11 comments on “Samantha Bernardo: Day 8 of State Quarantine for Miss Grand International

    • done already! go Sam B!!! i hope and pray na sya na yung first MGI winner natin.

  1. Wiz bet ang flat hair sa forehead, her pre-arrival photo parin ang best para sa akin

  2. posting here my comments on the other photo of sam (where she is in pink and white). just like flor, I like that she and her team are exploring color. as a pageant follower, it makes me look forward on what can be next..

    now comparing this blue, yellow (which i thought is her color) and pink (from the two other photos), i am amazed how sam and the color pink give each other life (i think this is the real essence of complementing).. I am starting to associate Sam to pink and pink to Sam..

    here’s my comment from the other thread:
    owwwhaaa.. (sorry eto na naman ako sa color.. haha).. i thought yellow is sam’s color.. but seeing her in pink in the two recent photos posted here by tito norms.. parang i am loving her in pink.. she gives me a fresh but also classy royalty vibe still. in my opinion, i feel the color pink tend to make one look young and at some point the queenly vibe is sacrificed.. but NOT for Sam here.. she looks fresh, contemporary, modern but also classy(ic).. hmmmm.. loving this on her. go sam. 🙂

  3. Bayanihan time again! Please like the youtube video of Samantha B
    Dont just view but ‘LIKE’ the video.

    How to Vote for Sam B?
    1. go and press ‘Subscribe’ GrandTV channel
    2. press ‘Like’ on Sam B’s video…here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0tPlYyCNGw

    All VDO clip will be up from 4th March 2021 at 17:30 Thailand time then you can start your vote. The voting for this challenge will end on 6th March at 12:00 (noon). We will revealed the TOP 10 “How to know you” at 14:00 on 6th March


    • so far, laki ng lamang ng Indonesia sa atin…31k likes na sila…tayo 17k pa lang. 😦

      • @anonymous oo nga tapos dini-dislike pa nila video natin pero focus na lang tayo kay Sam B! lumalaban talaga sya! galing nya magpandanggo sa ilaw! hahaha

  4. Naku, Hindi lang si Kenya, si Nigeria na rin may Corona.

    Sam, be careful, stay safe, practice social distancing and wear mask para hindi ka mahawa.

    Or baka ihawa ka nila para hindi ka manalo – ikaw pa naman ang biggest threat

  5. She is pretty but she will be prettier if she adds volume to her hair.

  6. Alam niyo, guys? Recently ko lang natutunan na ‘satin’ is NOT a specific type of fabric or fiber. It refers to a weave technique that results in one side being matte and the other shiny.

    (But,… I don’t know what THIS is… Uncle Blogger, puwede po ba sa susunod you request the designers to indicate the garment specs? Like what Dior now does in its HC shows on YouTube? In French nga lang.)

    I LIKE the way SamBer’s team is exploring COLOR. Whether pale/blush or dense/deep, always it never feels hesitant.

    Puwede ba’ng magpahabol ng dress kay SamBer from here, just in case? Pa’no ‘yun? Yeah, by courier, but pagdating sa hotel i-sa-sanitize muna bago ibigay kay SamBer? Curious lang… 🙂

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