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  1. Nakakalungkot na yung mga mismong commenters dito na akala ko e puro mga edukadong miyembro ng LGBTQ e sila pa pala ang nagkakalat ng misinformation. Research din pag may time..
    I don’t mean to act condescending but I am shocked that most of your arguments here are quite obsolete..

  2. MGI is clearly adding insult to injury! Any “consuelo de bobo” (insincere comfort) should not be accepted by any right thinking person– at all cost!

  3. So, let me get this straight. At MGI, those who placed 6-10 were all awarded 5th runner-up?

    Philippines placed 11th but was awarded 5th runner up by Mauritius resigning her position.

    So next year, being sarcastic heretofore, those who place from 11-20 will “all” be 6th runners-up?

    This is as ridiculous as morphing from believing there are two genders to an era of celebrating hundreds of genders.

    What next? Marriage between a man and a dolphin under the guise of both species are mammals?

    Heaven help us!


  4. I’ll support Roberta on her journey and follow her IG. Our Miss Grand Philippines deserves it.

    Deadma na lang ang MGI and Angkol. Not giving that attention and drama whore any more undeserved attention.

    Too bad too many short-minded and short-fused toxic Pinoy fans will fall right into Nawat’s


  5. It seems some people are not grateful for Mr. Nawat for peace offering to the Filipino people. Why are some Filipinos are complaining and satisfied for being one of the 5th runners -up. We must accept the fact that there is only one winner. I hope she will accept it for the sake of unity and peace. Stop the hate and war.

    MGI 2022 Brazil

    1st Runner-up Thailand
    2nd Runner-up Indonesia
    3rd Runner-up Venezuela
    4rth Runner-up Czech Republic

    5th Runner-up Cambodia
    5th Runner-up Colombia
    5th Runner-up Puerto Rico
    5th Runner-up Mauritius (resigned)
    5th Runner-up Spain
    5th Runner-up Philippines (appointed)

  6. What sorcery is this? Lol. This has got to be the biggest joke and insult. Lol.

    Why not choose anyone from top 6-10? This is not fair to all parties. There will be no elegant explanation. If walang gustong ma-appoint from Top 6-10, si Roberta lang ang ang atat at gustong sumalo? At kung meron naman gustong ma – appoint , these girls should raise hell. What kind of scoring was employed?

    Hay NAWAT, nAWAT na!!!! You are the biggest pageant joke. Roberta and handlers, if you have any remaining self-respect, don’t accept it. If even Ms. Mauritius will not “TAKE IT, TAKE IT”, why should you? Lol.

    World Peace.

  7. “Congratulations Philippines. You did it Philippines. We need your support Philippines”, Ang sabi ni lokalokang Nawat.
    Paglapag ni Roberta sa Thailand airport, sabay salubong c Nawat with kind words like “Welcome Tangang Philippines ” 😆 LoL

  8. Biglang bagsak ng popularity ng MU . Bahala kayo dyan anong itong naririnig ko na appointed daw si Tamondong na fifth runner up. Nakuh wag dapat tangagpin ni Tamondong ang appointmen nayan. Lokohan yan . Kung tatangagpin ni Tamondong eh para kalang dumila sa tumbong ni Nawat sa katangahan.

  9. Congratulations MIss Grand Philippines 2022 Roberta Tamondong for your appointment as replacement of Miss Grand Mauritius 2022 Yuvna Rinishta , who resigned.

  10. Aunt N. C Roberta na Ang 5th RU. Dahil resigned na c Miss Mauritius. Kaloka talaga c Nawat. From top 20 ay naungusan Nya Ang Nasa top 10 to replace 5th RU Mauritius.
    What’s your opinion mga Aunties 😆😱😊

  11. Just don’t turn it into a reality show. That is the polar opposite of a pageant. 🕊

    • MU doesn’t belong to the show category “reality program”/ “structured reality program”. It is not ANTM, it doesn’t belong in Netflix or similar streaming service formats 🙋🏻

      • as long as Amy Emmerich and Paula Shugart continue to hold their posts, the prestige of MU will continue … but if they resign or let go in the near future , … let us sing ‘those were the days my friends, we thought they’d never end …’

  12. I mean no disresepect to the other commenters who claims that based on Genetics/Chromosomes there are ONLY 2 Genders … If Genetics/Chromosomes is purely the basis of Gender then there are MULTIPLE GENDERs than just “Men-XY and Women-XX” since there are actually multiple other combinations of chromosomes( XYY, XXX, XYX, etc.. although rare), some of which can result to different forms of Hermaphroditism… Some of these people of lesser known genders are confused growing up because their gender is not recognized thus transitioning into one of the 2 “known” genders is their way of adapting into an IGNORANT society that only recognizes 2 genders. In conclusion, the black and white contruct of gender as only male and female is obsolete. We all should learn that Gender is actually a wide spectrum that should not be a basis of segregation and discrimination. Everyone should be accepted not just tolerated regardless on where they fall in that wide spectrum.

