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  1. Nung rumarampa sila individually,napapaisip ako kung paano kaya mapipili ang standout kasi lahat sila ay magaganda.
    Nung tapos na at nagsama-sama na sa stage lahat, may aangat pala talaga pag magkakatabi.
    Yung atensyon ko ay napupunta kay Gabrielle Basiano kahit pa nasa likod sya.

  2. The new treatment for the Binibini theme song was okay, quite catchy. Even the rap part wasn’t off. Just that the local boy band had the voices of chipmunks 🐿️

  3. These are the girls who, for me, performed well during the press presentation:
    Fernandez, Tamondong, Oplaza, and Budol
    At this stage of the competetion: here are my top choices
    International: Fernandez
    Grand International: Payumo
    Intercontinental: Tamondong
    Globe: Lakrini
    First runner up: Mc Kay
    2nd runner up: Basiano

  4. Well said, homegrown @THOMAS

    And @Lireo, the head of the BPCI you were praying to happened to be a full blooded Colombian. 🇨🇴

    Do you want homegrown Nora Aunor to take her place?

    Will that give your homegrown mind some peace?

    I bet @scorgs homegrown armpits are now itching to click a barrage of thumbs down. Lol

  5. Dear @Lireo, @Aries, and @scorg

    Stop talking about beauty queens as if they are vegetables!

    I bet your homegrown asses cheered when Catriona won MU18.

    Is she homegrown?

    And who the f you are to have a say on what or where a girl should be after the competition?


    • Ang puso mo nunyabiz. Lol. But I totally agree with you. 100%.

      What is the beef against halfies? What is the bias against “non-Malay” looking Filipinas? Catriona has proven to be more Filipina that many Filipinos. Who is to say what a true Filipino looks like? Wurtzback, Gray, Young are winning proofs of the diversity of Filipino beauty. They won NOT because of “Filipinos’ preference of western beauty archetypes”, as wrongly pointed out by someone whose name can not be mentioned. Lol. Dear, these women were chosen / crowned by non-Filipinos in international stages.

      They may have foreign-sounding last names, fair skin and aquiline noses, but if underneath these skin beat a Filipino heart, then they are AS WORTHY as our equally deserving, equally beautiful Malay-looking Ariella Arindas and Janine Togonons.

      And just to shoot the argument of halfie-beauty queens going abroad after their reign, what can you say about Janine Tugonon (Malay looking, beautiful, deserving) who CHOSE to go abroad after her reign? If it’s okay for Janine to leave the Philippines after her reign, why is it not okay for Karen Gallman?

      World Peace.

      • @Thomas- winner!!! ewan ko na lang kung may makaisip pa ng magandang rebuttal diyan sa sinabi mo beb. Talsik silang lahat.

  6. I’m calling on BPCI to choose home grown beauty queens as title holders – those who can speak Filipino, those who knows our history & culture.

    • Amen. Hindi yung pupunta rito tapos pagkatapos manalo at pagkatapos mag-compete sa pageant, babalik na sa totoo nilang bansa gaya nina Joanna Eden, Chanel Olive Thomas, Karen Gallman at napakarami pang iba!

    • @Lireo and @Aries, that’s why I have always prefered homegrown beauty queens, especially from the provinces. They not only know Philippine history and culture but have experienced first hand the daily travails of living and working in these islands. Those who come to the country just to get the Philippine sash are having the best of both worlds. Most of these are halfies who easily win because of the Filipinos’ preference for Western beauty archetypes, Filipinos’ fascination for English fluency, and Filipinos’ awe for university degrees from foreign schools. After winning, they go back to the affluent country where they or their parents migrated decades before.

      • This statement has truth to it… but not absolute truth. I won’t bash this statement simply because I do not absolutely agree with it BUT I recognize that there is a layer of truth in the fact that numerous half Filipinas come home, compete and easily win the crowns because of our culture’s heavy bias towards the Western ideal of beauty. It has happened in the past one too many times but there have been exceptions too or, better yet, outlier examples who have redefined what being a multiracial Filipino means.

        Where I don’t agree is in the assertion that home grown beauties have more feel and grasp of Filipino culture and history. This is where I beg to disagree simply because a great number of so-called homegrown beauties are themselves very colonial in their perception of beauty and bearing. We can’t deny that deeply embedded in our national psyche is the desire to be white or Iberian or mestiza. In fact, countless provincial delegates style themselves to look almost like Latinas.

        My belief concerning this issue is this: let us crown/select the most multi-faceted girls regardless of their background and their beauty archetype. These multi-faceted girls must also be willing and excited to unlearn, relearn, and learn so that they can be much more better versions of themselves so they can represent the Philippines the best way possible. That’s why I believe in holding national pageants a full year before the international competitions because it allows the Philippines representatives time to prepare. Preparation is everything. If Catriona Gray has redefined what it means to be a Filipina representative, what she continues to teach us is the need for deep and meaningful preparation. Her preparation went far beyond her physical appearance, her pasarela and wardrobe… her preparation made her understanding of her Filipina roots much deeper. Her preparation transformed her body but also grounded her soul. And this is exactly what ALL of our representatives need to possess.

