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  1. In spite of her youth, she made a very mature decision. The subsequent Filipina MGI representatives will thank her for that. 💐

  2. It was a wise decision on her part because I do not see her as a future Ms. PH-Universe nor a Ms. PH-World.
    Congrats to her being appointed as a runner up.
    May she have an enjoyable time working with MGI.

  3. I think she should continue (ala Meriam Quiambao), although it is not that favorable, it will show humility on her part and it would be part of her journey. That would be a good record for her (which she already did) for other pageants she will join in the future to admire. It will show that she is willing to fulfill the duties of the pageant. She has a bright future ahead.

  4. I just saw the footages of the final MGI2022 pageant during the commercial break after TOP 20 runway and the crowd in Bali were all shouting for Roberta… It is unbelievable that Nawat disgraced her with that placement.. The gods have kept a good eye on her family for centuries since the ancient empires hence her name and now I’m sure all eyes are on her from here onwards.. I foresee great things for Roberta… If not now, it would be in the near future…. Nawat should treat Roberta very well to make up for what he did to her because I don’t think the Gods would be too kind to him if ever something bad would happen to Roberta, the 2nd time around..

      • @Dino,

        You are one of the pageant gods?!
        Do you look like the gay Buddha or Do you have a horse’s head with the tail of a mermaid who’s sits at the end of a rainbow?

  5. What really leaves a bad taste in the mouth is the blogger’s silence on whether he approves of Roberta’s decision or not. Also, it should have been made very clear in this blog that Roberta is just one of 5th runners-up, and that no one in the top 10, specially those who ranked 6th to 10th, was bypassed with Roberta’s appointment. Perhaps she placed 11th, hence, her appointment after MG Maritius resigned.

    Btw, the overwhelming love showered on Roberta upon her upon arrival in Bangkok speaks volume. Hopefully, more than enough to wipe off the bad taste in the mouth of many (daw).

  6. If everything goes well as planned by the gods…
    She could be our next Miss Universe!

    • In 3-4 years, she’ll be 23~24. Tama lang! Let’s refrain from lagi’ng sinasagad sa age ceiling (26 to 28, depending on the international assignment), as though pilitan’g panalunin. 🙂

      ‘Pag sagaran ka na, dapat by appointment na lang. Mga bata lang dapat ang inilalaban, no?

  7. Roberta accepts for exposure and opportunity she’s “appears” the desperate laughing stock. Nawat wins.

    If she rejects, it likely justifies Philippine pageantry to be villians at MGI. Nawat wins.

    This man is the ultimate manipulator!

    Keep your friends close and your enemies “closer” should be his motto

    Roberta sadly took the bait.

  8. Nakakairita itong babae na ito talaga. Nasaan yung pag iisip nya bakit na tatangapin eh hindi nga sya nakapasok ng top ten. Mahiya ka naman nasan yung delicadeza mo? Kung sinonman yung humahawak sa kanya nag desisyun 🤮 ewan . Sayang ka bata ka pa naman . You dont have any space sa ano mang patimpalak mark that wala nang susuporta sa iyo kung meron man mga bobo din oo ikaw na nanggagalaiti sa galit.

    • Kaw ang nakakajirita…. Napakainconsiderate… Hindi naman Pilipinas ang nagbabayad ng mga expenses nya so magtimpi timpi veks…hihihihihi

      She does not own anything to anyone except those who directly supported her..


  9. Saan yung hiya ng babaeng yan sa Pilipinas? At siono yung manager na humahawak dyan sa babaeng yan. Hindi na kayo nahiya sa mga Filipinong nag tangol sa inyo. Nabigyan kayo ng Candy na hindi lang nadilaan kundi dumaan na sa pwet at nilunok nyo pa what a travesty. Nakakahiya ka Tamondong sa kunting salapi iniwan mo yung Pilipinas. At hindi kaba nahihiya hindi ka pumasok sa top ten dun kanalang mahiya sa mga babaeng nakapasok dun. Ingrata babae.

  10. Grabe Roberta just arrived at Thailand… There were lots of Thai fans… she seems more popular than the actual winner… If she play her cards right.. She could be our representative at the next Thai edition of MU and win!

