24 comments on “The sashes of Bb. Pilipinas 2020

  1. Not a fan of this kind of sashing
    Most of these girls represent themselves not the place of their Origin. Are they getting financial help from their local government ? Did they win their local pageants ?
    This defies logic
    Needs to stop

  2. basta wag lang gawin ribbon tulad ng ginawa ni Katrina
    sa natcos sa reyna ng aliwan hispano sardinas

  3. Papaano mo sasabihin na ang isang kalahok BINIBINI SPRATLEY kung ipinanganak sa ibang bansa. Tapos tumira sa MAYNILA ng tatlong taon dahil nag-aral daw. Ang magulang naman nakatira sa SCARBOROUGH SHOAL. Saan ba ang kanyang probinsiya. Sa totoo lang mas maganda kung ibalik yung tradisyon na. Mas sanay yung tenga kung makinig sa “Bb. Pilipinas International goes to Candidate Number—–“.

  4. Sana yung sash is same ng sash ng candidates ng MI instead of MU. Yung color blue ang font and may logo ng BBP before the start of the country.

  5. If I am not mistaken, Binibinis’ sash wearing is Jonas Gaffud’s idea, his contribution as then creative consultant of MUP in BPCI. Now I am wondering why BPCI did not turn back to the old concept of putting a lady’s number on the left side of her hip? That is where BbP known for! I find that a lot classy and trademark-ish.

    Anyway, now that Solicitor General Calida has preemptively filed the infamous Quo Warranto remedy before the Supreme Court, my hunch is that the Duterte Administration is so damn serious to let ABS-CBN face its last breath on air. Would BPCI jump off on to the neighbor’s fence, so its BbP Coronation Night would still go on air? Product sponsors are the lifeblood of a beauty pageant, and the more sponsored commercials are shown on TV, the chances are bigger for a beauty pageant organizer to survive.

    It seems to me that BbP pageant is still on the right track. It might have lost the MUP franchise, but not the spirit to provide ladies with a good platform to showcase their inner beauty and wit and push their respective advocacies.

    Notwithstanding the corona virus scare that is plaguing us these days, we pageant enthusiasts are unstoppably following BbP or MUP, ‘coz we love beauty pageants. We. Do.

    That’s all.

  6. My Top 11:

    Gabrielle Basiano: MI/MS
    Honey Cartasano: MS/MG/MIC
    Graciella Lehmann: MGI/MG/ MS/MI
    Maureene Montaigne: MGI/MIC
    Hannah Arnold: MI/MG/MG
    Patricia Babista: MG/RUp
    Vicky Rushton: MI/MIC
    Samantha Bernardo: MS/MIC/MG
    Patrizia Garcia: MG/RUp
    Francheca Taruc: RUp?
    Carina Cariño:RUp?

    • @closer lahat ng straight male na kakilala ko they love carina Carino. Number 1 nila Yan. If mostly male ang judges sure crown carina and montagne
      Yan ang basis ko last yr. Lahat ng straight male gusto si gazini. Patch ang choice ng babae. Mostly male judges last yr

      • But for which Crown?… Based on looks, I guess she’s ideal for MIC, MS or MGI… I hope she can dance, has a killer pasarella and can speak well.

  7. Pag nakita nanaman ng mga Maricon yang sash na yan at nabasa yung mga salitang “del Sur” “Oriental” “Nueva” “San Fernando” “Laguna” “de Oro”, windang nanaman sila!

    Porque el lugar tiene el mismo nombre que el nuestro?

  8. I’m more interested on how many there will be … I hope not too many, just keep the real contenders Ideally, I’d like no more than 25 …

  9. Ba’t ganu’n? Kasya pa naman ang salita’ng “City” sa Caloocan, Tagum, at Valenzuela?

    What exactly are Batangas and Iloilo? City proper or province?

    Parang hindi professional ang dating….. As if, names weren’t checked prior to final printing.

    Yes, po, Mr. Tinio. I can see a few of my faves.

    Baka ay dahil may existing contract pa ang BPCI sa sash supplier na ito…. anyway, what matters in the end is that the best (possible) candidate ends up in the correct pageant mission.

    I’ll bet the “other side of the backyard” will emulate MUT — example : “Paweensuda”, with QR code.

    Kasi, each AP candidate representing an LGU, sashed accordingly, what would then differentiate them from the BBP style?


    • hmm sakin okay lang ha. bakit? nilagay din naman sa sash ng Pinas is PHILIPPINES lang hindi Republic of the Philippines. People’s republic of china.

      Let’s not fix what is not broken. 🙂

    • @ MrManila Huwag ka. “Taiwan PROC” at “HongKong SAR” kung ayaw mo’ng mapraning ang Communist Party sa mainland….. 🙂

      But yes, you are right. After all, “republic” is just a political term. We still say “China” or “Philippines”.

      What do you prefer? “West Philippines Sea” or “South China Sea”? Kaloka, no? LOLZ.

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