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  1. Green Agenda…. wow… Miss Universe is combining all the advocacies of her major competitors- Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth…. “Stop the War” nalang kulang since it’s impossible since most of the owners of their Major sponsors are the root cause or financier of war…

  2. Valeria Ayos won miss u Colombia. Tatlong miss earth na Ang nasa mu 2021. Chile, Colombia and Nigeria. Base sa interview ni Paula Shugart sa i24, isa sa focus ng miss universe ay green agenda. Perfect. Bea study environmental issues too.

      • @ EQNX Bea need not go further than the city she represented at MUP. Just find out what the leaders and movers are doing in that regard. And cities routinely discuss among themselves the different challenges they encounter in enforcement & implementation. This can be a great chat she can initiate with co-candidates, even now as they await their pageant in Israel.

      • Well of all pageants Miss Earth technically is the most relevant in the 21st century. Women empowerment and beauty with a purpose is now a thing in the past. Environmental issues are very now.

    • @ Namrata Shirodkar Their 3-way tag team MUST improve on Klara Vavruskova’s attempt last May!

      Klara herself has personally taken to the Green Agenda, planting tree saplings around her town. It doesn’t get more hands-on & concrete than that.

      And one of the best questions in the SupraChat Eliminations last August (?) was about climate change. South Africa and Trinidad & Tobago gave the most convincing arguments as to why folks need to take it seriously.

      • Kase nga Andrew climate issues are very NOW. the confidently beautiful and beauty with a purpose tagline is very 20th century.

  3. @ Yna OK na ang Asia-Pacific continental sash at least for Tracy Maureen. May ganaps yun!

    @ JustPassingBy … And Gabrielle Basiano was 1st Runner-up, right?

  4. OOT:
    One of the top contenders of MU UAE is Emilia Dobreva who is pageant veteran.
    She was Miss Model of the World 2016 and Miss Friendship International 2019
    She I think is Ukranian

  5. Top 40 for Tracy. Hindi ganyan type ni Julia eh. Not unless member of the commonwealth states. So keep your hopes low.

  6. Mga Vekla!

    Napanood niyo ba yung revelation ni Samantha Bernardo kay Brenda Mage sa PBB?

    In-offer pala sa kanya 3x contract na maging MGI pero ni-refuse niya!

    Oo nga naman! May reigning queen tapos siya ang mag-a-assume ng responsibilities? Duh!

    Gago talaga ‘tong si Nawat sa panggagamit!

    Dapat pinanalo niya Philippines kung siya pala yung gusto niyang mag-assume ng responsibilities!

    Totoo nga sabi ng isang pageant Admin sa IG,

    Hindi niya papanalunin ang Filipinas para manatiling nakatanghod ang mga Pinoy pageant fans sa pageant niya dahil alam niya na yon na lang ang missing crown ng Filipinas! Hayup!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson OT to. Pero, the h_ll. I was intending to ask Uncle (Norman) about MUT anyway.

      That Samantha is talking now/recently means her commitments to MGIO/Angkol are completed?

      Hindi niya na lang pala sana ipinauwi si Abenah. Kasi si Valentina isang taon sa Bangkok. Or, both titlists failed to attract business for him?

      Do we need to ‘buy’ the Golden Crown? Kasi nagtaas daw siya ng franchise rate at may ilang nag-back out na countries as a result. He doubts his Philippines franchisee (BBPO) has what it takes to elevate his brand to the stratosphere??! Eh, di maghanap siya ng ibang kausap. The drama…

      (How would you feel if ALV took this franchise, as has been proposed by some of us?)

      I LIKE Tharina, Anchilee, & Maylyn! The latter is like Leren x Maria Isabela (Galleria). And they’re TALL – 180 cm, 183 cm, & 177 cm, respectively. Marami rin kasing maliliit at ~170 cm.

      Paweensuda is MWT 2021. Akala ko si Miriam Somnprommas ang ma-a-appoint. Did her camp/team negotiate for the franchise, at least just for this year? At tapos na rin obligations ni Paween sa Mouawad?

  7. Perez- charming
    Arceo- sweet
    Martinez- gorgeous
    Austria- speaks beyond her years
    Pangantian- profound
    Had fun listening to their stories. I wishPangantian be given national beauty title. She deserves it.

  8. I’m puzzled as to why Cebu is seen to have been bypassed in recent years. Eva got Grand 2018; Gazini got Universe 2019. Or are you referring to MWP titles, Uncle?

    Hearing ‘Taty’ now, why won’t MTUSAO send Kayleigh Garris (or her 2020 successor if age is issue) to Eco Teen this December?

    (Si ‘sweetheart’/kuya Dom, ayaw siya i-consider ni ALV for Supra 2022? Kung height lang, no prob. And he did semi-finalize at… (beep!). Ituloy niya lang ang gym at fitness.)

    Arceo looks very much the sweet blush-pink beach beauty of the 1970’s. Go ask @paul to unearth fashion magazines from that time and be convinced!

    If the folks over at that Pampanga ammunition-&-shooting range like Martinez… But then she is Lagunense… If she tries for MUP 2024~5, which sash would you recommend for her?

    Tama lang maximum five (5) guests per episode! More than that, Direk will have to crop you all so small it will look like a Zoom conference instead.

    We adore the kids! Huwag lang aso, tricycle, manok (roosters crowing), cats mating, at mga naglalako ng balot o puto.

    (Don’t get us wrong. Food is grace, both to sellers & buyers/consumers. Pero mas OK kung TPP can get ‘PM merienda’ sponsors para may pansabay sa kape niyo habang nagkukulitan kayo. Of course, dapat the guests received their portions in advance para ma-i-plug din nila while on air.)

    • Michelle Arceo might look very nice styled to look like Faith Hill in ‘Breathe’.

      That luminous pigeon-grey (shift?) dress could be done by the likes of Rajo Laurel easily!

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