9 comments on “If you get to be asked 73 Questions on the spot, how would you fare?

  1. I love how A&Q girls uses the rule of 3rds and ends w/ a bang in answering questions… KF girls should learn that.. instead of blabering flowery words until we all get bored…. No wonder they can’t compete at MUP…. magmumukha lang silang tanga..

  2. There are two secrets for answering candidly any on-the-spot question thrown your way: know yourself fully well, and express your thoughts as honestly as you can.

    • If I may add: the real authentic you is best seen in the way you verbally and non-verbally answer questions, and the content of the answer of course. In a pageant’s Q&A segment, do the judges and the audience see authenticity and beauty in the way a contestant handles the question?

    • @ scorg Bigla kita naalala…..

      Bint Sireenthorn Leearamwat lately has been involved in Thai awareness campaigns on the novel Coronavirus. That’s great! But what I REALLY wanted to tell you was that Runner-up Evelyn Namatovu of Uganda seems even busier than she is!

      Evelyn has been making the rounds of Thai, Japan, and Uganda foreign services (embassies and consular offices) as a kind of Ambassador-at-Large for the MIO and was even hailed as 2020 Missosology Timeless Beauty, a recognition she shares with Catriona Gray (2016, as MW Runner-up) and Venus Raj (the first to be named as such, in 2010). She also got a “Style Award” in Africa.

      Evelyn might end up with more travel miles than the winner! You’re right. Africa should be noticed more.


  3. Just managed to ENDURE a minute of Priyanka Chopra; I selected her ‘coz she ‘s a beauty kween. Besides, the WIFI here sucks right now…. nag-ta-time out ang connection sa YouTube…

    I will NOT fare well in these conditions. Am extremely deliberate and contrived, with absolutely no spontaneity or levity. I would prefer what they did at BBP 2016 – mountain or beach?, sun or moon?, spring or fall?, coffee or tea?, beer or wine?, hamburger or hotdog?, morning or afternoon?, etc….

    I also thoroughly enjoyed the emoji challenge. 🙂

    What SHOULD be done, Mr. Tinio, is CONTINUAL drilling to literally brainwash Q&A trainees so that verbal mannerisms such as actually, tbh, imo, I believe, and like (as in, sort of or similar to) are taken out of their vocabulary for good.

    Train them as you would professional athletes, Olympians (which reminds me, 2020 is Summer Olympics year. Would you know if Michael Henry Comaling qualifies for the Modern Pentathlon?), or budding musicians (read : LEGIT INSTRUMENT PLAYERS) — over and over again until they become robots and desirable skills and behavior become fixed.

    • Michael Ver Comaling….. I might have mistaken….. Beri sori ip ay did. 😦

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