    • Ganito ha, simplehan na lang natin:

      Sex: male, female (biological)
      Gender: masculine, feminine (personality/characteristics)
      Sexual orientation: heterosexual, bisexual (sexual preference)

      Pepe has pnis, so he is a male.
      Pepe is soft-spoken, not physically active and not into sports and into fashion trends, feminine sya.
      Pepe likes banging girls only, so he is heterosexual.

      You can make a few configurations but don’t let yourselves be confused by stereotyping, assumptions and sweeping generalizations.

      • So Pepe is a feminine/effeminate heterosexual male.

        And you may have Baldo, masculine (and muscular!) homosexual male; Bea, feminine (beautiful!) bisexual female, and so on…

      • @Aj

        So your definition of sex is only either male or female? if John has neither a Vagina nor a Penis… or neither testicles nor ovaries.. or has both… What is his/her sex then?

        So Based on your definition of Gender… you are reffering to Gender Expresion? So if John is neither Masculine nor Feminine? What is he/she then?

        As for your definition of sexual Orientation… I think you confused it with Sexual preference… those two may be related but are 2 different things… oNe can have a different prefference from what they were oriented with…

      • @closer, simplehan uli natin. Eto sa baba mga sagot sa tanong mo:

        “if John has neither a Vagina nor a Penis… or neither testicles nor ovaries.. or has both… What is his/her sex then?”

        “So if John is neither Masculine nor Feminine? What is he/she then?”

        “As for your definition of sexual Orientation… I think you confused it with Sexual preference…”
        Pareho lang yan ateng. Mas politically correct lang ang sexual orientation. May google naman ateng.

        *NA = pwedeng Not Applicable, pwede rin None of the Above. Pili ka na lang ateng. Lol

      • @nunyabiz sige nga, ano bang opinion mo sa paksa aver? Baka naman may masasabi kang may substance naman.

      • @AJ

        “NA/Not Applicable/None of the Above”?!😅
        Your statement proves that you are just plain ignorant… FYI, there are actual specific words in the dictionary.. I suggest you look it up. 😁

  13. @EDIBLE FLOWER, on a thread below regarding eligibility of married women to join MU where you said that “gusto lang siguro ni Ms. PS is for us to understand that part of the CHANGES… pageantry needs going into the future is that we should probably begin tearing down some long-held notions…. barriers when it comes to how women can represent other women”. I agree. Personally, I view it as a way to reach out to the huge Millennials and Gen Z markets, There may have been a realization that the MU brand is too identified with Boomers. Boomers greatly value family, interpersonal relationships and stability, as opposed to Millennials who value diversity, independence and technology, and GenZs who value inclusiveness and forward-thinking.

  14. I recently noticed a pattern…
    All the Filipina winners of all the top tier pageants pronounced “Philippines” correctly during their intro… 90% of everyone else have a strong regional accent… FEEEELEEEPEEEEENZZZZ!!!!!!!!

    • with a pivot to Asia, we might finally see a first Miss Universe from Korea (remember the very well deserving Honey Lee or Chung Yang) …. or perhaps from Vietnam or Indonesia … or even from China ( Singapore , Malaysia less likely based on past performance )

      • Honey Lee is love! She is remarkable to me. Too bad she did not capture the title during her time. But yeah, its high time will have their first Miss Universe.

      • Chung Yang was the 1st Runner-up to Porntip?… 1980’s ‘yun, no?

        May isa pa sila’ng Runner-up, ‘eh. ‘Yun’g ka-batch ni Lalaine Bennett. So, dalawa sila’ng Asian sa Top 5 that year… I don’t understand why Korea doesn’t embrace pageantry! After ni Kim Jenny (Poland), what became?… 😦

        Malaysia should be the ‘next Singapore’ (which returned to the semifinals in 2021 & I wonder if MUPO is still partnering with MUSO). I realize there’s religion as a factor, but I wonder if MUO can tweak the pageant so a (full) Malay rep can grace the stage. 🙂

  15. Yown!

    The point is… Thailand, the brand. In someone’s words, “… in order to sell the Thai-based company to the universe…”.

