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  1. If Paola Ortega will not win MUP, then appoint her as RHA rep. Beautiful, tall and fluent in Spanish.

  2. This girl has a very good presentation reminiscent of Venus Raj’s and Miriam’s . There is something great about the way she walks
    I really think and hope she’ll do well

  3. Is she from KF? If she is malaki chance nya manalo. Kung from other camp sya, tagilid tayo. KF is the best camp to train candidates.

    • Their 3 Miss Universe candidates broke streaks (MJ and Rachel both failed to make it past Top 10 and Gazini in the Top 20) started by A&Q (Venus, Shamcey, Janine and Ara) girls hahahahaha!!

      • KF is the best!! Sinasabotahe lang ang mga MU reps from KF. It’s an inside job para mapakita na other camps can make it and able to run their own pageant. Look ngyari na nga. They have MUP on their own.

        KF is the most honest, sincere and the best beauty camp!!

      • @Baby Nica

        Teh… sino sumabotahe sa National costume ni Rachel Peters? Yung designer? Bakit napaka walang kwenta mga pinagsasabi nya sa videos and interviews?

        Sinabutahe ba intial interview ni Gazini? O wala lang talagang kwenta mga pinagsasabi nya?

        Kumusta plakadong acting ni MJ Lastimosa? May sumanotahe ba sa comskills nya?

        Yung pinakabobo pero “all natural” sa A&Q na si Maxene Medina umabot sa TOP5

      • to Closer to Fame (bakit nga ba di ka umabot abot sa fame? ilang years ka ng closer lang, well feelingera ka kasi kaya hanggang jan ka lang)

        anyway, affected much ka teh? ang puso mo! guilty?

        lol hahahahahaha

      • @BabyNica

        Puhlease… Nick ko lang yan na ayaw ko palitan dahil hindi ko kailangan at walang connect sa topic.. 😀 Ikaw ba trainor ng KF girls sa Q&A kaya parehas kayong ang lalayo ng mga sagot sa tanong? It’s like the blind leading the blind.. Part ba ng KF trainning na if you can’t answer the question, attack the person asking the question? 😀

      • manahimik ka na teh maraming imbyerna sayo dito. Feelingerang pangit ka kasi.

        kahit ano sabihin mo it will not eras the fact that KF is the best camp ever!

      • @Baby Nica

        Wow, hiyang hiya naman ako sayo… KF girl ka ba? Ang talino mo grabe! 😀 Tuwang-tuwa ba ang lahat sa mga pinagsasasabi mo dito? Kung ikaw nga pwede magannounce ng kasinungalingan mo dito.. ako pa kaya na nagtatanong lang? 😀

      • @Baby Nica

        Are you talking about me or yourself? 😀
        Ikaw na KF fanatic.. LOL 😀

  4. lets send Patch Magtanong in Reina Hispanica. she looks very Esplanola and can win the minor pageant in Bolivia.

  5. clapper ito
    next time padala or appoint na mga Spanish speaking andami nila sa call center
    saka nyo na train sa body and performance

    • Ang harsh mo naman…. Napaka talented ni Katrina.. talent daw nya ang pagiging babae… San ka?! Hahaha

    • Di naman clapper
      Tough 8 din nman
      Pero di mananalo
      Very stiff
      Pilit na pilit
      Trying hard masyado
      Better luck next time Eneng
      Wag magsayang ng mga custome ha!
      Wla ring patutunguhan yan
      Itulog mo na lang
      And prepare for your flight back to the PH
      And make chu chu chu to your bla bla bla malamyang bosses

  6. Patch Magtanong should be sent to Reina Hispanica next year. she fits the mold.

  7. ALV should consider to have a spanish speaking candidates every year. mag pa screen sila ng girls na marunong mag spanish but of course with beauty queen looks and body pa din for RHA purpose. So sa kanila lang pipili ng RHA representative. pero of course kasama din sila for other titles kung merong nagstand out sa kanila they can give the other crown to them. basta ang RHA sa group nila kukunin. just like what mutya pilipinas did. may separate poster sila ng registration for world top model. Pero samasama on the finals night. para naman laging spanish ang sagot ng rep natin for the Q&A. hinde pwede palaging english. we need to show them that Philippines deserved in that pageant. Hinde enough ung sabihing na colonized nila tayo Facially. culture. kelangan maipakita na may na inherent din most of us na matutunan o pagaralan ang language nila.

