28 comments on “Manu Franco of the Dominican Republic is the 14th Mister International

  1. I was rooting for Hongkong, could have been a great winner.

    Anyhow, congratulations Dominican Republic! Have a great reign!

    Tito Norman, will the next edition be in Vietnam or Malaysia? I thought its Vietnam all along pero may nagsasabi sa Malaysia na daw.

  2. Supranational was exciting, Manhunt was too , and this one did a good job too … looks like it is getting more exciting to watch the suspense of the crowning of Male Pageants … maybe if MU ends up losing its luster , the MU fanbase will shift to Male Pageantry , … or maybe, they will not , … it is just not the same …

    • No, very different appeal. Female pageantry is more geared to bekis to channel their inner fem characters- almost like living their fantasies whereas male pageantry is just for them to ogle at muscles and bulges and fantasize them, like Pawee….hihihihihih

      • most MU fans watch the pageant, including myself, for the suspense, the horse race type adrenalin, & olympics size competition ,…not for channeling and living out fantasies

  3. Hi, Tito Norman. I’m just curious — why was the previous Mister International from 2018 Trịnh Van Bao of Vietnam not present during the coronation night to pass on the crown? I may be mistaken because I only got to watch a less than ideal audience POV livestream last night. At any rate, neither did I see there any of the previous winners like our very own Neil Perez. Considering that they had a promotional blitz a few months ago during which the past winners from Venezuela, Philippines, Korea and Vietnam were very visibly featured. I also noticed that the stage design was rather austere. Was there a tightening of purse strings for this edition more so after the untimely passing away of the pageant former owner and president Alan Sim?

    • Yes to the tightening of purse strings. As for the absence of Trinh Bao and Neil Perez, I am not entirely privy to the reason/s behind.

      • I hope it has nothing to do with possible issues regarding the compensation of the previous winners for their participation in the promotional blitz. A friend who knows Neil Perez said the latter still has to receive in full his pay for that stint.

  4. Philippines hair cut is underwhelming, it brings no added value to his appearance, he looked like an old fashioned man. sa lahat siya lng meron ganon n haircut😂

    • He looks mighty fine to me. Very photogenic and he has that strong sultry sex appeal. In fact he should have ranked higher if not win the title over Dominican Republic.

    • I agree. Plus MJ Ordillano’s excellent communication skills and magnetizing voice would have made him an asset to the organization.

      • Yup. He should join Mister World PH or Supranational PH. Lakas ng laban natin if ever. Enough of the appointed half-breeds.

  5. Another exciting news Pradit Pradinunt is the new President of Mister International Organization Congratulations to Mr. Nicholo Paulo “Pawee” Ventura the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer of Mister International Organization. How do you feel about the news Tito Norman?

    • Your Majesty, speaking of Mr. PP, what happened with Mr. Global Teen at nawala na, po?

      We won that once. Joaquin Rosalosa-Dressler. I think it was (back) in 2016.

      Well, for that matter, if MUSA can have a teen edition, why not the other MU franchisees? How do we feel about a MTUP? 🙂

  6. I love all India’s interviews…
    He is overflowing with wisdom for such a young lad… I prefer him over the uberly handsome boneheads of this batch…

    • Wow! Talaga?…

      This INDIA caught everyone (here, in the country) by (pleasant) surprise. Most of us adhere to the South India – dark skin tone – stereotype of a Mister from there… With his participation, we are reminded of the DIVERSITY. 🙂

      (As per another pageant vlogger, he hails from the North where the border with China is, so we get his fairer-skinned look.)

      Narrowly-missed victory. Had he won, India would have sealed the male Grand Slam (they have at least one crown, each, at Manhunt, Supranational, & World, right? MotW, too…)

  7. Any juicy details on why Spain didn’t win after all the hyping by Adam Genato? Hihihihi

    I’m surprised by India’s placement. I didn’t see anything special and prefer the gorgeous Asian beauty HongKong.

    I’m sorry but Philippines face looks super batak…batik…. he’s handsome but parang nasobrahan sa something.

    I think USA should join Manhunt as he has the flirty cheery demeanor.

    • Spain had a weak answer during the Top 6 Q&A, imo. Dominican Republic came from behind and stole the thunder from everyone with his more sincere reply.

      • Thanks Tito Norm. I didn’t get to watch the pageant but it’s interesting how in the Phils that Q&A could be a decider still.

        Honestly, I feel that Spain really looks more mature anyway compared to the rest of the top 5 so I am not super impressed with him. I felt like passing up on Hong Kong was a mistake despite a potential weak Q&A. I like his hunky boy-next-door vibe.

  8. Finally Tito Norman is back to blogging. We know that you are busy as a Communication Director of Mister International Philippines but millions of your intelligent readers miss your blogging. Congratulations to all the winners of Mister International 2022!

      • Thank you for the reply.

        Which brings to mind…

        Tulad, po, ne ‘to. KEMANS is the branding sponsor for this edition of MrI. With the Statement on the FB page of the pageant organization stating transfer of the Office to Thailand (@ Miss Queen Wannabe’s comment, above, in relation), I wonder if KEMANS’ Bangkok agent will continue the sponsorship.

        Pero ‘ETO, talaga, ‘yun’g tinutumbok ko, po… MU.

        (With the New Ownership, what of the BRAGAIS & Olivia Quido-Co efforts? Yeah, it’s off-topic. But it’s a reality that comes with such changes. In any case, we wish the best to all parties concerned.)

        And CONGRATULATIONS to Manu, MrIPO, & yourself! Have a fruitful week.

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