    Owing to its legendary tourism industry, Thailand has become a global travel hub. In that sense, the country has a unifying effect. I’m unsure how a hub can alienate. On the contrary, its very nature brings people together.


    The real issue, here, is we seem to not trust the Thais. That they will do all they can to stifle our chances at getting ‘No. 5’ before pageantry finally sails off into the sunset in 2 decades or so.

    ‘Eto ‘yun’g hindi mailabas-labas na sentimiento! Guys, B-R-E-A-T-H-E.

    I guess that only means… Mister Blogger, bago’ng post, pronto! This matter is DONE.

    • (Cont.)

      Is there covert mobilizations in progress atm of unhappy ND’s/franchisees bent on finding a way to thwart this acquisition? Hinahanapan ng loophole? Grabeh… 😦

      SPILL TEA HERE. Dali, at nang magka-Exclusive/Scoop ang normannorman.com! 🙂

      Mapag-usapan. Mapagtalunan. Mahanapan ng lunas. Para, everyone happy.

  16. If the org wants to expand it’s audience, then it needs to change how candidates advance on finals night. I’d like to see the top 10 picked based on traditional prelims scores, but another 10 chosen completely by random. Neither the candidates nor finals night judges (none of whom were prelim judges) would know who’s who. That uncertainty will make it a very interesting judging night, and give downlighted countries a chance to advance their candidate. Maybe viewer interest would return if legitimate suspense and heightened unpredictability become part of the show.

    • To expand the audience , they must accept more and encourage more delegates to join the MU competition with a laser focus on preserving the integrity of how the judges select the winner , and those finalists who are the only eligible women to compete for the crown on finale night

      The new owner also said that the aim is to have Thailand as frequently as possible be the host city for the pageant in order to sell the Thai-based company to the universe … understandable , but at the same time it might alienate the huge MU fan base from other places … so this is a fine line and nobody knows how MU will evolve from here …

    • @DanDan, I think the objective should be not just expanding its audience in the finals, but expanding its global market; not just focused on the once-a-year crowning show, but on a 365-day activities that will reinforce the social relevance of its business in the marketplace. Today’s consumers patronize brands that are compatible with their values. Pagentry’s survival in today’s economic landscape depends heavily on how it can effectively and consistently link up with consumers. For instance, does MU brand still speak to the audience of First World countries? Does it speak to the Millenial and GenZ markets? Does it speak to the well-off conservative Mid East economies? What will it take for MU to recapture those huge audience? These are the strategic challenges to the new MUO governing board.

    • @jaret @scorg, I haven’t thought that deeply but valid points all 🙂 I was focusing just on the finals telecast as the entire year’s effort comes down to how the show is produced.

  17. @Diana Hayden, I agree with you that pageantry is a sunset industry that no big businessman from First World Countries would dare poke his finger into. But this will continue to be so IF AND ONLY IF the buyer and now owner of MUO will fail to reinvent the MU brand and reset the direction and pace of the industry. It’s a fact that consumers get bored. Consumers are always looking for the next best thing, and businesses have to stand out from the clutter. That’s why some of the world’s most profitable and enduring companies have achieved their long track record of success by constantly reinventing themselves— adapting with the times, evolving their product lines and business strategies to stay one step ahead of their customers’ needs. I am optimistic that the personal and business success stories of the new shareholder will enable her to energize the way MU brand is marketed to make it adaptive to the ever-changing audience. The author of The Art of Personal Branding”, Bernard Kelvin Clive, once said, “The world is fast changing and until you learn to adapt and adjust to stand out from the masses, you will fade into oblivion.” That is the stark reality that pageantry faces lately especially in the First World markets; the truism that the new owner hopefully knows fully well.

  18. The writing is on the wall. End of pageants as know it and loved..
    Perhaps first on the agenda is dropping “Miss” from Miss Universe. Heaven help us from there.

    Checking out.

    • You want to blame @ scorg in his comment right above?… Yup, the end of things as ‘(we) know it & loved’ kasi na-Personal Branding ni BKC. 🙂

      Alam mo ‘yan’g ‘pag-include ng married women – at si Ms. Paula S ang nagsabi niyan! – means she felt, & I have to agree with her & hopefully more of us will realize & share – that (& why not, indeed!) there should be no reason a married woman cannot adequately represent her single sisters simply because (well first of all she is STILL female) she was single once, as well.

