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  1. I wouldn’t mind skipping Supra for the next 5 years and see what comes out of it
    I think Supra has belittled our candidates for so many yrs now and it’s time to let them know we are not happy

    • Belittled?? I dont think so, after Mutya won, lagi kasama ang Philippines sa top 20 or 25. Di naman kasi pwedeng lagi tayo ang panalo

      Yvethe Santiago – Top 20
      Rogelie – Top 20
      Joanna Eden – Top 25
      Olive Thomas – Top 10
      Jehza – Top 10
      Resham – Top 25
      Pajares – Top 12
      Alison – ????

  2. The only multi-brand franchisee that that can do away with pageant brand rivalries is Miss South Africa (MSA). Why do Miss Universe and Miss World, two global pageantry giants, “allowed” the addition lately of up-and-coming Miss Supranational in the portfolio? Simple answer: MSA is by itself an institutional brand. Taglined “Face Your Power. Embrace Your Future”, MSA proclaims to be “”transforming the meaning of pageantry and beauty” by sustaining a credible platform for women empowerment, a “launch pad for much-needed social change”. Obviously, the brand spirit of MU, MW and MS are all compatible with the essence of MSA brand. Given this, the possibility of a Philippine multi-brand pageant organization for MS is not at all remote, provided the organization carries only branded reputable pageants and whose institutional brand is compatible with its brand imagery.

  3. If this also means that there will be no Mister Supra Philippines rep , then it would be a shame since I feel like Mister Supra has been doing a great job in making their pageant more exciting year after year … ( as compared to Miss Supra which is almost yawn city )

  4. Vackah Naman Ang Sufra Ang umayaw sa ALV hihihihihi. Divahh mga vachlah😊 Kasey, farang falengke na Ang ALV sa true lungs😆
    Savih nga ni Mama Faweekan, Sufrah is in good hands now🙂
    Cherette lungs 🫁

  5. These minor minor pageants need to realize that the pageant industry is too crowd with no more room for economic growth.

    At the end of the day, only ME, MW, MI and MU can sustain some form of relevance. But unless, they find a way to evolve and attract newer generations to pay attention, then they will suffer a slow minor death in the next 10 years or so.

    Thus the reason why MU is monetizing the brand as much as possible with selling MU water in Thailand. She knows the brand still has marketability in Asia so might as well capitalize on that.

    • @4M, your reading of the new MUO strategy is absolutely correct– be relevant to the socially conscious younger generation by way of advocacy, and since they patronize brands carrying the same values they hold dear, monetize the brand by selling to these health-conscious generation natural and organic consumer products and services. Plain and simple business savvy! All other branded pageants like ME, MW and MI stopped at advocacy-centric strategy to capture the dominant Millennial and GenZ markets, and fell short of monetizing their brands to keep them financially afloat. Pageantry’s survival cannot rely simply on entertainment value coming from a once-a-year show. It has to have its selling machine grinding year-round. MUO seems to have unlocked the secret. Hope JKN succeeds.

      • Yes- it pays to have a business savvy individual to own the organization.

        However, it looks like Miss Earth has a solid sponsorship behind the scenes so I am not too worried about it, despite the fans who keep on bashing the quality. However, if they can infuse some business savvy folks, they might generate enough revenue to stage a glossier coronation.

      • I think unless they big-name global brands like Coke, Nike, Apple, or Toyota agrees to a major sponsorship deal, corporate support may not be enough to keep a pageant’s financial lifeline. In the case of ME, their relevant theme which certainly appeals to the new generation, has to find matching sponsors whose business ecosystem is built around environmental sustainability. (Incidentally, Millennials and GenZs are now known as the Sustainability Generation). Sponsors may be very few, and if there are, they would rather put their precious advertising dollars in sports and other ventures that appeals more to larger markets worldwide. An industry that is built around a once-a-year spectacle, which nas not fully shed off its reputation of women objectification, may not interest corporate sponsors. Monetizing its brand in creative ways may be a good option.

  6. I dont know but as an empath I have this strong feeling na MS will take a break for a couple of years or so…sustainability, practicality, and relevance is real…in other words…pondo

    • That is, of course, a problem for international pageantry in general.

      Margie Moran said in one of her interviews following Pia’s victory that she is surprised that there is still so much interest in beauty pageants. Her conclusion was that it still has some entertainment value.

      It’s one thing to keep pageants relevant. But keeping it entertaining is another matter entirely. And I believe that the latter will keep the industry afloat in the coming decade because that is where the money is.

      • In retrospect, not crowning Celeste in the previous edition was a missed opportunity for MUO.

        A magnetic and controversial queen like her would have sparked so much attention, positive or otherwise.

        They chose relevance over entertainment value. Now it’s up to the new owner to balance the scales in the future editions. That is if she doesn’t end up selling MU again

    • Just like Grand International, gusto ata ng Supra ng independent local pageant to pick our representative…

    • Kung papayag ang BPCI to hold a stand alone pageant w/ the Ms. Supranational brand (kung ano man yun sila sila lang ang nakakaalam). But history would remind you, kaya inalis sa BPCI ang Miss World, then Miss Universe, & just recently Ms. Supranational and the highly controversial MGI, is simply because ayaw sumunod ni Madam Stella sa directive ni Julia Morley and the MUO for a separate pageant carrying their respective international brands. Kaya nga sa India separate na ang Search for Miss India World from Miss India Universe. Kung nagmatigas and BPCI against MWO & MUO, himalang matatawag yan pag pumayag sila sa gusto ng MSO.

    • Pawee Ventura
      2 h
      Don’t worry supra-fans, the Miss Supranational (& Mister Supranational) franchise is now in good hands. Formal announcement coming your way soon. ❤️

      Post ni Miss Pawee nakatag MUPH at BBPilipinas

  7. Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski visited ALV in December last year and I was hoping it will bring good news to the thousands Filipino supporters of Miss Supranational but I guess the fruitful meeting turned out futile. Why ALV will keep the Mister Supranational but not Miss Supranational? I guess that’s life in beauty pageant. It is what it is.

  8. I knew that this is coming and I was not surprised at all. The fate of Miss Grand Philippines in the hands of ALV will face the same sad ending. I am sure many ladies are disppointed with the news and they are still hoping someday to follow the footstep of Mutya Datul the first and only Filipino to win Miss Supranational title.

  9. What could have been the reason? In terms of brand optics, MS is like a mirror image now of the new MU; e.g., any Top 5 of MU can be a winner in MS, and vice versa. And MW can be thrown in the same affinity group. Do MS organizers think that including its brand in the multi-brand ALV Pageant Circle can potentially dilute its brand spirit? It’s just like having a national franchisee for both Coke and Pepsi, and a few other low-tier cola brands in the convoluted mix. No big-name brand will like that situation.

  10. Grand Int’l. na kasi focus niya, and Ms World Philippines along with the smorgasbord of Z-list pageants that will be included in MWP pageant night further cheapening MWP as the years go by under his rule 🤷🏻‍♂️

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