21 comments on “A trio of proud Fil-Ams in Miss USA 2022

  1. JUSME PURO SHONGIT DIN. TAPOS pag hindi nanalo go back sa Phil para sumali.

    • Sigurado ka babalik sa Pinas pag may matalo sa kanila? Ikaw ba yan Madam Auring?

  2. Ms. Hawaii 2022 Kiana Yamat never claimed she is Filipino. She said that she is German, Chinese and Hawaiian descent. It reminds me of Brook Lee of Hawaii, the moment she was crowned as Miss Universe in1997, every Filipinos around the world are claiming that she is a Filipino when in fact she is Chinese, Korean, Native Hawaiian, Portuguese, French, Dutch and English descent. Basta mukhang Filipino gusto natin Filipino na rin siya. Buhay Filipino talaga.

    • The last name Yamat is most widespread in The Philippines, where it is carried by 1,839 people. No other country has the most Yamat’s.

    • Nakuh yung mga Filipino kasi credit grabber mana sa x President nila. May isang tulo lang ng dugo Filipino na alam nyo ba yung majority ng mga Filam Ayaw madistinguish sila na Pilipino. NakaPilipinkahiya kasi lalu na ngayon yung tingin sa mga Pilipino eh idiot dahil binalik yung nagpahirap sa mga pilipino dati.

      • Talaga? That is your opinion.. each of us have our own opinion so don’t say it like its the absolute truth. In my opinion, you are the idiot. 😘

      • Closer2fame hoy baklush isa Karin Bobita can you kindly tell me on the aforementioned statement that there was no round squares? Mag aral ka muna ha, yung bago ng ugali mo katulad ng bahay mo sa squatter.

      • @Ivan

        Really?🤔.. That’s all you got? All those ad hominems but nothing to prove me wrong? 😁 You are indeed an idiot.🤣

  3. Pag di nanalo, lipad dito sa Pinas to represent this and that province where their parents or any relatives are from 😅

  4. I think New Mexico has the greatest chance of reaching the semifinals or even finals … she is ready to travel to MUSA 2022 ! it’s anybody’s guess when or where it is going to be … paging Crystal Stewart

  5. Norman, I believe the real name of R’Bonney is R’Bonney Gabriel. Nola is her brand name for her designs. She is a recent graduate at the University of North Texas who earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design with a minor in Fibers.

      • Accdg to Narcity Houston, “R’Bonney, who goes by the name of R’Bonney Nola on social media, is a self-proclaimed “eco-friendly” fashion designer, and she even made and wore some of her own designs at the show this weekend. She owns an “eco-conscious” fashion label named R’Bonney Nola and specializes in sustainable design methods for gowns, casual wear and T-shirts.

        With a Filipino father and a Texan mother, the Houstonian is also a sewing teacher for the local non-profit design house Magpies & Peacocks, which has the mission of maintaining sustainability in art spaces.”

      • Mr. Blogger, ngayon ko napagtanto na ang hirap pala nito’ng Rate Up & Down feature ng blog niyo.

        On the surface, it may simply be a quick way to reply & why not nga naman kung ‘di naman naiiba ang sasabihin mo (meaning, someone else has echoed your sentiments earlier, & that’s enough).

        YET, external parties can invoke the numbers to serve whatever agenda they have, even though you make it clear in the Disclaimer that wordpress & yourself take no responsibility for that.

        Pero kayo po? How would you want us readers to use it? Gut reaction? Or, think before we click? Alin po ‘yun’g mas useful sa inyo? Kasi minsan, we either over-simplify or over-think. And for that matter, how do you know which is happening at any given comment? Incredibly curious lang. TY.

    • The 2023 Miss TEXAS ( for Miss America 2023) is also a Filipino with the name Averie Bishop. She won the crown 5 days ago representing Carollton. She is a law graduate at Southern Methodist University. I’m familiar with her city and school since I lived in DFW for 21 years.

  6. Congratulations!! Just goes to show how diverse the Filipina beauty is. All these half-ies are doing us proud. Just last month, during Pride month, let us not forget to mention another half-ie who brought so much honor to our country: Fuschia Anne Ravena —-

    Half Filipino, Half Filipina!!! Char!

    World Peace.

  7. There was a time that most of often Texas will win the coveted crown of Miss Universe USA. Now a Filipina will represent that state.

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