      Ang gusto lang, siguro, ni Ms. PS is for us to understand that part of the CHANGES (but is it even really a change..) pageantry needs going into the future is that we should probably begin tearing down some long-held notions-if-barriers when it comes to how women can represent other women & who can do that. Kumbaga, BUKSAN ANG MGA KAISIPAN, iwaksi ang mga hadlang-barriers.

      Again, kapwa-babae ang nagbandera niyan. Si Ms. PS.

      Dagdag pa ni @ scorg, “… adapting… evolving… to stay ONE STEP AHEAD of their customers’ needs”. Kailangan, pala, pro-active. The ability to foresee what form pageantry will take WELL BEFORE fans/followers/consumers (the ‘market’) even realize.

      (So, it’s as if we failed to realize THIS was the thing-change WE needed. I’m sort of getting it…)

  19. FLASHNEWS: Stella Maquez Araneta sells the BbP org to designer Colombian Barrazza ! ! ! … this is of course fake news , but if it were true , what would be your reaction ?

    I am just guessing here that when the day comes when Madame Stella is no longer able to helm the BbP org , the entity will stay with the Araneta family group of companies

  20. Pageantry, a thing of the past for ex colonies and third world countries to enjoy. This news in other words.lol

  21. A very telling development. It means that businessesmen from the first world see pageantry as not profitable and I agree. Who does give a fuck about them in US, Europe? None. In Europe probably just France. Mga ex colonies nalang nageenjoy ng pageant kalerky.

    • I was thinking about MF… Kasi, kung tutuusin, may pagka-MGI din sila with their ‘semi-Moulin Rouge’ spirit. I recall reading about the Director defending their ‘mission’ from, ‘yun nga, ‘progressives’ who consider pageantry-as-generally-perceived to demean women. Hanapin niyo na lang, guys. So you can judge for yourselves…

      I think, & I’ve mentioned this (here) before, that what we REALLY aspire for is a Nationals so prestigious that the winner competing internationally would just be a bonus. To some degree, we could say MSA is along those lines… MR(ussia), too. And those of India which essentially are a way to penetrate (into) Bollywood.

      We see that BIG contests like MW, MU, MI, & ME take efforts to work with only these best-practice Nationals as much as possible. Not just any Tom-Dick-or-Harry.

      An observation was already made (here) that MW behaves like the British Commonwealth in its seeming skew towards former colony franchisees. So maybe in that sense, yes, it’s Third World… That’s their style? Then, that’s their style.

      My point – SO, BE IT. ‘Yun’g may gusto, join the fun. ‘Yun’g ayaw, ‘eh ‘di huwag. 🙂

      • (Cont.)

        Wala pa, naman, ‘ata’ng details on how the new ownership plans to steer the ship. Let’s await their Manifesto… And, as @ scorg said, allow the formalities & politesse to trickle down throughout the franchise system. For sure, there will be consultations; no less than Mdme. has expressed optimism in this regard. And nothing to indicate the Louisiana hosting won’t push through. Our preparations should continue!

    • @Diana Hayden, I agree. Isn’t it obvious– the MUO seller has a conglomerate composite of companies into live events management (sporting events, fashion shows, etc) and celebrity management, why sell a beauty contest business if it makes money as much as the others in the portfolio? Why no takers from first world countries? Simply because pageantry has lost that market decades ago. Investors from Third World countries like the Philippines, where the market still exists, do not simply want to take the risk on a business they estimate to have a very low, if not negative, ROI. I’m sure this buyer has aces up her sleeves that yielded for her a high ROI. Whatever and however, she has to do a lot of reimagining to keep the business afloat and eventually take off to unprecedented heights.

    • @Diana

      Pageants are not enjoyed by Europe because it totaly opposes white supremacy… HOW?.. Well, its a platform for the underdogs who are under-represented in Media while providing opportunities for people who suffered from Colonialism.. So basicaly it’s a show for white people’s victims.

      • … Kaya ang pinapanalo nila, lately, mga former colonies nila.

        Children of immigrants, biracial (half-European/’white’) residents, & economic diaspora members (just look at how ‘Canada’ has now been represented by women clearly Chinese, Filipino, African (Somalia ‘yun’g ka-batch ni Rabiya na nakaaway si M5?), etc.).

        So, it’s not so bad… At the very least it reflects their current demographics.

