20 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2020: Schedule of Activities

  1. My top 2 for the crown are

    Samantha Bernardo
    Vicki Rushton

    Bubbling up: Maureen Montagne, Hannah Arnold, Justine Felizarta, Gabriela Basiano, Ana Genarosa

  2. Hazel Ortiz, Vickie Rushton, Hannah Arnold and Maureen Montagne are outstanding. Samantha Bernardo, Gabrielle Basino, Patricia Babista and Michelle Gumabao and Justins Felizsrta are excellent candidates.

  3. My choices for now:

    Vickie Rushton – MIP
    Maureen M – Supra
    Hannah Arnold – MGI
    Pat Baptista – Intercon
    Mae Bernardo – Globe

    Leehman – 1st RU (she can join in 2021 and get Supra)
    Cartasano – 2nd RU

  4. ang haba haba ng ganap ng mga local pageants like BBP

    eh ang mismong MU nga na claiming to be the top pageant eh wala naman paki
    1 week lang tas finals na agad. LOL

  5. I wish Maureen had joined MUP instead of BP. She could have won it over Michelle and Sandra
    In my opinion MU is the only pageant that matters
    Supra And Intercon are nothing to me
    I like MGI for its entertainment value especially if Miss Philippines is in the running
    ME I s fine
    MI and MW are boring unless Philippines is top

    • She only got TOP 15 at Miss USA… meaning she wasn’t that favored by MUOrg back then.. Why should we risk our placement streak just to check w/ MUorg if they liked her more now cause she’s wearing our sash this time?

      • She didn’t win because it was her first national pageant. Now she has more life experience and more training experience so she’ll do well at MU. But she’ll be 27 turning 28 next year so I don’t know if she’ll age eligible.

      • @Bella

        Shamcey Supsup won BBP on her 1st attempt in Pageantry…. meanwhile, Maureen was already a 1st RUp at Mutya before she joined Miss Nevada then Miss USA… If she was trully nationalistic.. she should have represented the Philippines all the way instead of representing a state of the same country of the international pageant org she intends to join. Ano yun, balimbing lang ang peg? MGI is perfect for her!

    • @ Fabian Reyes Which STILL begs the question — why switch camps, in the first place?

  6. This is not as exciting as when MUP was part of it
    MUP is not exciting Either due to lack of competetive girls
    So I think it’s a lose lose situation for Pinoy pageant fans

  7. Looks like BBP sticks to their tried and tested formula. I wish there are a few bits of changes here and there. Well, maybe the final telecast would be different.. or not?

  8. Why this pageant (or any pageants in the PI) would take over two months to complete? What exactly are they accomplishing between events? Who support these ladies for two months? Does the organization give them lodging for during the competition?

    • I doubt if BBPCI compensated the ladies for those two months. Something MUP saw that could be improved in favor for the ladies.

  9. My prediction:

    Top 8(Winners) in random order:

    Gabrielle Basiano: MI/MS/MIC/MG/RUp
    Maureen Montaigne: MGI/MIC/MS/MG
    Hannah Arnold: MI/MIC/MG/MS/MGI
    Honey Cartasano: MS/MG/MIC/MI
    Vicky Rushton:MI/MIC/MG
    Samantha Bernardo: MS/MGI/MG
    Patricia Babista: RUp/MG

    TOP 15 (possibly included):

    Graziella Lehman: RUp?/MS?/MI?/MG?
    Carina Cariño: RUp?/MG?/MIC?
    Patrizia Garcia: RUp?/MG?/MIC?
    Franchesca Taruc: RUp?
    Samantha Panlilio: RUp?

    • Pls get some balls and name 1 title per 1 person
      This is dizzying to stay the least

      • @Fab

        There is a huge difference between prediction and my ideal placement of winners…There are still several factors that I have to consider and some of those factors have not surfaced yet. One of which is that I still don’t know the girls well enough to finalize it… Nway, I’m not SMA nor one of the judges hence I know this is the only extent of observation.

  10. Sure na sure ako magka crown si maureen. Ang ganda Ganda ng katawan, maganda in motion (di ko sya bet sa Pic) at kukuda yan. Supra or mgi bagay

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