    • @ jed That poster was where the 5’9″ minimum height requirement was stipulated? Remember, last-minute entry si April Short? Ba’t kaya hindi sumali si Pauline Anne Cordero-Baker?

      ‘Yang Spanish proficiency is where the Fil-Comm scheme can become useful! But even further, ALV should even as early as now select a promising few for extensive Spanish language and culture immersion.

      But ONLY IF HE IS TRULY SERIOUS about RHA. Kasi, baka ginagamit niya lang talaga ‘to panghatak sa participation/applications (para hindi lang MWP ang ma-offer, may other titles at stake, at least).

      • kaya nga parang hinde sya serious sa RHA. basta nanalo si wyn using english eh kebs na haha. mahihirapan lang ang rha org laging may interpreter everytime the Filipina winner talks in english. nung time nga wyn ganun eh. kaya dapat i consider nila yan. if ayaw then d talaga sya serious sa rha.

  8. The ENTIRE row to which Filipinas belongs can be the Final 5, for all I care.

    Who among us commentators said, “Europa? WTF!”? She looks sweet to me. Good for MI, maybe?

    Fast Forward to MWP 2020….

    @ Closer2Fame …. it shall be Aberasturri versus Manalo versus Paola Ortega (assume latter will not win MUP) for the top two titles, no?

    I want KF girls to get the two lower titles Eco-International and Multinational, as did Thomalla and Senoron. If BBP 2020 crossovers, I respectfully nominate Carina Carino, Franceska Taruc, Cinderella Obenita, or….. Pat Babista! YEP. Aside from a Runner-up post at BBP 2020, yet another way to ensure she does NOT get re-fielded by A&Q for MUP 2021 AND GO UP AGAINST ATTY. PATCH M is for ALV to take the DLSU graduate in. But yeah, my assumption is ALL your faves – Vickie, Hannah Samantha, Honey, and Maureen – TOTALLY DOMINATE at SMART Araneta Dome come April. 🙂

    • Patch Magtanong is not untouchable for MUP in 2021. Tinalo nga siya ni Gazini sa BBP.

      She has a lot to work on esp sa proportions ng katawan nya and sa styling department. Her head looked unnaturally bigger compared sa katawan nya during MI sa kapal ng hair extensions na sinuot nya! She also needs to develop more curves in the right areas.

      Otherwise, she might suffer the same fate as Licaros to think the latter is much prettier and wittier than her.

      I expect mas madaming high quality ladies ang sasali next year ng MUP kasi nag oobserve pa kung ano ang kalakaran this year.

      That’s why I refuse to believe the 2021 title is hers to lose.

      • @viveka, Patch didn’t lose to Gaz. The judges screwed up. The assignments were haywire. As a result, what could’ve been another strong batch of BbPs became the weakest in years.

      • I am back and forth with Patch
        I watched MI again and found her looking severe with her hair and make up. And her extremely flat chest reminds me of BB Gandang Hari . Now if Gazini’s handlers only listened to the right people ( not to some bariatric fashion challenged clogged ) , she could have done a lot better … certainly better than Indonesia and France.. and maybe Thailand.
        Now if Reagan was given a runner up position and Samantha B Won Supranational or MGI Emma won MGI or Supra Vicki won BPinternartional and Leren won MUP , then they would have had a better outcome

      • Sorry to disagree about Patricia but I really think she should not have been crowned at at all. If you compare Gazini’s performance at MU to that of Patricia at MI or let’s imagine them competing against each other at MU, Gazini will still emerge as the winner by miles. Come on! The BbP finals night was very telling.

        For me, it was either Gazini or Leren. Patricia NAH

  9. I hope Katrina could recover from her last interview and secure a good placement this year… That would be a great drum-beat for Steffi Aberasturi next year.

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