        (I’m just using ‘Canada’ as a quick example of that openness. Yes, it isn’t a European country & was, in fact, a colony itself. Right? Of the British Empire? Now, the Commonwealth of free & independent nations of that shared history.)

      • @Edible Flower

        TRUE!… Dami nag thumbsdown, wala naman reply meaning, they just can’t handle the truth.

  22. On the media silence of MUP and other franchisees on this development at MUO, it is just the expected and proper business protocol. The franchisor is the MUO whose Board of Directors is going to be headed by a new person. As soon as the Board Directorate has been officially constituted to assume governance of MUO, it is just proper that MUO will send official announcement to each franchisee. Only then the franchisees may send official congratulatory messages to the new governing body through the franchisor. This may not even be broadcast in media. To post any reaction in social media at this point may not be a professional business behaviour.

  23. In 5 years…..
    AFAM: Where are you from?
    Me: Me?… I am from Thailand, sawadee ka! I’d rather die than being a Filipino.

    Charot lang. Nakain na yata ako ng Maria Clara at Ibarra.

    • sis, sa pagdaan ng mga taon marami na namang mas naggagadahan at phenomenal na mga Filipina ang uusbong at makikilala…baka magkasawa factor na ang mga pinoy pag puro sila na lang nakikita sa tv.

      • 2025 -agree
        2024 -Basiano
        2023 -mystery for now , excited to see who will vie for the title

        I am also very interested to see and read the reactions of MU fans all around the universe , especially the Venezuelans, Colombians, Mexicans ,….

      • They are pulling their hair out at Telemundo ! …. they say why did they not beat out a tiffany beauty from Thailand in coming for the full ownership of MUorg , erasing in the process all their bragging rights in the universe !

    • Still with Basiano girl?
      Gurl, you gotta move on.
      She just don’t have IT.

  24. I have not yet found any news from the MUP org regarding their reaction to this announcement … what say you, MUP org ?

      • And look what happened to them? Hahaha. MWP chaka kay ALV. MS chakarot. MGI dog show. MUP, chaka na umaasa sa dirty money ng Singsons. Karma! Hahahahaha. May senesebe ke bekle ne glem glem lang ang alam walang integridad.

      • Careful lang accla dahil next time mawawalan na ng kahit anong franchise yang Cubao mo hihi.

        Lotlot nga mga BBP queens nyo ih, sino kaya nakarma this year wkwkwk

      • @mariel ang Rami nang napatunayan bpci. I don’t think they’re crazy coming for franchises after all beauty pageantry are considered as sunset industry. It’s way past its heyday. Expect pageantry to be fully outdated in 10/20 years. Once first world countries started to dgaf about pageant many years ago, nawalan na ng kinang mu, mw. #TRUTH . By the way muo being sold to a Thai businesswoman is very telling.

  25. Papunta pa lang tayo sa exciting part:

    > However which way you cut it, any new owner of ANY company will have a major say, or even the last say on how things will be run. An Asian Trans’ perspective will be very different from, say an old, white Republican (Trump’s) perspective.

    Who’s the captain now? Lol.

    > We can all speculate until we are blue in the face, but we all just have to wait and see how this new MU era will pan out. After all, the proof of the Tom Yum soup is in the eating.

    > Clint have not ended up with a Ms. Universe, but he has the OWNER of the Universe. Lol. Anne Jakapong may not have the clit, but they have the Clint. Lol.

    > Nawat vs. Jakapong. Let us see who will have the best pasa-vogues. I hope MU pageants will be more….more….what’s the word?.. gay? Lol. Enough of the pa-relevant, amazon, fierce looking women looking like Ru Paul drag race contestants. Bring back the televised score card, little sisters and bongga opening number in their national costumes.

    What is clear though is as of this moment, MGI remains to be nothing but a second-rate, trying-hard, copy-past wannabe. Side story: Instagram followers of MGI dropped by 2 million Vietnamese in a matter of hours due to the non-placement to Top10 of Ms. Vietnam. So if you think Filipinos are THAT powerful, think again.

    > Pageants held in Thailand have been so far fair to Philippine candidates (MU, MGI, MIQ). The non placement of perfida limpin in a sea of Asian domination [Yes, Perfida Limpin. I am that old. Lol] was well-deserved.

    Sawasdee Crap and Kop Khun Crap!

    World Peace.

