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  1. What do u expect from this girl? Daddy is super guapo and mommy is puede na.

  2. Ganito nlang mga vecky’z☺
    Mariel Padilla este De leon is Mariam Habach of MU2016 πŸ˜‚
    Jezha Huelar is Miss France-Universe 2016 hihihiπŸ‘
    Charette Charette langπŸ˜„

  3. Mariel is not fat. If you could only see her in person, most of you will be ashamed of how proportion and fit is her body. To all the haters and bashers, gone are the days that we’re just contented to watch a pageant and appreciate all types of beauties. Just support and if we have nothing good to say, just sealed our mouths literally and figuratively.

  4. Honestly, may feeling ako na panghihinayang sa kanya if she will not get the MUP crown. nagagandahan din kase talaga ako sa kanya. i like her face now. she has the brain, good english command and a talent. may puso din naman. since nasa aces sya so expect that her team will glam her UP if she wins MUP. expect that she will get her best transformation for MU. Aces proved a lot from venus to maxine and expect it to mariel also or whoever from her team wins MUP. So if mariel wins. okay! im okay with that. Basta sana lang she will come out on stage with bababoom!!! sexy and fit body. and she will do her best or the best to get the MUP crown.

    • Naku! 2013/2014 ganyan na sinasabi sana “sana papayat cya”.. walang effort since OR tlagang katawan nya yan so kahit anong gym and diet na gawin ganyan na yan. If cya ipadala sa MU, eh sure Top 9 na tayo. Pero bakit magtyaga sa Top 9 kung baka may iba dyan na pang MU tlaga!

  5. It’s too early for me to finalize my personal choices, but since the 40 ladies have officially named, one can now easily assess by just looking at the pictures and check on the brief infos written about them. I don’t seriously mind the other titles at stake, my only real concern is the BPU and BPI titles. Regarding the BPU, I am tossed between Maine and Mariel. I’m a fan of Elima since she joined BBP. But the transformation of Mariel is something that I can’t just ignore. Napaka fresh. Her beauty really grows in me. Sarap ayusan, dami pang pwedeng gawin. And she hasn’t laid all her cards yet. And her pedigree…she screams class and good breeding. Have I mentioned her talent?

  6. Good afternoon/morning/evening to all of Ms. De Leon’s supporters.

    I wish to apologize for my comment, which apparently has not been well-received.

    I meant no disrespect. I was merely reacting to justgrc’s comment that her being a child of actors is something that IMG would not necessarily like to pitch. See below.

    I should have just clocked in as secondary comment to justgrc. I will be more careful next time.

  7. Love Mariel. May ultimate bet for MUP. Or nothing. Ganda ng mukha, ng pedigree, may talent. Ganda ng height at magaling sa English. Like what I’ve always said ang timbang nababawasan ang utak di nadadagdagan. It’s either you have it or you don’t. She is not pageant patty. Her face lights up when she smiles. She is worth the hype over or under. And I know Aces and Queens will whip her up into a worthy MUP candidate just like Janine and Pia if and when Mariel is crowned MUP.

    • Ang yabang naman ng strategy crown-me-now-then-I-show-you-what-I-got… It is a competition so dapat ready na cya ngayon (if ang kulang lang pagpapayat eh 2014 pa dapat yan)… anong taon na Te di pa din pumayat.. pero if cya tlaga gusto ni SMA, ok lang din, sure Top 9 yan!

  8. Pwede ba siya bigyan ng ibang hairstyle? She can’t wear that hairstyle all the time. Embrace the jawline! Mapanga din naman si Maxine dati, but I dunno what they did with her make-up or whatever, parang di na siya masyadong mapanga when she competed in Miss Universe. Lumiit ang face niya. Maybe they can do the same with Mariel?

    • Hindi mapanga yan, mababa na ewan! Chaka! Maputi lang. Prang tisaying baboy!

      • You are here again! Katulong ka ba at napagalitan ni Sandy Andulong? Or bakla ka ba na may pagnanasa kay Boyet Deleon? Kung makababoy eh ikaw ang BABOY!

  9. think of how Miss Canada enterred top 9 with a not so sexy body but lets see. Shes pretty and smart though. Forget about being fat.

