10 comments on “A near back-to-back at Miss Universe Canada 2014

  1. Kinda separate note but just curious kuya Norms… have you noticed how Miss USA is 12 days away but still no Fadil Berisha glamshots? I feel like ever since Miss Universe 2012, the org has been procrastinating, I guess because they figured out they can pull it off in such a short time? I hope they don’t do the same with this years miss universe… I think I’m really gonna closely follow this year. I think MJ has a great chance!

      • really?!?! They do not look uniform, and I do not seem to see a common theme. IE: compare Miss Kentucky vs Miss Maine… 2 very different aesthetic. And the evening gown and swimsuit portraits are still not on, that’s why I thought these aren’t the Fadil shots yet.

  2. Not impressed with Chanel’s Q&A answer, and was quite surprised that she won.

  3. Sayang naman, dapat si Kesiah nanalo dahil kung nagkataon dalawang pinay trained by KF ang maglalaban sa Ms. U :p hmm sana mali na naman yung tabulation just like last year hehehe

  4. Almost near, pero ok lang, iba talaga ang mga filipina ngayon, mas na ki critics nila ang filipina beauty,

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