        I have long accepted and celebrated that diversity of the Filipino race and culture. We are unlike any nation on earth. We are Austronesian, Chinese and/or Spanish mestiza, Eurasian, indigenous (lumad), provincial and cosmopolitan. We have such amazing women who can represent to the world our vibrant, multi-faceted, and incredibly rich culture. We just need to send women who are passionate about being the best version a 21st century Filipina is all about. I wouldn’t mind sending a girl who looks like Catriona, Pia, Alison, Megan, Dindi, Karla Bautista, Teresita Marquez or Mutya. In the end, what matters how they embraced with all of their being the definition of being Filipina today.

      • @Golden Mean: Thanks to your dispassionate analysis. I accept your observation that not all homegrown beauties “have the feel and grasp of Filipino culture and history” and a great number of them are “very colonial in their perception of beauty and bearing”. My whole point however, and I guess that’s what @Lireo and @Aries are pointing at, is the propriety of some people who have since uprooted themselves from the Philippines (and may have been born and raised abroad where their biracial parents have migrated to) from coming back to claim the right to represent the country they have already turned their backs from. The right to represent the country in some foreign undertaking should entail at least some working knowledge of out history and culture, and yes, can at least sing the Lupang Hinirang! Yes, I do agree that we are a multi-ethnic society but by and large we are of the Malay racial stock. The Philippines has just an overload of homegrown beauties that to further aggravate the overcrowding with those enjoying the perks of a First World country is unfair to the locals. With due respects, I encourage them to represent the country they pledge allegiance to and pay taxes to.

    • @ Lireo

      The irony of using, um, English … to call on BPCI to crown queens who can speak … Filipino.

  7. With MI, BPCI’s major franchise, on a paradigm shift, and has not publicly disclosed yet the optics of its ideal candidate for “Beauties for Sustainable Development Goals” no one BBP aspirant can be considered a shoo-in for MI crown. While the new template for an MI queen is still unknown, it can be surmised that prime consideration could be the intellect and community advocacies, not so much of the traditional physical beauty and pasarela skills. The Press Presentation and other BPCI activities so far barely gave us a glimpse of the brainpower and core values of each candidate.

    I hope Hannah Arnold is being “retooled” or “retrofitted” to fit the MI template in December’s derby.

    • 100% agreed.

      Hannah has time on her side for proper retooling. I hope that she would be immersed in development work so that her passion for community development and sustainable development wouldn’t only be mental but, more importantly, visceral. To authentically have passion and drive for sustainable development should be the end goal of every MIPh winner.

      I wonder when BPCI would publish content featuring the girls’ grasp of social issues, comm skills, and love for charity work?

      It’s very hard to pick MIPh frontrunner at this point if we are to consider the fundamental rebrand and seismic paradigm shift of MI.

      Based on the voice over during San Pablo’s swimsuit presentation during press day, I feel that she is positioning herself as someone who has razor-sharp focus on environmental sustainability among all candidates. After all, the hottest issue in the world today is the climate crisis.

      • @Golden Mean, I absolutely agree that it’s “very hard to pick MIPh frontrunner at this point if we are to consider the fundamental rebrand and seismic paradigm shift of MI”. Pasarela skills would be irrelevant here. Physical beauty– maybe– as it draws crowds, but in a digital economy it is what one has to say and show on gut social and economic issues. So far, no BPCI activity highlights the aspirants’ “grasp of social issues, comm skills and love for charity work”. To hype some names as MIPh frontrunners is yet an exercise in futility. If ever, based only on the fact that she is a broadcaster who knows the socio-economic-political issues, a potential fit to MI template is the one mercilessly bashed by someone in this blog by the name of Justine Punsalang. Lest I get a violent reaction from some quarters, I emphasize the word “potential”.

  8. Why was Nicole Borromeo missing at the most important Event? What kind of strategy is this?..
    Or is it plain misfortune????

  9. Hearing the theme song made me realize the iba pa rin talaga ang BBP. May sariling tatak sya kaya patuloy na sinusuportahan ng mga fans kahit kung anu-anong pang local pageants ang magsulpotan. Nasa Philippine history na ang BBP at di ito tsismis lang ha. I love BBP!

  10. I find the girls so amazing in that, despite the well-stretched BbP pageant process, they remain energetic and focused. But, the draining pageant did not let one girl lucky enough to have attended the event.

    Anyways, here are the girls who—I thought—did a stunning performance during the Press Presentation in descending order:

    1. CHELSEA FERNANDEZ, Tacloban City. Oh, wow! Chelsea is so captivating when gliding on the stage. I cannot help it but look at her beautiful face as she struts on the runway. She is a pageant veteran, I know, but she knows how to play the game because she doesn’t appear to be a pageant patty on the stage. Verily, Chelsea screams Miss International. Very classy, elegant, expensive, and vibrant. Lovely.