    • It was because she was smart and had a sparkling personality.
      But even with that, pang top 9 lang sya.
      Why settle for that?
      We need a girl who can actually get the crown.
      She ain’t it 😦

      • Eh yan din po ang opinion ng marami ke Pia Wurtzbach noon. May nagsabi ba nung sumali siya na magiging Miss Universe siya? Kung meron man ilan? How would one know? Ikaw nga di mo masabi eh? Kung sino ang piliin, we are just mere observers, we have no choice. O sige, who do you think among the 40 girls can actually win MU? Sige nga po.

    • think if Canada was fit. a supranational first runner up. she could easily breeze the miss universe til the top 3 and end up winning

  10. itong si mariel at katarina ang bet ko sa miss u so far… πŸ™‚

  11. Facialy si Katarina talaga gusto ko sa bbp universe. na didisappoint lang ako sa over hand gestures nya base sa web interview. masyado magalaw. parang naalala ko bigla si Joanna eden sa kanya while watching her web interview. ok na sana since magaling din sa kudahan. Pero hinde naman sya dry as Joanna eden. mas kita ang spark unlike joanna wala talaga. and then sa katawan at lakad nya medyo ewwww ako ng konti. mas ok kase talaga na readyng ready na talaga ang lahat before the finals para bang yung image nila eh parang sasabak na sila sa MU dapat prepared na and well trained na. well polished na. ganyan dapat kapag sasabak na sa bbp. Though mas maganda talaga si katarina and mariel facialy but If ever next week na ang miss universe. i will choose sirene sutton or angelic de leon. base on their web interview. Hinde pa man sila 101% perfect in all the qualities of being a miss universe pero meron sila lahat ng qualities of MU na masasabi mong pwede na isabak. they have both the beauty, the brain, the body and the height and the heart.

    • Can you please change your ID from Geoff to Miss confused? Ang sipag mo pa naman sana magkuda pero windang ako sa pagiicip mo bakla. Dito sabi mo dapat ready na lahat the competition eh nagsabi ka din na Mariel is your MUP at inasa mo sa A&Q ang “transformation”… hay naku. just say you like Mariel period. Huwag na daming satsat kesyo facially, buttally, brasolly, pudayally si #1.5 or si #41.3 and gusto mong candidata. Sinabi ko na kay Norman na iban ka sa site na to. Ang gulo mo!!! hahahaha

      • Gaga!!! wala akong sinabi na si Mariel ang MUP ko! basahin mo ung comment ko sa baba. sa Miss world ko nga sya gusto sumali. and ang mean ko sa isang comment ko na nabangit ko si Mariel ay, since shes in the hand of aces so if she wins MUP syempre support pa rin and i said that coz diba aces proved a lot in Miss Universe. so thats why ok lang sakin if mariel wins. pero hinde ko sya personal na gusto sa MUP. i said in one of my comment na manghihinayang din ako kapag hinde sya manalo as MUP. i said that dahil nga dba aces sya!!! so nasa isip ko baka may ibubuga yan at may magandang trasformation if she wins MUP. since aces proved a lot nga ho!!! and i said in one of my comment in other article na pwede ko syang iangat sa list ko but its depends. ganyan naman talaga dapat once may improvement i aangat mo talaga sya. d tulad ng iba dyan.

  12. sa MWP ko talaga gusto na sumali itong girl na to. since wala ng SS competition sa MW. im sure accept nila ang katawan ni mariel as long as she is beautiful with a heart and a purpose. she has the talent that will surely raise her chances to have a spot in MW semifinalist. Pang MW talaga beauty nya. mas madali din sya manalo sa MWP. kesyo dos pa ang parents nya walang problem sa MWPO yan. basta deserving ba eh papatungan na yan ng korona. pag ito hinde nag place sana lang sumali sya sa MWP this year. sayang naman bongga ang talent nito. maganda na at matalino pa. feel mo ung heart nya.

    • @Geoff. tingin ko nga mas comfortable si Mariel if journey nya mwp to mw kasi may talent sya and mas may time to be fit . next month na Bb.

  13. (1) Payat na siya actually as compared to 2013. Una Kong tinitignan SA babae eh Braso kasi yun Ang mahirap paimpisin kaya Wala na siya ipapayat PA.

    (2) Maganda siya talaga. Even without the influence of her parents, kaya Niya dalhin sarili Niya.

    (3) MIC crown Ang gusto ko para SA kanya. Who knows? Siya Ang kauna-unahang titleholder ng Pinas para dun.