  11. I am actually confused after reading all the comments posted here. And I am starting to entertain specific conspiracy theories:

    1. Theory No. 1 – Nawat is just testing if the Filipino fans will support Roan for the Consuelo de bobo 5th runner-up placement. If the response is positive, maybe Ankol can consider giving the Philippines the crown within the next 5 years (provided we send a perfectly qualified candidate since he still needs the support of Filipino fans.

    2. Theory No. 2 – maybe this has got to do with ALV showing up in Indonesia, and to appease the Filipino fans in preparation for the stand-alone Miss Grand Philippines pageant.

    What do you think?

  12. Should Roberta join other pageants in the future, Nawat will remove her from the list if 2022 winners. Ganyan sya di ba? I remember a winner who joined a national pageant hoping to be her country’s rep for MU, Nawat removed her name in the list if winners. She joined her national pageant after her MGI reign though 🤭🤭🤭

    • That was Australia. But HERSELF was appointed~elevated after the (original) winner was dethroned… Year/batch, ‘ata, ni Parul.

      (Kasi, si Australia nag-crown kay Ariska. But to her credit, as you said, her MUA stint was AFTER her MGI duties were fulfilled/completed.)

      If Mr. I feels the need for consistency of policy, he should impose similarly on Runners-up. It didn’t happen with Maddison Anderson-Berios.

      But if he did, then parang contradictory that he placed Luiseth Materan in the Final 5.

      My point – if Mr. I TRULY wants NOTHING to do with MU, it should be made CLEAR (in writing) both before & after his pageant. Lalo na’t ngayon’g paisana (niya) ang MU owner.

  13. Kayo nalang mag Roberta. Baka may sweldo at travel opportunities. Kailangan nya din kumita.

  14. Last time pride got in our way was when Evangeline Pascual were offered the Miss World crown.. When she declined, it took almost 40 years till they finaly gave us the crown through Megan Young.

    • It may also have had something to do with MWP (finally) becoming a stand-alone~single-title~dedicated Nationals, c/o Mdme. CQ at that time… I remember when it did. The American MW (winner) came to the country & did plenty of Press engagement. She crowned that Filipina-French (I keep forgetting her name).

      In any case, we have another Filipina-French to represent us again.

      Mr. I doesn’t hold the MWT franchise, does he? How is it he can host Karolina Bielawska?

    • The Evangeline Pascual is very different from this one. That was the MW crown itself. I personally felt that she should have worn the crown. She truly deserved it in my belief

    • And speaking of, yaman rin lang at napag-uusapan ang pinirito’ng manok but more specifically that declining of crowns by the 1st Runner-ups, naalala ko nito rin lang, pala’ng, huli!

      Maureen Montagne declined MEco-International’s offer for her to continue the reign of the winner (nag-resign nga ba?), which met with a very public disappointment of the Head of the Philippines franchise holder.

      BUT, it worked out in the end for her. For as we know, that would lead to our 2nd Globe. 🙂

  15. Honestly I respect her wise decision to accept her appointment as one of the Fifth Runners-up. I am sure she can use her experienced at the MGI for a bigger pageant. Roberta didn’t get the crown but she will definitely get the admiration from her millions supporter. Philippines will support you on your MGI journey.

  16. O’, siya. GRANDTED… (Word play c/o the video attached).

    ‘Yun’g mga susuporta kay Roan, but not the pageant, na nagbitiw ng hindi flattering things about her (character), ‘pag nag-MUP ‘yun’g bata, please lang we do not want to hear anything from you… Feel free to support sinuman’g magustuhan niyo, pero nasabi niyo na EFFECTIVELY the things she will have to disprove. Nalatag na ang ‘terms of engagement’.

    GAME. 🙂

    And just to provide some perspective, something similar was undertaken by the Japan-based BIG a few years back. Post-Finale, a few ladies outside the Top 5 were requested to stay a bit longer, if not asked to return, for a tourism pitch. It included… Sige, ‘di ko na lang sasabihin, kayo na mag-Search… Malisya na kung malisya, but it felt as though a gesture to placate (her) irate fans who thought the interpretation of her Top 8 Speech Round turn was not done properly.

    At tandaan natin ‘yun’g mga bansa’ng nasama diyan sa 5th Runner-up roster. Hereon.

  17. Fulfill your duties at BbOrg instead of following this guy who owns mgi around the world carrying his joke joke joke tray of your so-called prizes given by him but he is just actually cashing in on the unwitting backs of Pinoy pageant fans

  18. Roberta should have never been put in this position.

    I must say, however, that the evil Nawat is laughing hilariously of how he is manipulating Philippine pageantry.

