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  1. ano ba naman ang trip nya..nag file tapos withdraw daw dahil may sakit ..base daw sa advise eh kailangan magpahinga haha…ano ba yang sakit nya one day..after mag file ..ay may sakit pala ako …may ibang reason yan…bakit ang lakas nang loob mag file…tapos ayan..yung totoo ano ba talaga…..hahaha

  2. Ahtisa peke ka. You played our feelings, you played the perya mentality of Jonas. Nega sa iyo ang pagkukunwari mo!

  3. Malinao

    wala sa kanila ang MUP 2020

    taga probinsya ang dark horse

    • isang probinsiyana na mala Mutya Datul with excellent advocacy and comm skills ang magiging MUP2020

      wala diyan sa mga overhyped

      • @ kembular2020 I get your point.

        ZT came from a segregated township, and that was the foundation for both backstory and advocacy.

        Aren’t we risking being too overly melodramatic? Yeah, it sells well. But, it’s very hard to find. Do we perhaps need to manage our expectations?

      • I love love love Mutya Datul, but she won’t win Miss Universe or even reach the TOP 5 with that comskiĺls… FYI, Miss Vietnam 2018, although she’s tribal and speaks broken English, she can speak very well in Vietnamese and has excellent academic credentials….

  4. hindi ibibigay sa kanya yan this year…pero she has plenty of time to join and join again…eventually magiging MUP sya…

  5. Good judgment there, Ahtisa . MU is where the excitement is, not MW. i saw her at Boy Abunda’s show .she is very comfortable with the Q and A. She is aggressive in a good way. And she slays.
    She is my MUP for now!
    Alternative: Lemonon

    • oh ahtisa or lemonon for me too. they are the examples of balanse i over all that i am talking about. lahat ng kailangan as MU meron. hinde man ka level ni cat but they have both all the qualities in different levels. Now if malinao can get more weight before the coronation night with goosebumps comm skills the list would change but hoping for long hair talaga for her. its looks more better if she have long hair. Another is gumabao. pumayat lang sya ng husto before coronation at matutunang magperform at umawra at magka spark then the crown is for her. why she never lose weight if she is going to join mup. i know theres more time for that after the coronation if she wins. But its more good to show up on MUP stage looking MU ready or half ready. para hinde aligaga sa preparation since may mga charities and work na gagawin bukod sa trainings. i bet she will choose to compete with that body even in MU. she will show the message on body issue. we’ll see if mag work yan after miss canada failed. Yung kay cat iba yon eh mas ano itong kay michelle. anyway finishing my 5th finalist is pauline. janicel lubina itong girl na ito. she should be on bbp2020. or 2021. but hoping a non aces darkhose in winning circle.

  6. Whoops sorry Alaiza pero may nanalo na this year, next year ka na lang. Ahtisa for Miss Universe Philippines 2020!

  7. She’s young so she has nothing to lose. She can only get better like wine. Let your youth shine through.

    However, she needs to demonstrate some maturity as well given how MU is really a being pegged as a real job than just a queen. Ilabas mo ang iyong women empowerment advocacy dapat centered towards women and not the elderly…hihihih tse!

  8. OMG!!! Litong lito na mga ako betweem Alaiza and Michele then sumali
    na agad si Athisa. Parang nkakapanghinayang makita ang isa sa kanila na runner up.
    Hayyy If only we can send them all to Miss Universe! Lahat sila MU caliber.
    I wouldnt be surprised kung sila ang mg top 3 sa MUP this year. Anyone of them can represent us well in Miss U.

  9. Her face is far from perfect . If people can just get over the idea that being light skinned equals beauty they wouldn’t even think she’s top 5 material. Also her communication skills leave much to be desired. Malinao is better for me . Or Galeria if beauty alone . Or even Gumabao if she loses 30 pounds . Or Amelicx fir a really good speaker.

    • galleria gumabao amelinx over ahtisa? you’ve got to be kidding me!!!! she almost won MI for a reason.

    • Ahtisa looks like Priety Zinita. Amelinx looks like a young Riza Hontiveros
      MI 2018 runner up finish and getting the 2nd highest crown next to Cat Bbp 2018 showed na magaling talaga si Ahtisa
      The thais viets and indo loves ahtisa beauty. Na kalimutan nila mamintas ganun sya kaganda

  10. Ahtisa Vs. Aliza?!

    Wow!!! They are both the total package…
    I don’t know who would win…

    And Michele could be the dark horse….

  11. AAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHH! Now I’m really torn. I have settled with supporting Michele Gumabao when rumors of Ahtisa for MWP floated. Pero si Bebe Gurl nanggugulat talaga huhuhuhu now I dont know which one to fully support huhuhuhu. Michele has the womanly maturity and the comm skills that undoubtedly being sought after by IMG, but Ahtisa is the more consistent MU-caliber performance wise

      • Facially, Alaiza talaga ang MU worthy out of all the applicants na nag announce. But I fear that she won’t deliver in other area that matter. She’s too inconsistent for me. For now i’d even say Pauline Amelincx has better chances than Alaiza. But let’s see as the competition progresses

  12. With Ahtisa , Alaiza and Michele all filing their applications… all the other filers have now become fillers???…

  13. Nope, it won’t. ImHo.

    Look for my reply to @ Closer2Fame for my reason.

    A&Q is executing a clear case of MASS HYSTERIA. Guys, DO NOT FREAK OUT.

  14. May nanalo na. The best lady to go mu 2020 if gusto natin manalo ulit or mag tough 3 uli
    She won the 2nd crown next to Catriona bbp 2018 alam naman natin 2018 catriona already won when she passed her app on her first national pageant
    She is also MI 2018 first runner up. May ingay that she got the highest score but mi was not ready to crown another Asian.
    As a Michael Cinco muse. Aabangan ko gown nya

  15. Ahtisa needs to stop rounding her shoulders just to emphasize her collar bones and look thinner. She’ll mess up her posture and spine! She’s gorgeous and perfect, no need to strive to look slimmer. Her round face makes her look angelic. Whoever told her it’s a flaw is a nutcase. Somebody tell her to put her shoulders back down!!! She wasn’t this way before all the bashing in Miss International.

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