    (4) Year after sali siya ng MWP. Sayang naman pagiging opera singer Niya kung di maha-highlight.

  14. She lacks personality. I am bored just by looking at her.
    Another Joana Eden in the making

  15. For sure she will get a crown this year…whatever title she gets she will make us all proud when she represents our country.

    Her beautiful hair gets in the way sa beautiful face nya (or the other way around hehe). Her widow’s peak hairline is very prominent which makes her forehead very small. It’s actually beautiful but she has to experiment more styles pa na babagay. Most photos I see of her kasi karamihan same style. Well, there’s time pa naman to make things happen.

    Good luck…

  16. yes one of my favoritas……. She has the Wow Factor/Charming beauty of being a Miss Universe or Miss International…. sympre FACE VALUE is very important…hence she is beauty and brain.. God bless u guapa.

  17. Mariel,sa pics mo at 5’7 1/2 you look 160 lbs. ang masaklap alam natin buto yun heavy frame. you should be 135lbs at least.tama si cocoy kaaway mo muna ang kanin at sweets.

  18. Damn girl!!! Same kayo ni katarina, parehas kayo na may pinakamagandang mukha sa batch na to, pero may baby fats. Hihihi.. okay lang yan kase magagawan pa nmn yan ng remedyo.

  19. She’s beautiful. but sometimes.. (saw some photos online) yung styling niya medyo miss ng konti. I think they really need to look for the perfect hairstyle for her. yung BTS/headshot niya for aces and yung naka powder blue off shoulders siya, perfect ang look niya don. but syempre, hindi naman pwedeng isang look lang .

    I like her. I want her to win. BUT if they think she’s not yet that ready or may ibang napusuan for MUP, pwede siya for MI or if not, please runner up na lang. train her hard and join again next year. she’s only 23, okay pa yan. runner up na lang instead na MGI, Intercon, Supra or Globe. please.

  20. i think she should loose more and smile more. Agree too that there are unflattering pics/ poses/ angles of her. More personality development/ training perhaps?

  21. Bat siya chubby eh hindi naman chubby parents nya ang liliit ng katawan at mukha ng parents nya, so kaya nyang magpa payat pa. Hindi body shabing kondi healthier lifestyle

  22. If BPCI is still open to the possibility of acquiring franchise for inaugural international pageants with a good pedigree and business track record (the organization), then I believe the prestige of being its very first titlist would be a singular honor if Ms. De Leon happened to be the one assigned to the campaign. The Alpha pageants are certainly not the only way to make one’s mark in the world!

    That being the scion of show business parents does not necessarily diminish her chances of victory. There are possibly nations where having grown up in that world is aspirational, and BPCI should locate such pageants for the likes of Angelica. It is only in the jaded West (and Western-minded territories like Filipinas) where the kids of stars turn into self-destructive train wrecks and spoiled brats with a sense of entitlement. There are also countries where legitimate artists struggle for years to be recognized.

    Ms. De Leon should have no problem later on when questioned on her lineage. All she merely needs to emphasize is that growing up in that world and being the child of entertainers made her realize early on the importance of empathy, perseverance, restraint, self-discipline, perfect timing, and bravery. And the power of dreams. And she should do so with a smile and a noble heart!

    All the constructive criticism does not have to be a liability. On the contrary, she can use these to her advantage if she knows how and is smart enough on her own. And it is the role of the National Director and her handlers to teach her how.

  23. Mariel de Leon Miss Universe Philippines 2017 and Best in Swimsuit, Evening Gown, Natcos with beautiful teeth, fair skin with very alluring personality Miss Universe 2017 and the most beautiful Binibini

  24. Yung picture nya na naka white dress are the worst photos of Mariel ever, as in parang she gained 50 pounds. Hmm baka naman sa angle kinunan #NoTeaAllShade

  25. There is no denying this girl came to win, so I have to follow my mind with her rather than my heart. She’ll bag a title for sure.

    That being said, I think she is actually perfect for the International title. Her aura is classy, intelligent, and wholeseome. Plus if she doesn’t win, she can chalk it up to the curse of being the back-to-back representative and no one can fault her for coming home without a crown.

