8 comments on “Photos from the Bb. Pilipinas 2020 Final Screening

  1. wow daming magaganda sa batch na ito pero iba pa rin yung may experience this would hopefully not deter some of them from joining again cause the experienced ones are really determined to make it this time. bbp is still the biggest grandest most prestigious pageant mahirap yan tibagin ….

  2. Andito ang sabong ng mga magagandang dilag ng Pilipinas… on one’s high horse pa din ang BPCI excitement remain at sila pa din ang pinaka prestigious national pageant ng Pilipinas.

  3. Okay.. so BPCI is still BPCI after all. angdaming magaganda ha. and I have a feeling na may pa surprise si BPCI this year or may upgrade or level up silang gagawin. IDK production, maybe? but yeah. Nakaka excite pa din.

    Nakakatuwa kasi na parang mas masinsinan ang screening nila ngayon. ang daming interviews keme. may Lawyer’s interview pa. ang akin lang… bakit ngayon lang? but again, okay lang.

  4. Juice mio! Is # 10 DonnaLyn (?) Erno? Isn’t she the reigning Saniata ti Ilocos Sur? GANDA.

    The trio of Maureen Montaigne et al look like they’re in bath robes (sigh).

    SamBer’s aping Chanel ain’t working, imo. First of all, Chanel is not known for green. Second, should be at least imitation tweed, like Resham’s last year. The interlocked C’s are telling.

    Karen Laurie Mendoza, I will say again, truly looks Thai-halfie. Her dress is the 2020 equivalent of Atty.’s be-ribboned Pablo G. Mendez III’s “confection on beast mode”. Sigh, again….

    Cartasano is like a cloud come down to Earth. I like how her jet-black abbreviated cut reflects her equally-black belt (not martial arts) GANDA, din.

    • Basiano only looks gorgeous if she doesn’t smile. Something is wrong w the bite

      Aling viki is aging. See HD pics
      Maganda Yun 50 at 10
      Honey looks like glaiza de castro
      Pinakamaganda si Hannah w this round
      Flor, if I ever buy a preloved Chanel bag hingi ako help mo malaman ang authenticity

      • @closer. Lagi ko sinasabi na maganda si Basiano at. Like I said maganda pag di nakangiti. Parang Sarah lahbati and Ynez veneracion. Mariah poonterlap. Di ako ingiters. May Mata lang na nakakita
        Kaya Pala di nakangiti sa mga teasers. Alam nya

    • I think they are really in bathrobes with their swimsuits underneath in prep for the swimsuit round.

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