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  1. Congrats to the latina or USA candidates, one of you is likely to win this year, whether you deserve it or not.
    Either a latina to appease the latin fans or USA since it hasn’t won in quite a while.
    Whatever the result, one thing is for sure, the winner will again reign inside her NY apartment for a year 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • @ Raf OK lang ba kung sa Florida na lang po siya mag-stay? Kasi, via-viaje pa ulit siya so mag-swa-swab test again and again…. And don’t New York and California (LAX?) have ‘strains-of-interest’? Of SARS-Cov2, I mean…

      (At, kung Nepal can successfully pull off the 2022 edition hosting duties, why not for a future edition,… INDIA? I don’t think Mumbai/Delhi has ever hosted. Bakit nga ba hindi? And if the downtrend trend in SARS-Cov2 there is no fluke, then IDDL’s Multinational campaign later this year can be a teaser-of-sorts PERO, KAILANGAN PARA MAS MAINAM, MUO gives India its 3rd crwon the year prior, PARA CROWNING-OF-SUCCESSOR-AT-HOME ang arrive, like with Pia in 2016/7.)

  2. A Latina is probably going to win .
    Mexico Puerto Rico Peru Brazil ..etc . Who knows what the usual suspects Colombia and Venezuela will offer .

      • @ Ina May (16 na), po. 🙂

        OR, did you mean to say, by “Grace Jones”, that you want Nova Stevens to win?

        I also like the current MUCanada. And they didn’t place in the last two editions…

        And after nito’ng May, ~Jan-Feb 2022 na daw, as per @ unorthodox to give the May winner some time to enjoy her reign. Malamang, ‘yun na ‘yun’g supposed to be na Costa Rica hosting… And siguro by that time, marami-rami na’ng nabakunahan around the world.

  3. Russia is back in the 69th MU with a beautiful delegate , Alina Sanko. There is also a new country to join, Miss Cameroon. Of the many countries that can send a delegate again after a long absence, I hope Miss Cuba and Miss Jordan join again. Of the many new countries that can join for the first time, I hope Miss Moldova and Miss Bhutan send in their first delegates

    • @ jaretwrightlover Moldova is LOVE. Won ‘Perfect Body’ at MI 2016, right? 🙂

      Europe always has beauties! This year, in addition to Czechia, Polska, Russia, & Romania is Italy.

      • Czech Rep , Romania & Russia I am sure will be in Europe’s top 5 ( Kosovo and Ireland look good)

      • @flortula TRUE!!! they’re so beautiful!!! if magtrain lang sila, they have a good chance to win.

      • @ ECE ‘Oh, ayan, Boss King! Mag-train daw ang mga kalahok from Europe. Sinabi ko na dati.


        (Si Italy, po, PLEASE. Her initials are ‘VV’. If she is unable to secure a placement in Hollywood, Florida this May, advise your Roma/Milano-based Pinoy pageant contacts to take her under their wing… By 3rd quarter 2021/Fall, Western Europe should be significantly vaccinated against SARS-Cov2 and some normalcy can be expected… Ta’s, i-dispatch nila to either Earth or Grand! ‘VV’ has that S-U-L-T-R-Y ‘TS’ vibe. Even Davonna Finley believes in her.)

        ‘TS’ – MU(Albania) 2018.

      • @flortula it’s time for an Italian beauty to wear the Miss Universe crown…the closest they got was a first runner up finish and if I remember right, when Denny Mendez reached the top 6 in 1997.


      • @paquitax thanks for the trivia! sayang din si Pebbles…she could have reached top 5. And from there, she could’ve aced the Q and A and won the crown.

      • Miss Italy also won 1st runner up in Miss Universe 1960 , the blonde and beautiful Daniela Bianchi. She later became a Hollywood actress and the blonde bombshell leading lady of Sean Connery in the Bond movie ‘From Russia With Love’.

    • @ jaretwrightlover & @ ECE So, Italy has three (3) placements na at MU? Dalawan’g 1st RU (1960 & 1987) and Top 6 (1997)… Wow. WOW! If that doesn’t suggest viability of an Italian queen before long, I don’t what (else) it could be/mean.

      Now that we discuss it, I do not understand why an Italian MU cannot be acceptable to America considering the DEEP roots that country has struck in both north and south Americas. Argentinians (whom I think are majority Italian stock) lang, ang gaganda, both women and men.