    I don’t agree that her beauty is striking enough to be a top contender for Universe and her figure has been discussed enough. Something about weight still being an issue for a repeat Binibini contestant doesn’t sit right with me. I am also unsure that her story of being the child of actors will impress anyone outside of the Philippines (as she’s noted, it’s actually worked against her… look at Daddy’s Rich Girl with so-so looks, Mariam Habach — it’s not a story that IMG wants to pitch, even though Mariel seems nicer than the Venezuelan hahah lol). Also, a cooking graduate from NZ? Too similar to Pia too soon.

  26. I would have to say she’s in to win it! Actually, I never imagined her in the past getting the top 15 spot but now, she has what it takes to take it all the way.. Yeah, I like her beauty now. If you look closely, her face screams beautiful and classy. You just can’t ignore her. I agree, her body is not just the typical beauty queen we imagined but look at Pia when she competed at the nationals. She still has time to be in the best shape. God bless, Mariel!

  27. Confidence is beautiful. No matter is your size. No matter is your weight. Be confident in who you are and you’ll be beautiful. Mariel is confidently beautiful and talented and she will win no matter what people say.

  28. She improved a lot but I’m pretty sure mag-improve pa sya. She’s one of my faves and I hope she wins this time. I hope medyo experiment pa ng konti sa hair. Her ‘big hair’ look is making her look big and matronish. Dapat Young hairstyles. May it is to hide her jawline and I don’t know why hide it.

  29. I love this girl, Mariel, Maine, and Sirene are the contenders for Bb Universe…


    • may point talaga si Cocoy, ako rin naman gusto ko talaga sya based sa mukha ang ganda nya pero ang katawan d pa talaga ganun ka ready eh pero si Pia rin dati medyo ganito rin katawan nya nung nanalo sya sa Bbp. Goodluck Mariel sana papayat ka talaga at masungkit ang crown!

  31. Gravity as in grabeh te pati sa IG charaught

    yrsch2345 Best in qanda pero kinulang sa ganda Padang si charice 6 hours ago
    Pageant Titas @yrsch2345 Ikaw ha. Tinanong mo si @walt_williams kung wala siyang life. Ikaw naman tong gumAwa ng troll account para manlait 6 hours ago
    yrsch2345 Pag to too di po lait. Honest lang. Sa kinulang naman talaga sa ganda 3 hours ago
    Pageant Titas @yrsch2345 beh si Tita L to – kung totoo yan para sayo wala kaming magagawa dun. May account ka na zero posts – pwede ring dun mo na i post issues mo para magka laman naman. Pero sasakyan kita – naiintindihan ko naman na hindi sya Ang pinaka magandang kandidata na lumalaban ngayon. Pero account ko to – Kung gusto mo tumambay dito matuto ka ng positive scripting. Nakikita mo yang mga nag cocomment? Ang iba dyan trainer mismo o malapit sa kanya. Matuto sana tayo prumeno tutal may mga GCs naman na hindi nababasa ng lahat. Kung di mo kaya mag positive scripting napaka raming IG and FB pages na welcome na welcome yang mga banat mo. Wag dito. Ayaw namin ng gulo dito. Isa pa beh…Tapos block ka na namin. Gawa ka nalang ulit ng bagong dummy account OK? No bad blood – gets ko sentimiento mo Hindi lang talaga swak sa acct namin word play mo.

  32. I love Mariel, but, the camera most of the time just does not do her justice at all ! In fact, Kris Aquino even mentioned in her now defunct Krist TV show, she looks really jbeautiful in person. Hopefully, Aces & Queens can do something about it – from her make-up, camera projection & angle, etc. And yes, she needs to trim down. She is already eloquent. If and when all these are taken care of, on the way to finals, I wouldn’t mind her clinching one of the titles. Good luck, Mariel πŸ™‚

  33. I like this girl. Plenty of charm and personality even with the short interview clip. That’s the kind of honesty and no-nonsense attitude MU looks for.

