9 comments on “Hiyas ng Pilipinas is definitely happening this March 27, 2022

  1. Good day dear blogger. Thanks for your post and updates. Then with Miss Elite franchise, I can say the Philippines has a good chance of a placement aside from the fact one of the consultants is from Philippines just like Misso’s Pawee to Supra/Intercontinental/EcoInternational before. However , I am still confused because Hiyas ng Pilipinas appointed another Binibini: Shanon Tampon, as the first Miss Elite Philippines. Does that mean there will be no MIss Elite crowned on March 2022? Only two Tourism titles?

    Funny thing is in the Miss Elite IG, it says they are still looking for a candidate from the Philippines even when the Philippine franchise holder already made a press release / event of Shanon as being the first Miss Elite Philippines (hint: sash says Miss Elite World)., does it mean Shanon can switched pageants – to Miss Tourism World.

      • @ Norman Gud Thu PM, Tito.

        I would like to suggest the following possible two episodes for Season 7 of Pageantry Norms, po.

        1) The winners of the two recent 2022 Regionals – Bb. & G. Candelaria & Miss Kuyamis – that you covered live. Throw in, as well, the new/reigning Miss Fit Philippines. Four (4) guests, tama lang. This could be titled, “The First Royals of 2022”. If you include the ‘Hiyas’ (above), lima (5) na… 🙂

        2) Am hankering for ‘eye candy’. Wala nang balita sa mga boys! Your last feature were the Dutch ‘meesters’. What now of MrWP? Natengga na ‘yung mga nag-screen. And isn’t Rosco Dickinson on the ‘hunt’? 😦

        I hope, too, the Miss Bicolandia dedicated episode will materialize. Will that include Jash D.?

  2. The winner probably will get the Miss Tourism Queen International crown . If y’all remember, MTQI was the pageant touted by Global Beauties as part of its Grand Slam (even before Miss Intercontinental, Miss Supranational and even their most recent client Miss Grand International) unfortunately it went kaputt. I hope the crowned winner of Hiyas ng Pilipinas will get to participate in a pageant (even a virtual one).

    This was the pageant were Katrina Dimaranan was supposed to be fielded in 2012 but the pageant was cancelled. It happened again with Parul Shah in 2014, the pageant was also cancelled.

  3. They should reduced the number of candidates for a lower tier pageant. I think 20 would be good enough. I know they wanted to drum up the interest but rule of thumb is quality over quantity.

    Thank you.

  4. What did stylist do to Megan Campbell? Tumanders…. 😦

    Top 5 – Quiohilag (Laguna), Balansag (MisOr), Ahmed (DavNor. On height alone, should!), Campbell (Cebu City. Her being shortlisted for Supra Filipinas last year is enough reason), & Coloma (Tacloban).

    Top 10 – Etrata (Bantayan Island), Galariana (Talisay,… Cebu, I assume. Like Gazini’s sash in BBP. Kasi, may ‘Talisay’ sa Negros), Godinez (Lapu-Lapu City. As per Tito Norman in an earlier post, is being considered for a bigger contest so huwag na panalunin para hindi matali ng kontrata at maka-cross over agad), Topsnik (Bohol), & Balogal (Baguio).

    All the best!

      • @ Ana Winter-Lund All this new set of organizers needs is a crown or two at their international franchises. That will be enough to get more fans’ interest & motivate the drive for refinements as deemed fit… Of course, we do not know what their long-term plans are. But if at least for the medium-term they can maintain a placement streak of some sort, then this could get for them the attention of bigger brands who may scout around for (new) Philippines franchisees.

        I get the sense that this Cebu-based group wants to stamp its own footprint in the national pageant scene as an alternative (I don’t know if that’s a good word to use) to those in the NCR. But this has always been the ‘Cebu way’ – challenge Imperial Manila.

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