  4. Mga vecks, sa Puerto Rico daw Ang venue ng Miss world this December👍
    Tagal nman magbayad ng utang ng puerto rico sa Miss World at pagkatalo ni Muning🙄 hihihi
    Well, Tagal din magbayad ng Pinas sa pagkapanalo ni Meagan hihihi kaya talo c Muning😳 kaya Yung nagpautang Kay Lola Julia Ang mananalo or Top 3🤗 hihihi Divahhhh indonesia at china 😱

    • OMG, best time to send Daisha Jimenez….
      Her Filipino-American-Hispanic lineage would be perfect… And she can sing and dance…

      • @ Closer2Fame Actually, puwede… Imo. I don’t see a TRULY/REALLY promising MWP from the recent (4-5 Feb 2021) Screening. Pinakamatino was ACDM (A&Q), but I prefer to send her to Multinational (as successor to IDDL)… If she jumps in now, she would meet little resistance.

        (At this point, only MAM could upend Daisha. But I REALLY prefer to see our MI 2018 1st RU in Bolivia instead! SS? I think she will return to BBP to finish what she begun there. Maybe 2022?)

        ‘Yun’g flag-bearer ng KF na former Mutya-API at “MWP or nothing!” daw,… Eco or the 8th crown.

      • I agree!!! Athisa Manalo is not for this year’s edition…
        Yes she is mestiza… but which fast track could she win? And her Tagalog- Swedish ancestry is less apealing compaired to Daisha’s Ilonggo-Tagalog-Mexican-American- Spanish- Portuguese-French-German ancestry… On top of that.. Daisha could compete in several fastracks… from Top Model, Talent, social-media… & BWAP.. her mother is Catholic while her father is a Christian pastor who’s organization already has several charitable causes…. And Daisha is far more fluent in English compaired to Ahtisa…

  5. Any news sa padinner ni Nawat sa Taft 5. Anong nangyari sa chikahan at lafangan doon kahit may quarantine 🙄lol

  6. I love the past crownings montage, I really would love to get my hands on videos of MU 1952 – 1969 in color … Seven Days in May ! wow, just like the movie but no Cuban crisis , just the first Miss Cuba since the 1950s I hope to join in this year’s pageant … !

  7. Sa more than 1 year of her reign sana sinubukan nyang magpahaba ng hair. I think mas maganda sya with long straight hair.

    • She competed the first time for Miss SA back in 2017 and she had long hair then. She looked good but it was just okay. I think she looks a lot more sophisticated with this short hair and her confidence sporting this hair made her stand out.

  8. Anong saHoy Jam Magno kumusta na c Miss U Thailand ngayon hihihi gawa ka nman ng TikTik mo sa pagkatanggal nya bilang Ambassador ng may sakit sa utak like U 🤗hihihi

  9. Condolence sa mga itim na contestant. Asa ka pa sa b2b black girl kuno hihihi.
    May lahing indian Ang mananalo ngayon😊hihihi

  10. To me the poster symbolizes something so kinky: 69 na, semenhole daw, hard rock pa! Then after that, you’ll use casino alcohol. Lol.

    World Peace.

  11. Grey and gold… Very Metal Ox. 🙂

    (Mr. Tinio, ano po ‘yan’g ‘Glaxon’ na naka-advertise diyan c/o Klickly? Latest sponsor niyo, ng wordpress, ng MUP, o ng MUO?)

    Nagugustuhan ko ‘yun’g 1958 crown na may star… In the ‘Crowning Moments Through the Decades’ video.

    So, I guess may merch din. Para extra income… King Norms, did JG’s MUP bag sell well? Also, may MUP alum (na BBP alum din) na nagpaparamdam… Clue : Region 5. Ano kaya plano niya?


    • @ PAQUITA X Which made me think of Misses Grand Nigeria and Kenya atm…

      When MIG & VV tested positive for SARS-Cov2 back in October 2020, all that could have been done for them was isolation and treatment towards recovery. Now that vaccines are available, are we correct in assuming Angkol will not take it upon himself to have the two vaccinated while they are under his care? So, they will be sent home just like that? I doubt they’ll be allowed to re-join if they get well. And even then, they might be hesitant, for fear of being carriers. Gosh…. 😦

      If things get tricky in the USA in the weeks to come such that MUO will require candidates to be vaccinated prior to obtaining their VISA’s, then iisa lang naman si Rab and could very easily be accommodated, kahit sa Iloilo LGU… And for healthy youth such as herself, Sinovac is enough. 🙂

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