  34. Yaaasss, Mariel! 😍 That’s my gurl! Ohdba, siya na talaga ang itinakda! Kahit na totoo ang Anastredamus ko sakaniya, you can never say na she is mayabang or dahil she grew up rich feeling superior na(di gaya nung fun-duck na nakapag-aral lang abroad, akala mo sino na, tse! hihihi. try niyo kaya i-check yung fb ng ate, mudra at pudra niya to know what I mean, grabe parang yung Charice na anak nila ang nag-iisang may K sa korona, kesyo “credentials” kuno. “nagkulang” namanπŸ˜‚). Mariel is a great example na you can be humble and kind kahit you’ve achieved so much life. This girl has a beautiful heart and that reflects sa aura niya, sa outside. Aware naman siya sa mga dapat i-change and she is willing to better herself. So sa mga hambog na fun-duck at nagmamaganda diyan, take a lesson from this girl. Be kind, be humble, and be genuine para kahit di kayo physically beautiful gumaan loob naman sainyo at malay mo suportahan din namin kayo. Charaught! 😌

    Eyniways, sa ngayon di pa naman talaga nakareserve ang MUP kay Mariel, may one month pa before the coronation. Kung deserving naman at maipakita niya na siya ang karapat dapat, bakit pa tayo aangal diba, charaught! πŸ˜‰ Basta ba sana ang manalo ay humble and genuine ang puso, I will be happy kahit sinong girl pa yan. ☺️ Imbyerna lang ako sa mga girls na sumasali sa pageant na main priorities ang sumikat at maglandee. Again, sabi ko wala naman problemang mangarap sila basta ba hindi puro korona at titulo na lang ang nasa isip na nakalimutan na ang iba. I am a responsible supporter kaya kinikilatis ko unang-una ang puso nila at kung tunay ba ang kanilang layunin, next lang ang physical beauty. Syempre naman at gusto natin sumikat or mag-represent saatin ay ang the best at genuine good person, hindi yung mga chakabels na maghahasik lang ng lagim pag nabigyan ng power. Charaught! ☺️ Yun lamang po at ang message ko lang ay wag puro ganda o achievements ang unahin. This is a beauty pageant, I know, pero we should always rise above the superficiality and the shallowness of it all. β˜ΊοΈπŸ’™

    P.S. Mahaba ang comment ko, kung chacharotin mo ako at sasabihan na dami kong hanash at kuda, beh, di ko naman sinabe na basahin mo comment ko, choice mo yan. Charaught! πŸ˜› If you agree, apir tayo bes! βœ‹πŸ» if you disagree, tse tabe sa side haha πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹πŸ’™

    • Daming fans ni Anawindang ha in fer… Autolikes ba yan? hihihi. Mariel is overhyped like Anawindang’s thumb ups…hihihi…

      • Ewan ko ba bong meron atang program that will do that. Grabe no 41 likes. At least ako naka 9! Oh ayan binigyan kita ng 1 bong700. Charetttttt

      • Ateh, inggit kaπŸ˜‚? Kahit san ka maghanap, kahit himurin mo pa ang kasuluk sulukan ng internet walang auto likes for blog, bekikang na to, jinngiters! πŸ˜‚ Marami lang po ako followers sa social media na na-uupdate ang mga blog at ibang comments ko after ko mag comment or magpost ng anything dahil I’m connected. Ikaw? Sino ba audience mo. Charaught! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜‹

        Nako at wag mo akong try awayin, dahil makikipagsabunutan talaga ako sa buhok sa legs sayo, charaught!!! πŸ˜‚

      • Basa muna kasi bago magkukuda. Di naman ako adik na adik kay Mariel, bekikang haha at hindi naman “Mariel-exclusive” ang comment ko. Charerette! 😘 Nakita mulang ang name na Mariel chumarurut ka na diyan koya! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      • Pag maraming followers at likes, “autolikes” agad? Inggit ka lang bakla ka. Nyeta ka pa-ci kita diyan at ng masample ka. Wag mo akong gaguhin kung ayaw mo ng gulo, tagal ka naring nambabastos dito, panahon na para matigil kang bakla ka. Bastusin mo na ang lahat, pero piliin mo kinakalaban mo.

      • Si anawindang na talaga ang tinadhana sa dami ng fans! Congrats girl! hats off to you…Anyways, fan din ako ni Mariel, gandang -ganda ako sa mukha nya. Sana manalo ito. Katarina is also beautiful with Sirene, Dindi, Elima etc. haayyy daming magaganda talaga.