    2. ROBERTA TAMONDONG, San Pablo. Oh, no! I feel heartbroken to see Roberta fighting tooth and nail with Chelsea for the BbP top crown. Her solid presentation convinces me that she can very well represent our country in Miss International. She glows and lights up the stage. Very powerful, indeed. However, she fits Miss Globe, and I know she can give us a back-to-back in there.

    3. GABRIELLE BASIANO, Borongan. Lean, long, tall. Gabrielle is giving me a great attitude, enough vibrancy, and she seems like she came back with no stones left unturned. She came prepared, in short. Look, her pasarela is well executed. The style is perfect to a T. Worked it, Gabrielle. Intercontinental is waiting for you, honey.

    4. CHRISTINE OPIAZA, Zambales. Fierce! This girl is not there on the runway for nothing. She is giving everyone a pasarela show no one would ever forget, which only means she screams Ann Cole’s pageant in the neighborhood country. I am confident she can replicate, if not outdo, SamBer’s awesome performance in that pageant.

    That’s all.

    • What’s the fascination with Samar?
      Not a big fan from the very beginning.
      There’s something missing, somewhere, somehow.

    • Totally agree w this Ana .Chelsea is giving Habach vibes. While Anna Lakrini is still one of my fave I can always presence of Tamondong and Basiano. Thanks to you I also searched for Opiaza

    • Parang mas bet ko last year si Gab Basiano kesa now…ramdam ko ang pressure dahil sa dami ng diamanteng makakalaban niya till finals night. Walang kandidata ng BbP2022 ang gustong magpatalo. Ramdam ko ang sisterhood na may halong camaraderie pero may very light na plastikan sa mga girls. In the end, competition talaga to at totoong kalaban nila ang kanilang mga sarili.

  11. In fairness sosyal yung concept nila ng press presentation this year. Walang pa sayaw sayaw na intro aka production number. May ibubuga pa ang pageant na ito ni Lola Stella – speaking of kailan kaya siya bumulaga sa mga activities ng BPCI? Naka bubble pa ba sila ni Sir Jorge? Also Si Precious Quigaman pala ExCom member na ng BPCI. Congrats to her. Well deserved naman but I hope maging fair and objective siya with girls from other camps considering she has an affiliation or came from the KF tram. Yun lang.

    • Okay lang naman din na KF maging mu ngayon besides Tatlo na naman napanalo nila. Compare it to other pageant camps.

      • Did you mean Pia, Megan, Kylie? Aren’t they from A&Q?
        Or you were referring to second tier pageants?

        Wala naman masama if galing KF. But let’s give the credit to where it’s due.

  12. Bb Pilipinas is upping the game!

    My favorites, all from Region IV, except one

    Batangas – in for the kill
    Angono Rizal – unexpectedly calm, sweet, and measured!
    Quezon Province – very charming and elegant!
    San Pablo Laguna – a pro
    Iloilo City – eye candy

  13. Five ladies possessed a special kind of glow during the press presentation. They were owning the stage and everything they did felt natural and vibrant.

    These ladies who did exceptionally well were

    1st – San Pablo, Laguna
    2nd – Iloilo City
    3rd – Tarlac Province
    4th – Batangas
    5th – Tacloban City

    These abovementioned ladies were a cut above the rest. They were mindfully performing. Classy, not over the top, effervescent, and charismatic. If they are well-spoken and if they can sustain their momentum til the coronation night, the four crown winners will perhaps come from this list of five top performers.

    Dark horses for now are Lipa City and Davao del Sur.

    Fan favorites that need to significantly improve their performances are Bataan, Nueva Ecija and Borongan City. Based on how they worked the stage, these fan favorites might not make it because they lack that charisma and presence. At the end of the day, the girls who glow the most get crowned in the end.

    After seeing Angono earlier today, beyond the hype, she has a real shot to make it as a semi-finalist and, depends on her overall performance, could progress further.

    • Yung iba kasi inooverhype na lang…kaya regardless nanalo ka na dati or pumasok sa semi ng isang national pageant, for sure walang bearing yan sa scoring. Ang daming magaganda sa Binibining Pilipinas ngayon na hindi man lang nabibigyan ng spotlight kumpara sa mga inooverhype na kung tutuusin eh mas nakakasama pa yan sa kandidata because of too much pressure…and the El Tocuyo Award goes to….charizzz lang!!!

  14. OMG!!! Nicole Budol…ineng, bakit ganon? Sobrang ganda ng transformation, pasarela, confidence, make-up, awra…I super love it!!! Kudos kay Sir Wilbert Tolentino at KF!!! Great job!!! Nararamdaman ko na pagkakaguluhan ka sa Indonesia pag ikaw ang inilaban sa MGI… ❤❤❤


    • Actually ito talaga kulang before sa Araneta Center they don’t have a hotel. With Novotel na dun bongga na. May iBIS hotel pa soon katabi ng gateway. Oh diva iba na Ang old money 🙄



  17. Isabela (Lala Vinzon) David or Herlene Budol for Miss Grand International!

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