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  1. di maikakaila na kahalihalina si mareng Jezha. subalit datapwat ngunit, feeling ko lang parang nag peak na si jezha in the past editions based sa presentation nya this year. kasi kung ano yung nakikita ko sa kanya ngayon, parang nakita ko na before kaya hindi ko na masyado ma feel yung presence nya. she needs to REINVENT herself if she wants to re establish herself as a very strong contender.. she needs to usurp the attention of the undecided supporters kasi ang daming newbies ngayon sa nationals na hasang hasa na sa local pageants kaya sobrang lakas ng dating ng kanilang debut sa binibini. on the other hand, their fans are significantly growing by the day. Siguro may ilalabas pa si jezha at yun ang hinihintay ko OR MAYBE she’s eyeing for that one specific title based sa packaging nya ngayon, miss international. stillt still she needs to stamp her brand really hard. right now, di ko siya ma appoint kung anong crown suited for her. and that should be a cause for her alarm.


  3. Jehza will get a crown on her third attempt…but not MUP(its for #winWynona,coz Cat will choke in the Q&A…)……GO Jehza…go!!!

  4. **simply because we are more competent in spreading the message of the organization.

  5. For those who are saying that being fluent in English is compared to being inteligent in our society. Yes, this is true and we have that mentality in our society because of the big influence of the western culture. But I still believe that our country’s representative in the international pageants is someone fluent in english. Not because we are not patriotic and we are ashamed of our language, but we Filipinos are known in the pageant industry and the world to be good in english. It is also our advantage among other pageant powerhouse countries that even if they have taller candidates they are not good in communicating in the English language. With that a Organization like Miss Universe or Miss World would always think of the advantage of getting a Filipina Winner rather than a Latina or other nationality, simply because they are more competent in spreading the message of the organization.

  6. If she nails the Q&A with flying colors then she could be sent to Miss Globe…. For now I predict a TOP 15 finish since there’s a lot of high quality girls this year.

    • Korek mare. Ang sabi ko nga sa kabilang blog, hindi sapat lang na magnda ka sa BBP – specially this era. Dapat with personality and strong mind to show to people ika nga ni ateng janine.

  7. Huelar will go “above and beyond”. She already has in some ways. Journey will continue at…

  8. She reminds me of Wyn – beauty-wise saka yung hunger to win a crown. Maganda talaga pero hindi masyadong global ang appeal like Megan’s ganern. I hope she nails Q&A this time. Siya ang sentimental fave ko but not for MUP. Minor crowns siguro like Ms. Globe siguro, yung ganda at class lang at di make or break ang Q&A. I’m not saying she’s boba cos she’s not, pero dapat naturally cohesive and fluid ang thought process na hindi ko nakita sa kanya in the past (cos she’s rehearsed, which is not bad din naman).

  9. She has the best body proportion among the candidates and the face issues can be easily solved … as she is really cute .she can get pointers from Janine .

  10. Ang magandang Dabawenya! Lovely skin. Long legs. Beautiful heart.

    Natatabunan lang ang ganda niya kapag pinagtabi sa mga glamazona. Nawala impact niya nung tumabi si Cat sa kanya, ang petite kasi ng frame niya.

    With this strong batch, it’s going to be a hard road for her to get to the semis. But it’s now or never for this lady. I hope she delivers an unforgettable answer during the Q&A portion, if ever she gets to the Top 15 list.

    Best of luck, Jehza!

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  11. Nagpipilit kc…d nmn tlg appealing ang face for crown…mgnda xa but not stunning…ordinary katulong pinay looking na naayusan…. hnd nmn xa kasing appeal at gnda n janicel na kht tga province pero iba ang mkha at galawan ng ktwan..sori girl…nag aswa k n lng….huag ambisyosa..

