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  1. What happened to Cat?
    She has lost the beauty Queen aura .. the weak shoulders etc . Neneng nene sya which is probably an advantage now that she is in showbiz
    Pia is always ready . So even if it’s a last minute invitation, she is ready to go physically and otherwise
    What of Andrea’s gigantic papayas.. So unattractive! She probably appeals to football and basketball players .

    • @ Fabian Reyes Sila pa rin ba ni Diego Garcy? I think most Mexican guys are football fanatics.

      Pia seems to be living in the fast lane. You wonder if she might push herself to exhaustion.

      Cat. Well, you’ve said enough about her, her character. That may be it. I guess, hands off na tayo.

      (And, oh yeah! Meron ngayon sa Pilipinas na usong arte sa show business. You might have seen it. Yung, ‘aaawwwww…’. I find it so unnecessarily melodramatic. Almost irritating. Cat did it, too!)

  2. I just saw Miss Cartagena crowned as MU Colombia. It’s that kind of joy and love for life that makes for a great initial impact, and eventually a winner. I hope our representatives bring more of that in international stages, instead of all that weird and outdated smizing. 🤣
    Pageant trainers must be draining away all the natural confidence of our candidates that they stand on stage overthinking the contest. All our past winners were great examples of how the did not overthink their pageants. They competed with spirit, something our recent Misses Philippines may have been made to think they could learn. 💐👑🕊️

    • @ Jmgonzalesme And few showed more MU onstage joy than Alicia Machado & Dayana Mendoza!

      That ‘overthinking’ thing. Tracy Maureen Perez mentioned that as ‘the difference’ at the last Pageantry Norms episode. Third time finally was the charm precisely because she just told herself to NOT overthink anymore.

      Kaya ako, Ok na basta may point/substance ang sagot. Kahit sablay ang delivery, basta HAPPY.

    • @ Chuva Chuchu As in El Tocuyo??! Di naman siguro. Kahit Top 20 man lang, considering that Natasha Joubert became the sacrificial lamb to ‘offset’ Zozi’s win. Even if there’s Israel~Africa geo-politics, I doubt the host country would be so Scrooge-y… After all, it’s a platform for goodwill!

  3. These are the 70 delegates so far for the title Miss Universe 2021 :::

    Albania Argentina Armenia Aruba The Bahamas Belgium Bolivia British Virgin Islands Canada Cayman Islands Chile Costa Rica Croatia Curaçao Czech Republic Ecuador El Salvador Finland France Ghana Great Britain Greece Honduras Iceland India Italy Japan Kosovo Malta Mauritius
    Mexico Namibia Netherlands Nicaragua Nigeria Norway Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal
    Puerto Rico Romania Singapore South Africa South Korea Spain Turkey Ukraine Venezuela Vietnam
    Colombia Australia Israel Thailand Jamaica Kenya Nepal Sweden Dominican Republic Laos Indonesia Brazil Panama United Arab Emirates Cambodia United States Denmark Mongolia Equatorial Guinea

    • @ jaretwrightlover Indonesia??!! Akala ko may diplomatic issues?… Appointed? Hu, po? PI didn’t pageant recently, did they? Or is she an expatriate Indonesian?

      Laos recently announced pandemic difficulties as reason for non-attendance at Supra, so its great they can join this time. Christina Lasasimma was a revelation!

      No China, Panama, & Myanmar (yet)… Btw, how’s the political situation in Yangon/Naypyidyaw now? Am also missing Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Serbia & Montenegro (remember Marigona Dragusha?), Angola, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Haiti, & Guatemala.

      Is the Ukraine ND also the one for Russia supposedly? So, isa muna i-fi-field? Pag ‘Czechia’ kasi, minsan sagot na rin nila ang Slovakia/Slovak Republic…

      Ans speaking of MUUAE, may Fil-Kiwi candidate sila. Na-feature na rin siya dati ni Uncle as part of his pre-MUP 2021 potential applicants. A ‘PBB Otso’ alumna. Kung mag-RU siya, will MUNZO get her (in lieu of VVV na nag-decline)?

      • Marigona Dragusha is from Kosovo, she was delegate and 2nd ru in MU2009

        Some of the countries above are scheduled for their coronation date this month and next month. Indonesia is one of them … scheduled for next month


    • @ PAQUITA X Yang Supra, parang sumusunod sa International* at Earth na reluctant mag-crown ng itim… Imo, one way to become BIG is to finally have a black titlist; it sounds like tokenism but it’s what Universe and World share. Pero kung sa bagay, Supra ang bunso sa angkan so let’s give it time to grow.

      What I would like is for MSAO to become THE ONE-STOP/ALL-IN Nationals for the country. What that means is that ALL international franchisors will only talk to them. So even the likes of Jordan Van der Wywer or Chantelle Pretorius can be appointed to Grand, Eco, Tourism-whatever, etc. A CENTRALIZED COUNTRY PAGEANT.

      * – MIBP does require that the rep be at least in the Top 3 of a prestigious national pageant so maybe 2nd Runner-ups like Natasha Joubert can be up-cycled… Or, does that count as recycle?

  5. Lalela is so smart. Catriona is equally smart and a very good interviewer. These 2 ladies are fun to watch.

  6. Huwag nman sana matulad sa miss Canada 2020 Ang MSA winner 🙂 pero, parang ganun na nga Ang mangyayari Sabi ni haliparot na Tutubi 🤭 consistent Ang MSA kung ganun🤪 kailangan lang daw nyang gumawa ng eksena sa Israel para pasok sa first cut😊

  7. O’, ayan Uncle. Pakisabi sa MUPO, tumulad sa MSAO para harmonized ang coronation protocol. It can become a branding thing for all MU franchisees, for uniformity~identity.

    Next year, Natasha~VVV will be in charge of the bouquet and Thato~Katrina the sash.

    Zimingonaphakade Mabuzi. Sounds as if it could be the scientific name of a native plant. The southern part of the continent is renowned for unique flora!

    Magka-time zone ata ang South Africa at Israel, no guys? MUO will need to place Lalela at least all the way into the Top 10 to ensure GRIP on the local viewership.

    Where would I send the doctor? Supra already has a doctor (Santosh Upadhyaya). World has Rolene Strauss. Somebody, please ask Mdme. JM & Mr. Von Lipinski who among them will not mind getting another one…

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