16 comments on “Miss World 2021 in Puerto Rico?

    • @ Lireo Then she must show up at the next Screening, po. Kung this year mo siya nais… 🙂

  1. If this pushes through, the Puerto Rico will be the second country/territory (after USA) in the continent of Americas to host Miss World. Looks like Julia Morley is trying to break into the US/Latina market.

  2. Tito Norms, has Puerto Rico ever played host to any international pageant? Then, will Miss World’s 70th anniversary edition still be held in Thailand?

  3. Good move to hold MW in Puerto Rico. It is a beauty pageant-loving country.

    • Puerto Rico is a Miss Universe-loving country. There is a video when Stephanie went back, there were barely people there to greet her.

      When USA hosted back in 2016, there are not many people following it as we all know USA is a Miss Universe country.

      I think Julia Morley is trying to get the Latina market.

  4. Kung maging runner up lang c Miss Rabiya sa MU, she should join MWP and she will win this pageant ala megan young Ang peg at may substance 😊

  5. As per @ unorthodox at uulitin ko lang, the Costa Rica edition of MU will be ~ Jan-Feb 2022…

    MI 2021 is Kanagawa Prefecture. If the Tokyo Summer Games will succeed, then this one will, too!

    (Naisip ko tuloy, kung from the Americas ang mananalo sa Hard Rock Seminole, a different continent will take San Juan! But come 1st quarter 2022, perhaps a European for the Universe?)

    Mr. Blog, propose to your Atty. fren that their province host Earth 2021 (may bago na ba sila’ng Gob by then?). Alangan naman’g mag-virtual ulit sila Mdme. Carousel, no?!! 😦


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