21 comments on “Lunch stop: Pizza Hut for Bb. Pilipinas 2020

  1. Pizza diet for beauty queen wannabes? I bet most of them would rather starve than to chomp something heavy on the belly.

  2. Sino bang dentista to?
    Parang nilagyan ng slice ng pakwan kanilang bibig… yung iba parang “joker” lang ang peg…. Kailangan magkakasing laki ang ngipin?

    • @ textuality Sa kabila’ng bakod….. caviar, truffles, foie gras, (true) shark’s fin soup, with bottled water from the French Jura as “pantulak”. 🙂

  3. umpisa na ang pa awra sa pizza, pa ice cream at libreng pa telebabad sa pldt ni Madame!

    Ke gagandang mga binibini! Naku! sa finals na talaga to magkakatalo.

  4. That dusky beaut in the first photo in front and in dark blue dress is Hazel Joy Ortiz. Ganda, ‘no?

    This early, umay factor na ‘ko kay Pat. The Erich Gonzales look-alike will easily be overwhelmed by similarly striking ASEAN co-candidates if she had the misfortune of being assigned to a really competitive international field (in the event of a win). Sweet girl, yeah. But, I’m not even sure now if she can dominate even at MI…. do Japanese like the “kayumanggi”? Lubina was, after all, a recent example (melodramatic speech notwithstanding). (The)Globe probably, but I’m set on Carino for that. You guys are probably right — send her over to MWP 2020 (or MUP 2021, Atty. Magtanong be da_ned). OR, WHY NOT MPE 2020, as morena counterpoint to the milky creaminess of Roxie Baeyerns and Shane Tormes?

    Speaking of creaminess,….. remember what Brooke Maihailani-Lee said — GO ON AHEAD AND JUST EAT EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD TWICE. Nobody really understands how famished beauty kweens are. 🙂

  5. Lahat sila maganda. Palakol veneers are in naman Sabi ng ortho na ka tsika tsika ko basta malaking babae daw bagay I mean real 5’8 and above

    • @ bonsaihater So, Rachel Peters was a fail because she is only 5’7″ (though undeniably seksi)?

      • @flor.. I saw Rachel in person she is true 5’8. Mahaba biyas. That’s y her palakols are acceptable

    • Kahit sino naman na ga-palakol ang veneers e magstandout… it’s like watching a freakshow.

      • Looks cheap . This is where bb fails always. They find a way to make even the classiest looking girl look cheap. Why put the girls in such cheap situations? The unhealthy food, the bad lighting , ugh it’s too baduy and cheap .

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