  12. In this unbelievably partisan event, I try to not to make comments on some candidates who I believe should be supported, to avoid an avalanche of hate replies from some competitors’ rabid internet trolls and their ferocious mutant attack dogs. But this time I think it is worth the risk. Jehza is one of the few in this batch who deserves a crown simply on the criteria of inner and outer beauty. Win or lose, she has continued on with her advocacy, and it will simply be a bonus if she eventually finds an international platform for her humanitarian causes. Her misfortune in past attempts at the crown was just being in a culture where fluency in English is equated to intelligence, a devastating vestige of colonial mentality. My only advise to you is: be yourself, express yourself as naturally as you can in any language you are comfortable with. Your beauty comes from within. Project that as naturally as you can, both in verbal and non-verbal language, and I’m sure this time you clinch one of the crowns.

    • Scorg , U have to understand that English is taught in the Philippines from kindergarten . So if a candidate is able to communicate in English well , people think she has done a good job at school .
      Colonial mentality ? Oh no . It’s more like adapting to the present . English is how People communicate with each other across the globe and it’s got nothing to do with colonial mentality.
      Jehza chose to speak in English and failed to deliver . There was no coherence and the lack of confidence was evident . If she spoke in Tagalog and was Able to give a clear cohesive and intelligent answer , I think people would have praised her just the same.

      • Fabie, English is taught in Philippine schools, but is not spoken at home and hardly in offices, not read in all newspapers, not heard on the streets, inside markets, on TV, not used in text messages … not everywhere! For one to communicate well in English, it to has to be heard, read, and spoken most of the time. No amount of formal language training in schools will develop one’s thought processes in a second language if the native tongue is heard, read and spoken in most of her waking hours. But in a society where English fluency has become like a passport to climb up the upper social ladder, this has become one of the travails of the majority of the Filipinos. Sorry to say that the fallacy that English fluency is equivalent to to having “done a good job at school” is precisely the source of stigma attached to the Filipino masses. It is this stigma that causes most beauty pageant contestants to who come from the “less privileged” class to fidget during the Q & A portion. They are expected to speak in English, otherwise risk being labeled as not having “done well in school”. But they have to process their thoughts in their native tongue, translate them in English, and verbally articulate them in the most intelligent way possible– all in a few seconds! What could be more dreadful than that!

  13. Parang awa nyo na … koronahan na si Jehza!
    Hanna Sison 2

    Baka nga last attempt na nya to. Kasi may plano na sila mag-pakasal next year!

  14. Masyadong ambisyosa! Sobrang liit yung frame nya. Kahit runner-up ulit, mahirapan siya..

  15. Jehza is pretty but I don’t see the Miss Universe Philippines or Binibining Pilipinas International Title in her head. I see it in the new Binibining Pilipinas 2018 candidates who have Fresh and Beautiful faces and have better credentials than her. Maybe the lower titles or a runner up placement can be given to her if she strive harder and do well in her Q & A this time. But I am not giving my final verdict on her possible outcome in this pageant. It is just my thought at this moment of the competition.

  16. His plan talaga lang ha kc plan mo yan hihihi😋
    Give your all and don’t worry about failures😋
    Enjoy and have fun, be confident of what you can offer as long as it’s for your own good and others will benefit a lot of your plans and programs😋
    Smile and be the light of everyone you met by being happy and lovely to all…cherette😋
    Focus on the crown and its responsibilities to fulfill your goal.
    Are you happy with your knowledge in the swimsuit and EG presentation and if not, find a surprising performance to win any of the top 2 crown😋
    Simple, very elegant and comfortable gown will do😋
    Enjoy the Q&A and always project a winner’s aura on and off stage😋cherette
    Good luck gang, malipay ming tanan motan-aw nga suot nimo ang crown sa Miss International 2018 hihiji 😋😄🤗

      • Her Q & A on her first attempt is good but not impressive but her Q & A last year was a fail and she seems very nervous at that moment. I hope she do well in her Q & A this time for she will get the consequence of being a Binibini runner up who failed 2 times in getting a title.

      • She’s lucky she gave a short answer in 2016 . the judges didn’t see her lack of comm skills .
        She should do the same this time around … the shorter the lesser chance of making a mistake
        She has great body proportion but her face lacks definition . the latter I suppose can be easily remedied by applying proper make up .. I will leave this to the expert.

        So I think I m fine with crown or no crown for her .

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