Between Cherry Vic and Rhett, I liked Cherry Vic’s. I hope that Rhett doesn’t design pageant gowns. His style is not suited for pageants.

  50. Girls, basta ako…masyado akong proud kay Maxine sa decent placement na narating nya for the Philippines:) Would you believe na si Miss Haiti ay part-Filipino? Ang great grandmother nya ay Pinay na farmer sa Haiti:))))

  51. Humanda daw kayo sa susunod na Mess World, Indonesia will win Miss World 2017 in Indonesia!!!

    [ Promise yan ni Aling Hulya. 😉 ]

  52. congratulations france!!! well-deserved win, and to maxine, thanks for representing us so well (bashers be damned).. yes, with this win, and with canada’s inclusion, and venezuela’s non-inclusion inspite of her performance at the prelims, MU/IMG/WME made a clear statement – GOODBYE TO THE TRUMP YEARS – 3 thumbs up for the philippines for hosting this wonderful, memorable event.. and so, until the next pageant season…!!!

  53. A special mention to Miss Aruba, Miss Spain, Miss Sierra Leon, and Miss Dominincan Republic. To my eyes your beauty is worthy of a crown. I wish you and your respective mother the best.

  54. SAAN na ang mga TALONAN na nagpu-push ka KEKE? Hoy Jeremi! Mahiya ka naman sa pagmumukh mo! Belat sayo, KEKE ka ng KEKE…….Bumaho tuloy ang KEKE….di nakapasok sa top 9. Na BAD KARMA ang mga ASO na INDO. 😀

    • paki bantayan naman ang bibig mo. miss universe was brought to the philippines to promote our country tapos ganyan kadumi bibig mo.

      • Thank you b for standing up for basic human decency & respect. Keke is our guest. To treat her as less than what she deserves as a guest & a fellow human being would make us the “aso.” And to dehumanize and label an entire nation as “aso” is just wrong. Period.

    • Sa totoo lang, wala pang sinuportahang kandidata ever ang balahurang ungas na si Jeremi-mi Jagpal, na nagtagumpay.


    • Sa KANGKONGAN pinulot ang mga ASO… Masyadong Hambog kasi ang mga INDO. Over-HYPED and Over-Rated nga si KEKE. Hay naku po, malaking Sampal yan sa mga Asong hambog. Bleh….hahahaha!

    • Pasalamat tayo na sa pinas ang venue, bka wla si maxine sa top 13 pag iba ang venue…hindi lng pinas ang may karapatang manalo

    • Easy naman kayo ki Keke. Napagalitan na raw siya ng kanyang National Director.

    • actually the stage and program is a mess. recycled stage and group presentation of the candidates.

  55. It was a well-deserved win for France. Although her answer was not that excellent, she was responsive to the question. Actually, France and Haiti were responsive to the question because their answers were personal to themselves. However, France had a clearer answer than Haiti. Colombia’s answer was generic. So there.

    To Maxine: thanks for representing our country. I knew it, kinabahan ka ng bongga. Ramdam sa hitsura mo. Pero lumaban ka ng pagandahan kay France. Sapat na yun. I still admire you.

    Next year, sana Patricia Magtanong will redeem us. Lalaban itong babaeng ito sa pagandahan at kudahan.


    • Ako rin teh!!! Nung sat morning nanunuod kami ng livestream ng National Costume. Napawow talaga kami jan!!

    • My friend from states naopen niya saken about natawag na top 9.. From there nabanggit ng mom niya na si France mananalo and tama nga siya! Nabanggit ni friend na laging nanonood mom niya ng miss universe/miss usa/miss america since bata pa.. Sabi nito na ang mga winners ay may certain look.. Binanggit niya si Maxine sinabi niyang wala siya yung look na sinasabi niya di niya maexplain basta si France mananalo..

  57. Happy with the Winner and runner-ups.

    Happy with Maxine.

    Happy with the Philippine hosting and staging.

    Happy with the Filipino fans.

    Happy with the blogger and his passionate forumers.

    Group Hug.

    World Peace.

    • Hello, Thomas! I am happy that (it seems) majority of Filipinos were excited about this edition, including those who don’t regularly follow the pageant. I hope all the candidates return to their home countries with happy memories of their stay here. I hope we find queens who will make us all happy and proud this year.

  58. Looking back , miss GI Philippines would have been a great candidate for MU.

    Congrats , Maxine for being very brave ! I’m glad the pressure is off ur back now!

    • I agree to the nth power Fabian! No doubt lalamunin ni Nicole sa kudaan ang top 5 if sya yung nasa Top 6, question is… Kaya nya kayang ma penetrate ang Top 9 hanggang Top 6? Given na papasok sya sa Top 13.

  59. Congratulations to France! Well deserved!!! At last Europe wins!

    Thank you Maxine for a job well done!!!!!!

    Kudos to MUO for a deverse 13 semi finalist!

  60. Congratulations, Iris. It’s a well-deserved victory. Rest assured that your journey as Miss Universe will be a memorable one. Filipinos love their queens, and they love to OWN their queens. I say this with all unadularated respect. To Miss Haiti, congratulations. You deserve to be a lady in waiting. You made it all the way as first runner up with your beauty, wit and unherarlded sash. Another well-deserved win! To Maxine, thank you for making me proud. Your journey was my journey. Your smile was my smile. To all the other ladies, thank you for making this annual celebration of beauty worthy. Indeed, life is beautful!

  61. felicitations, miss france!!!
    in a few years they will make her the face of “mariane”, just like brigitte bardot and catherine deneuve
    congratulations to the others as well, especially aruba and tanzania (although they did not place)
    and to maxine especially, she was so dedicated and did so well!!!

  62. I love how France wasn’t even expecting to win. She mouthed the word “Congrats” to Miss Haiti just before she was announced as the winner.


    • Wasn’t there woman that was supposed to join BBP 2016, but A&Q decided to save her for a future edition?

      • Fabian it more for the back to back quest regardless of who hosted the pageant! I can’t wait to see who shines at BbP 2017. I’m sorta leaning towards Apriel Smith.. Another halfie and a woman of color. We might as well play our cards well. hihihi.

    • Pero pansin niyo, hindi gigil si Iris. Kalma lang siya 🙂 She was very unassuming but still confident.

      • yun siguro yung nakita ng mga judges, yung legit na ok lang sya kahit anong maging resulta. very humble

  64. Read from fearlessprediction blog:

    Girl with 3 I’s on her name. Was actually thinking of Australia.
    IrIs mIttenaere pala. And with a C on her country. Galing ng nag-predict.

    It was really a toss between France and Haiti during the top 3.

    But facial beauty goes without saying to France.

    Congrats to Maxine as well. You have proven your bashers wrong. Stand proud, you have represented our country with so much pride, glamour and class. Truly a world-class Filipina.

    • he also also mentioned that she will come from a country near the South Atlantic Ocean. ‘Yun na! Remarkable prediction!

      • The Indian beauty pageant blogger Vagisha Mishra has correctly predicted the winner. She wrote about it two weeks before the finals and has consistently written of her choice

    • Napaka-plastikada ng babaknitang Venezuela na ito. Nagkatotoo ang prediction kong papalakpak sya. The same with Indonesia, Thailand and Colombia.





    • Si Madam Auring din, nahulaan niya na mananalo si Miss Spain sa Miss Universe 1974.

      Congrats, cocoy! Kahanay mo na si Madam Auring!

    • See, kahit honor student ay mali mali sa english hihihi
      Miss France is not fluent in English.
      Kaya Miss MU2012 is Janine Tugonon hihihi

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