9 comments on “Anja-Vanessa Peter for Miss Supranational 2016

  1. Hilaw na mestiza ang dating sa akin. No offense, but Ms. Jen Rosendhal (of Viva Hot Babes and a “hafu” German-Filipina) is prettier, imho.

  2. I wouldn’t mind if Anja wins… She is far more desserving of an international title than the lying latina-german with a face shaped like a mango.

  3. So it looks like KF is training girls internationally na? Hmm. Interesting strategy. Are they giving up on getting a stronghold in the Philippines? By the way, does A&Q train girls from other countries? I know they recruit girls internationally to compete in the Philippines.

    • Anja who’s mom is a Filipina was trained by KF before she joined Binibini. But KF did train the girls of Indonesia. Meanwhile, Chloe Syquia who is the biological daughter of both Filipino parents, was trained by A&Q to represent Sweden at Miss Earth.

      • Oh so aces si sweden. I like her than imelda. Sana mapasama sya sa top 4 or top 7 ba?

      • Was Chloe really trained by A&Q or did they help her lang in some aspects? I think it was the latter.

      • No idea… I think the latter as well since her posture needs a lot of work.. medyo kuba sya pansin ko…

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