    • Meh, I’m actually happy na hindi na tayo ang country dependent sa fanvotes. Keme keme lang naman talaga palagi mga fanvote paandar na yan and it never influences the results

  26. I am positive MU brand personality will remain American. In business, changed nationality of shareholders does not, and should not, alter the brand personality. As the brand is the product’s emotional link to the consumers, altering brand spirit overnight adversely affects product demand. The MU brand is shaped by MUO’s internal business processes and its projected external imagery. This should allay fears about a possible omnipresence of the new owners’ personality in MOU operation.

  27. The addition of MUO as the 3rd Asian-based pageant organization, out of 4 major global pageants, provides a clincher to the so-called “Asian-ification” of beauty industry. Asian-ification is a new business term coined to refer to the continent’s influence on the innovation of beauty. Numbers support it— Asian beauty brands are now worth over $44 billion, and Euromonitor estimates that 80% of global skincare revenue comes from Asia. With organic ingredients (ginseng, mushrooms, bamboo, bird’s nest, bee venom, pig collagen, etc), new technology and branding savvy in makeup, creams, masks, peels, anti-aging serums, and dark spot correctors, Asian beauty products are challenging the dominance of Western beauty brands. Accordingly, social media influencers, and even the ease of international shipping, are all behind these. Mix this with the West’s growing open-mindedness to celebrating different types of beauty and talent both in culture and entertainment— remember “Crazy Rich Asians”” and K-Pops, and Korean movies?

  28. I hope she loves pageantry.
    I want an owner who lives and breathes pageants.
    Here’s hoping that the production team will remain the same (US) and that the performers and judges will not be regionalized and be mostly South East Asians.
    Crossing my fingers 🤞they start showing the scores on screen, just like in the vintage Ms Universes of the 90s.

    • how about bringing back the scores to be shown to TV audiences around the universe …

      and the swimsuit extravaganza segment that shows the preliminary swimsuit scores …

  29. the mission states that “they want to expand in Asia” , I take that it includes the MEast … I would set my eye on Bahrain , she is gorgeous , or maybe Bhutan but it is less likely … or if they really want to make a huge statement this year regardless of continent, choose the global sentimental favorite , especially in Europe , and it is Ukraine , who is equally gorgeous

    But how about Celeste ? … huge fan base … I really hope not Thailand , it would be like the mess going on right now in MUSA

  30. With the new ownership, sana magbago yung desicion ng MUO na huwag na talagang isali ang mga married women at transwomen. Ibalik na sa dati ang qualification na exclusive for single women only. Wish ko lang (pati ni Mr. Blogger when he was interviewed in Family Feud) at hopefully ng ibang commenters din dito!

    • I don’t think babaguhin pa nila yan, lalo na’t mukhang progressive si new owner


  32. Vacklah VS. Vacklah Ngayon. Mas may edge nman sa tingin ko Ang MUO dahil nasa film and TV production nman c Anne/Clint. Although Hindi pakakavogue c Nawat. Napakasuwerte ni Clint at napasakanya Ang Universe at last😊😆🙂

  33. Looking at the brighter side, I am thankful to Anne for buying MU and saving it from bankruptcy. I am optimistic that Anne would make the MU production grander and glossier.

  34. I was able to sleep it off and have now recovered a little from the initial shock …

    Putting MU aside , if the ownership of MUSA and MTUSA shifts to a Thai-based company permanently , the local state pageants will revolt

  35. At least, sana iligwak natin ang mga bitchesang Latinas for the next 10 years para they know what it is like not to be favored…..

    Dun na lang sila sa papageant ni Angkol….hihihih

    • Hihi, this is also what I’m looking forward too. Asian domination na to mapa-pageantry or entertainment man wkwkwkwk

      • The Latin message boards have been quite silent … meaning they don’t like it !

  36. Nawala ang MGI, natabunan ang Miss Grand International sa balitang ito hahaha

  37. My only concern is that I hope they keep the brand as “global” as possible as future.

    I also hope the MUO HQ remains in the USA, to keep that brand as relevant in North America.

    From production perspective- this could be a plus.
    From overall selection of winners – this could favor the Caucasians as I assume the winner will be a brand ambassadress for her brands in Asia.

  38. Change of ownership in Miss Universe is okay if it means more prestige, fortune and impact will it bring to mankind. However, change of guard therein might potentially risk the goodwill MUO retains for so long. That means Paula Shugart shall remain the President of the MUO and Miss Anne shall not barge herself into the pageant by sitting as one of the judges during the prelims and coronation night and do FB live thereafter to chat fight with the pageant fans.