  19. C Angkol Naman ay naniniwala na maibabalik Ng Philippines Ang 2M na vietnamese followers na nag unfollow ng MGI sa Instagram 😱😆😊
    LoL ng LoL Ang mga vacklang fersons sa felefens😆

  20. The main reason why Roberta accepted the offer because she’s not busy. Period. Hihihihi 😊
    Hindi fake news Yan. Oo, Ikaw Ang sinabihan ko na Hindi fake news Yan Kasi Ikaw Ang Fake. Hihihihi. Cherette lungs 😊

  21. I was confused with five 5th runner up awards. I don’t think it lends any prestige to the ladies who got that consolation prize — this circus continues.

    • @DanDan, even if the title leaves an iota of prestige, the way it was handed leaves a bad taste in the mouth. The five Fifth Runners Up titles was a post-coronation media hype (or charade if you will). Someone had the self-respect of refusing “one of the 5 Fifth Runners-Up” title. Suddenly you who did not even make it in the Top 10, was named as a spare replacement. If you gleefully accept it with gratitude, what does that make of you as a person? Recognition-hungry? Delicadeza-deficient? For a young someone who is being groomed for the MU crown later, this does not add-value to her personal brand. Rather it gives an impression of low self-esteem– definitely an personal brand imagery that is antithetical to the MU ideal of “confidently beautiful”.

    • From the benefit standpoint, it is not if she’s getting the same exposure as the actual winner. She gets a chance to travel, photoshoots and ads.

      So it doesn’t matter if you’re 199th runner up or not.

  22. Perhaps Miss MGI, and the 1st-2nd-3rd-4th runners-up up will be riding on the float and the five assigned 5th runners-up will be pushing it from the back and pulling it from the front!


  23. There are “five” 5th runners-up assigned. How many 5th runners-up does this 2nd-tier need? Will they be the maids for the ladies who placed 1-5?

    Inclusivity is admirable. But this is downright insanity!


  24. Sabi kc ni nawat lahat ng top 10 isasama niya sa world tour, sayang naman pag dipapatulan ni berta mag enjoy to the max na libre lang di bA? Mga vakla🤣

  25. Sabi kc ni nawat lahat ng top 10 isasama niya sa world tour, sayang naman pag dipapatulan ni berta mag enjoy to the max na libre lang di bA? Mga vakla🤣

  26. Don’t blame her. She worked hard for the opportunity.

    As for the Filipinos, learn from the Vietnamese…

    Have some self-respect and just ignore MGI and its characters.

    • Hopefully, our neighbor just across the WPS/SCS, when they un-followed, did not forget they will be hosting next year… ❤

      (At least that was the last we heard.)

  27. Yes Accept.
    Ma-pride lang ang Di tatanggap nun.
    Magandang opportunity for learning and growth yun.

  28. Definitely it’s strategic on her part. It’s also ok for her to enjoy the experience for her future endeavours… but I’m sorry, I will never support this Circus show ever.

  29. I am glad Roberta accepted the offer. Aside from the distinction of being a
    member of the royal court, this is an opportunity to reunite with her queen sisters and travel around the world to promote MGI advocacy.

  30. Pinoy fans need to learn a thing or two.

    It is ok to accept this appointment as a personal opportunity to grow, develop and gain more exposure. The Pinoy fans should focus the energy in supporting her in her own platform, not MGI. Roan successfully converted supporters from other Thailand and Indonesia.

    Deadmahin ang Angkol at kung ano mang shenanigans at gimik na gagawin nya. Wag magfollow ng MGI.

    In short, we should learn how to use the user….hihihihihihih

    • yes this is just to use Roberta for the monetization of the Pinoy pageantry fan base …

      • If you choose not to engage the MGI account then they cannot monetize you. Yes it makes MGI semi relevant because she is Miss Philippines but really as long as you just support Roan then it will be ok.

      • Roberta should have not been put in this position.

        I must say, however, that the evil Nawat is laughing hilariously of how he is manipulating Philippine pageantry.

      • Stupid… monetization? wala nga nakuha malaking suporta sa votes si Roan mapa-paid sa website or free votes sa IG… pinagsasabi mo… walang pera pinoy fans – puro kuda lng

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