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  1. In fairness sa Miss Charm, ang gaganda ng mga contestants.. halos walang tapon..

  2. Any new updates on who might be applying for MUP this year? I don’t know why the MUP feels like a giant mushroom cloud, full of dark mystery behind it.

    I hope the org starts to recalibrate this year and listens to feedback. But then, Jonas seems to be a person who does not take negative feedback well. He is egotistical, a quality that does not suit well if you are trying to run an organization, let alone being a Creative Director- where openness, feedback and ideas should be welcomed. To him, the only idea that matters is his.

    • They listened to the crowd online and at the mall. And voted for Celeste ..could you tell me what happened pls??

    • I’m sure MUP is still in the process of seriously reexamining its strategy for corrective action in accord with the branding direction of the new MUO. BTW, the original branding manifesto of MUP (published 3 years ago), where it described its tagline “Phenomenal Woman” as “Role Model”, “Rallying Point” and “Harbinger of Hope” is very close to the optics of MUO’s “Transformational Leader”. MUP need not reinvent the wheel; it can simply go back and reenergize its original strategy.

    • I believe they don’t have to recallbrate, they just have to open their minds, hearts and eyes to choose the rightful winner. Choosing Celeste over Michelle Dee was a big mistake. Performance and advocacy wise, Michelle could have been the better choice.
      And also, I really don’t know what is going on through the trainings and preparation of their candidates dahil nawawala ang freshness nila like Rabiya and Celeste who did way better during their nationals than in MU. Si Celeste parang pagod nung finals even before her departure from Manila iba ang hitsura nya. I think both Celeste and Rabiya are victims of too many voices na nagmamagaling, it’s just that Rabiya is way more eloquent than Celeste kaya nasustain nya yung placement streak natin. Bea was a totally different story dahil tingin ko she hold onto what she believed works on her. She got strong instincs unlike the fragile Rabiya and Celeste.

      • @JustPassingBy, choosing and training the rightful winner should have been guided by its original marketing manifesto about the “Phenomenal Woman”. It seems MUP has seriously veered away from the optics of “Role Model”, “Rallying Point” and “Harbinger of Hope”. It lately went into a dizzying crescendo when the training and press releases centered on eurocentric physical beauty concept. Instead of transforming the meaning of pageantry and beauty, as what a successful rival halfway across the globe (MSA) focused on, it seems they are the one transformed by forces that insists on preserving the status quo on pageantry. Now that their franchisor is an agent of market forces, it is time for MUP to go back to its original vision.

  3. The focus of this pageant is sustainable tourism. The use of the buzzword “sustainable” is interesting because while it aspires to be relevant to what is now called the Sustainable Generation (Millennials and GenZs), the name of the pageant, “Charm” is a very Boomer-ish word.

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