    Anyway, if Celeste or any Philippine rep won’t win in Miss Universe, it would be okay. After all, marami rin namang ganap ang MUP winner. Rampa dito, rampa doon.

    That’s all.

    • @AWL, let’s hope that despite the change of MUO shareholdings/ ownership, the American professional corporate culture will remain. This means that the shareholders do not meddle in the internal operation of the business; they simply lay down policies and ensure compliance thereof by the different departmental operatives. If the Asian entrepreneural mindset will hold sway, expect the owner to micromanage everything, including sitting in the judging panel, and as you said, engaging in “chat fight with pageant fans”.

      • Yeah, I agree with you dear. That’s what I want to say — the pageant shall remain American.

        That’s all.

  39. Because of the short time period and seemingly last minute announcement of location, I had my mind settled on an ok looking MU presentation this year. Justified this in my mind because it seemed that MUO had a tight budget. With the recent news of MUO’s new ownership, it gives me hope that, although it is still a short period of time, the production, the presentation, the look of the upcoming MU pageant just went up ten-fold. I hope so.
    Congratulations to the new owner! I pray that the upcoming years are glorious for the contestants, the fans, the sponsors and for you!!!

    • Not surprising! This coincides with Asia’s increasing influence on innovation in beauty, the so-called “Asian-ification” of beauty. A report by Euromonitor International revealed, 80% of global skincare revenue gain in 2019 came from Asia, with China accounting for 75% of total regional growth. With natural ingredients, new science and innovative branding prowess, companies from Korea, China, Japan and India are challenging the dominance of Western beauty brands.

  40. At the end of the day, it is still “pera pera lang”
    As long as you have the money, and see it as a potentially profitable business venture – anyone can buy it from the IMG group.

    I am sure tuwang-tuwa si IMG na may sumalo sa MUO. Just not sure kung kumita ba sila for the last 7 years after buying it from Trump in 2015?

  41. Since Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip the new owner of Miss Universe is a transgender, are we expecting more gays or men who had a sex reassignment surgery to join the pageant? If the answer is yes, this is the best opportunity of Filipino men that are more beautiful than the real women to join the pageant.

    • Be careful with using gender references and pronouns when referring to our transgender friends. This is a very sensitive topic and very much frowned upon if misused.

      • Kung may pns, eh di HE. Kung may vgn, eh di SHE. Ganun lang yun. Kung magalit sila, eh palagay sila ng pns or vgn, whichever is the case. Or pumunta sila sa ibang planeta.

    • Why do we need to make assumptions about future decisions based on someone’s gender identity….

      Veks, wag assumera. In fact we should celebrate that we have a Trans female that is super successful naman. At least may role model yung mga trans community that you can also be successful despite being looked at as different and weird in the society.

    • Transwomen are women.

      Even if may tite pa sya and she thinks she is a woman, she is considered a woman.

      • NO they are not. It’s a fantasy that is formed within their figment of imagination and desire.
        As the elderly says “pagbalik baliktarin mo man ang mundo”

    • I don’t find any offensive word or statement in 4Ms comment unless the transgender community are living in a fantasy that genetically they are men or women. No matter how hard they try to be the gender that they wish or want, the reality is they were born either male or female regardless of the new sex organ that are being “humanly” made for them and or legally changed their names or genders. Denial of such only aggravates their pre-existing mental illness.

      • Pre-existing mental illness? Seryoso?

        The only ill-ness here is your ILL-informed anti-transgender boomer BS.

      • @JustPassingBy

        YOUR STATEMENT IS FALSE. If you based it on Genetics/Chromosomes that define “Gender”… then there are MULTIPLE GENDERs than just “Men-XY and Women-XX” since there are actually multiple
        other combinations of chromosomes(although rare), some of which can result to different forms of Hermaphroditism.. Some of these people of lesser known genders are confused growing up because their gender is not recognized thus transitioning into one of the 2 “known” genders is their way of adapting into an IGNORANT society that only recognizes 2 genders.

