29 comments on “Maureen Montagne is ready for The Miss Globe 2021

  1. Go for the Globe 💐👑🕊 🌎 Love and support from your kababayans.

  2. Fingers crossed, I hope the next headline of tito Norms, sans “ready for The”. Good luck and Godspeed Mau Mont.

  3. Gorgeous. I really love her eyes. She has what it takes to be the 2021 Miss Globe. I wish her luck.

  4. Sure win! I don’t see any hurdle for her to not to win in this pageant…. Only some freak accident or divine intervention could prevent her from winning!


    • Or by someone jinxing her by predicting that she’ll win LOL… and you are right — just gorgeous, and so cleavage ready!

      • @ Casper

        Well What’s the opposite of Jinxing her since so far I did predict that:

        Bea Rose Santiago
        Mutya Datul
        Megan Young
        Pia Wurtzbach
        Anne Colis
        Kylie Versoza
        Terresita Sen Marquez
        Catriona Gray

        …Would all win their respective International pageants…. particularly Megan, Kylie, Anne and Catriona even way before they became socmed famous..

        *Only time I missed is when I thought Shamcey would win since even SMA had the same prediction as I did that she flew to Brazil to watch. And with Karen Galman who I thought would only win 1st runner up since we were the host country.

  5. kung ganyan ako kaganda at ka sexy, uubosin ko mga gwapong lalake sa BGC


    Good Luck Maureen


  6. congrats to her make up artist. well job done in transforming maureen from a plain jane to a sophisticated looking pageant contender. spot on.

    • Always love her since her Miss USA stint!!! She really has that vixen sultry aura that you just can’t ignore!

  7. I am loving that skirt fabric! Is it banana (kasi pag ‘abaka’ ata, di ganyan kalambot ang dating) fiber? Or high-grade ‘pinya’, the kind made by the Japanese? The subtle ‘palay’ embroidery is CHIC.

    Maureen, win this! You’ve risked so much to get to this point. End your pageantry with a BANG.

    • At least you got the chance to represent the country TWICE.

      These folks who can’t get over the fact that destiny diverted you away from that other BIG National, I realize now might be a blessing in disguise and work to your advantage. I won’t elaborate anymore. Just play everything by ear. Trust your now-sharp instincts; let it be your compass.

  8. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

    With that boobs, she is ready for Miss GlobeS. Maureen’s Mountains dapat name nya. Lol.

    Is it just me or she looks 45 in these photos? Elvie Pineda indeed. Na may halong Arnel Pineda pa. She looks overdone. Like a young Celia Rodriguez. Not loving these photos.

    Good luck.

    World Peace.

    • Montaigne is actualy French for mountain… so Maybe she should pularalize her surname to describe herself more accurately.. hahaha 🤣

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