      • Eh di join Mariel in the overhyped category! Include you autolikes fanbase! hihihi #aNaWindang

      • O ako na naman si basil ngayon? Ano ba talaga koya? Tigilan mo ako bong tumbong ka at baka ipa-ci kita diyan at ipahanap. Puputulin talaga kita bong tumbung ka, hahahhahahah charerette ! Tse hihihi πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

      • hihihi bong700. malamang may autocomment din yan. hihihi ichop mo nga ang dila ng vaks na yan #a-NaWindang

      • Yesss, naman J!!! β˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈπŸ’™βœ¨ Pignoys talaga are πŸ¦€ πŸ¦€ πŸ¦€ if they see someone na medyo angat, they call na “overhyped” and try to hila pababa, charote! πŸ˜‚ I mean, pag marami fans “overhyped” agad? Di ba pwede peymous muna? Pak bongga! Haha 🀣☺️😜

      • Vaks not all angat are overhyped… You and Mariel are overhyped. Elima and Sutton are angat and they deserve to be angat. #a-NaWindang

      • i couldn’t agree more Anawindang!! I guess ganyan na talaga ang mga pignoys lalo na ang mga baklang pignoys. juskoday! Go Mariel!!! πŸ˜€

      • I mean, look, you like Mariel and post positive things about her in this blog without trampling down or bashing other candidates pero dahil di nila gusto si Mariel at may iba silang bet, inaaway ka na nila at sinasabing overhyped si Mariel. Nakakaloka! Go Go Go lang Anawindang!

        Kita mo andami mo likers, ayan inakusahan ka tuloy na gumagamit ng autolikers! hahahaha Can’t they accept the fact na marami lang nag aagree sayo than them? pak!!!!

      • You took the words out of my mouth, J! 😘 Kaloka tong mga bakla may sakit nato na walang alam kundi umepal sa mga comments ng iba, bilang na mga araw nila kaya yan naghahasik ng lagim ang mga chaka. May baggage ang mga taong ganyan kaya di kayang maging happy sa success ng iba, sobrang lungkot siguro ng buhay nila(imagine whole year round sila nakababad sa comment section dito, at least naman tayo pastime lang pero ang mga vaklang sad dahil walang magawa sa buhay, talagang hahalungkatin pa ang kadulu-duluhan ng comments para maghasik ng kababuyanπŸ˜‚). Hindi lang nila matanggap na walang sense mga pinagsasabi nila kaya walang naglalike at makarelate. Tagal na nila atang commenters dito pero di sila pinapansin kasi puro mga negatibo at pangungutya lang ang alam ng mga bakla, hahaha. I mean, kung magsasabi ka ng negative comments sa candidates or kahit sino sa internet siguraduhin mong may proof ka at kaya kong panindigan otherwise mukha ka lang tanga, duhba?πŸ˜„

        Oh well, I had fun trolling the pignoys trolls. Di lang ako busy today at dahil summer naman kaya may time ako magreply sa mga vaklang chakang may sakit, hahahaπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚. Eyniways, this is the last time na I’m going to reply to them because they are not worth my or anybody’s time para pansinin. I don’t read others comments unless alam kong may sense magreply or sa kasong ito, I was tagged. Yun lang, charaught😘!!!

        Ganyan talaga ang asong nauulol, tahol ng tahol hanggang matigok na lang sila one of these days.

        I’m sure dahil wala siyang magawa sa kaniyang sad, worthless life iniistalk niya ang bawat comments ko at binabasa niya ngayon to at ready na naman umepal ang baklang may sakit. Haha Eyniways, I’m done here, moving on na sa mga vaklang chaka πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚

    • hahahahahaha…..u r using now the word “kuda” na ang sabi mo walang class!

      I am happy for you! It shown na wala ka talagang “class” katulad ng kay Mariel De Leon!

      Makuda ka naman talaga at kita sa mga panulat mo, kaso parang wala naman sustansya ang mga sinasabi mo.

      Madaldal ka lang. Peace!!!!

      • Ay buhay ka pa palang bakla ka? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Either dummy account ka ng dalawang baklang epal or talagang idol mo lang ako kaya kahit na nasa dulo ang comment ko nahanap mo parin. Hi, Stalker! πŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ˜˜ Kuda, kuda, kuda, kuda, kuda ka na naman at talagang you love reading my comments. Kung wala palang sustansya gaya ng katawang mong sakitin at puno ng virus, bakit mo ba gustong-gusto binabasa ang mga words ko? Don’t worry, I will be here hanggang April 30 para lamnan ang tuyut mong utak, vaks! You’re welcome narin in advance, my dear! Mwah πŸ’‹ Enjoy! πŸ˜‰

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