  42. Bakit ang nega ng PH community sa news na to? Hindi naman porket ganun si Nawat sa atin, ganun na lahat ng Thai.

    Tsaka jusko naman, paulit-ulit na nating nasurvive ang mga ownership changes sa MU. Baka nakakalimutan nyo nakailang taon tayong Top 5 during Trump Era. Hindi naman sa IMG nagsimula glory days natin dyan sa MU kung iisipin nyo, kaya chill lang kayo

    • At saka this means mas bongang production. Lalo na’t inis si Nawat sa MU, lalo nang tataas ang competition ngayong kapwa Thai na rin ang owner. This is something to look forward to, and no, I’m not listening to a self-proclaimed marites from IG na wala namang proof sa mga pinagsasasabi nya

    • Sotty, sino ba ang nagnega? Wala nman ah. Most if not all the comments are cool with the development.

    • Also,… It says so in the video attached. Even MTUSA! ❤

      (It would be nice if Kayleigh Garris could go on a tour in our part of the world.)

      • (Cont.)

        Dito ko na lang ilalagay, Admin… ❤

        @jaretwrightlover Isipin na lang nila – MUSA/MTUSAO – may all-expenses-paid holiday na ang winners sa Thailand. Bonggers!

        Middle East? Panalunin, muna, nila Indonesia. This requires no clarification.

        @scorg That 'American' style of business was PRECISELY why MUO is in its 'situation'. Kung inalagaan ba sila ng Endeavor, 'eh hindi kasi 'American style'. The Oriental way of micromanagement & intervention has merits, but you tell us as you would know better. 🙂

        Kaya na-'Asian-ify' ang beauty industry is SIMPLY on VOLUME. Bilyon ba, naman, populasyon ng China at India, together they can swallow up the entire Western realm.

      • (Cont.1)

        (@ jaretwrightlover It doesn’t seem to be going down too well/warmly with them, meaning our franchisee… In any case, Mdme. Anne will most probably let things pan out for now at least until the pageant in January, just to get a feel of things before any sweeping changes are imposed. That’s reasonable enough.)

        What we now see very clearly is that for ANY pageant, big or small, national or international, to work, a deep-pocketed financier is a must. ‘Di pupuwede ‘yun’g business unit lang siya ng conglomerate… It’s as though that backer is the true guarantee of sponsorships, not any advocacy or catchphrase. We wish all the best things for MU! 🙂

  43. I think Thailand and the Philippines always have a good relationship with each other. We always had close ties since pre-colonial times. We have a similar culture and traditions that we practice upto this day. We are very welcoming with the Thais and so are they with Filipinos. And I dont see any problem with that at all.😁

    • Hey Pia W, is that you? But you said it right! And because of good relationship with Thais, possibly 2 or 3 years from now, another MU will be held in Ph!

  44. So after all, rumors are true. Masaya ako na Asian na ang owner ang most prestigious pageant. During Trump’s era, majority of Top 10 are Latinas for the obvious reason it has partnership with a latino tv company. It’s payback time I guess? I wish to see more Asian winners this time. Huwag naman sana first winner under new management if from Thailand hehe. But I fear that since Clint’s ex gf is our 4th Miss Universe, baka possibly pag initan sila ng lover niya. Huwag naman sana.

  45. So this will make Thailand the center of global pageantry industry! Indeed, a value-adding facet to the country’s “Land of Smiles” tourism pitch. I wish the new owners success in steering MU through the dimming pageantry economic landscape– in recapturing lost First World markets, in energizing the interest of huge Millenial and GenZ consumers, and in attracting corporate sponsorships and institutional partnerships to its advocacies.

    • I am a bit sad that no Filipino investor took the financial risk of buying MU, when this is the country with a pageantry tradition dating back to pre-colonial days, and with institutionalized beauty contests since the turn of the century. This is the only country where the celebration of beauty takes place 365 days a year in all islands of the archipelago. The market base alone of Filipino pageant enthusiasts all over the world could have emboldened investors to take the cudgels of developing the industry.

      • Ok na rin po the new owner of MUO is from Thailand. At least if we have another new Queen Universe in the near future, pageant critics won’t be bashing the Philippines for a cooking show just because the owner is Filipino.

        Also, expect to see more Asian delegates getting into the Top 10 or Top 5 too as recently other (smaller) pageants have recognized strong candidates from our neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. Hope the new MUO will recognize the Asian beauties more this time.

      • Scorg are you delusional? There’s no big Filipino businessman interested in pageantry. ( the sys, the razons Ayala’s villars? ) And I’m scared that it will be me 2.0 girls sorrounded by dirty old men. Ewwww no

      • @Diana Hayden, yeah, sadly no Filipino big businessman is interested in beaucons. No one sees respectable ROI potential in pageantry. No one wants to risk his/her investment money.

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