25 comments on “Binibini31 Graciella Lehmann: The Mindoreña in Bb. Pilipinas 2020

  1. I like an advocacy wherein there is a personal stake. If not win, then at least inspire. 🙂

  2. Really Closer? She’s Ms. Lyceum University-Batangas? Sounds like an amazing feat…. I was already amazed that she’s one of the youngest lead cabin crew I know.

  3. Mananalo yan ng Miss PAL

    The heart of the Filipino…Cebu Pacific



  4. kitang kita sa mga mata nya ang special lights
    anu kaya itsura nito pag ordinary light lang


  5. I also love that she actually has an authentic advocacy just like Kylie Versoza and Elizabeth Clenci… I have a good feeling that she’ll be part of the Top 15 and if she slays the Q&A, would she be sent to Miss Grand or Miss International?

  6. She’s pretty for someone with Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry specialy with that button nose… For having a long line of court jews and bankers as ancestors, I assume she’s an inteligent polyglot w/ great hosting and math skills… I love that she looks as long as her height.. Nakakalungkot lang dahil isa sya sa mga biktima ng palakol veneers.

      • LOL Yes Fabian! Cebu Pacific has retail on board which requires excellent math computation skills because each leg of flight is so short that you don’t have time to use a calculator. The competition among flight attendants in our local Airline industry is so stiff that we are the only country I know who requires their cabin crew to be a graduate of a 4-year college course, we also have one of the longest and most tedious assessment period for this particular proffesion…. And each batch cut-off actually has at around 10,000 qualified applicants each time which would be trimed down to only around 30 individuals… They usually end up with mostly Nurses, Hoteliers and even Engineers… most of whom graduated in flying colors…. We’re also the only country I know who doesn’t prioritize Tourism graduates for this particular proffesion unless he or she graduated w/ Latin honors or at least a dean’s lister or she’s supermodel gorgeous. The point that she lasted long enough at Cebu Pacific to become a lead Cabin crew is already highly commendable on top of the fact that she is a “Tagalog” which is the least favored ethnicity in the Visayan dominated airlines.

      • @Fabian Reyes

        Maybe because her Math skills are not her best among her multiple assets?.. Her dad is German-Swiss Ashkenazi Jewish hence I guess she speaks German and French aside from Tagalog and English… Being multi-ligual is a usefull tool as a flight attendant. I see online that she is Miss Lyceum of the Philippines-Batangas 2016 representing the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management. If I was her, I also wouldn’t waste my time on a boring office job doing math all day even if I’m good at it. 🙂

      • Bongga! Ngayon ko lng nlaman ito ha, 10000 applicants tas 30 lang ang papasok sa banga! E kinabog ang Binibini pala! More prestigious pala maging cabin crew!!🤣

      • @STefie

        Maybe because it’s a high paying starting job? W/ free travel to all their locations?


        Yeah, Lyceum-Batangas.. Laurel & Recto.. so yellow… But she’s originaly from Mindoro, I don’t know if their politicians are yellow as well???

  7. She appears like a good communicator. As a Lead Cabin Crew of Cebu Pacific, she must have a commanding presence in any situation. This makes her a potential winner. However–and this applies to all other aspirants who are passionate about some noble causes– the pageantry she chose to compete in offers no platform for any advocacy. What platform does any of those titles at stake offer to a winners’ advocacy? Other than embellishing the credentails of a candidate, advocacy may not be a winning factor in this pageant.

  8. Good lawd… those veneers. It just seems so unnatural and unfortunately distracts too much from the rest of her pretty face.

      • Correct Norman. It seems this girl has better communication skills than most of the KF ladies. Yung iba puro ganda at porma pero kulang na kulang ang laman ng utak and CANNOT COMMUNICATE WELL THEIR THOUGHTS (if they have). I am keeping an eye on Miss Lehman and my sentimental favorite Miss Felizarta.

      • Puros na lang communicate well ka bes. Pa Math ka naman minsan or Physics or Differential Calculus.

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