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  1. It will be Cat vs Wynonah for MUP
    I hope one of them gets the first runner position instead of one the minor crowns .

    • What are the chances that BPCI will give the top plum to an already crowned Cat? To think that Cat is MWP, a title that used to be locally franchised by BPCI but was removed from them. What are the chances that BPCI is just using Cat for publicity? We all know she has a lot o followers and it will make BBP 2018 a big and controversial one. Isn’t it questionable that Cat was part of the final selection even if she already posed for men’s magazine? Why BPCI was so lenient on Cat compare to other disqualified candidates from past years?

      • well assuming that BPCI is just using Cat for publicity, what better way to publicize than to crown her as MUP di ba?

  2. Even sa instagram account nya, wala pang mga glamour shots si Gumabao. Almost always sporty, sa gym, etc. I cannot wait to see her transforming to wearing gowns and being a beauty queen. Nakakaexcite! Although Cat is still the one to beat, Michele is mysterious because we just haven’t “seen” her!

    • Feeling ko tini-timingan lang ni Michele. 😀 Lez wait…papasabog yan ala Irene Esser (hopefully)..

    • Love that ❤️
      Gray – Universe
      Buot – International
      Gumabao – MGI
      Orais – Intercon
      Aya – Globe
      1st runner up Anjame
      2nd runner up Ahtisa

      • Those are my top 6 including Ahtisa. Not sure about Anjame. Her web interview was weak. Hope she gets better for the finals. I’d like for Sandra and MJ to win something.

    • Cat has a cute thigh gap!!! Lol….both pretty but Cat will have the edge with her superb English communication skills….she’s a world class already on that field.

      • Ang baduy lang nung answer nya sa Miss World na torch torch at halatang halatang ad misericordiam, nagmamaka-awang magkaroon ng korona.

    • I m not used to Cat behaving and posing this way .
      Her sweet demeanor was what brought me to her side
      It’s like we ‘re looking at a totally different person

      • She was just standing next to a fellow candidate….what’s the problem??? Too sultry for you? She might have changed her styling but you can’t assume she’s behaving differently 🤔🤔🤔

      • Cat will do everything to snatched a crown. Even if she needs to change her personality and begavior. In the first place, how sure are we that she is the sweet lady we knew in MW2016. What if she just change her personality and behavior just to adapt in what MW is looking and known for. Remember that she has foreign blood and been through a lot of countries that may influence her personality, behavior and even values. Remember she already posed for Rogue Magazine so this pose is nothing compare to what she did in in the magazine. #nakitakitasaisangmagazine

      • People , I loved her during MWP and MW for her sweet queenly persona.
        Now she looks like just one of the girls . She does not stand out

      • Miss Universe Demi did the same thing with her pics with or without other candidates. She mixed it up with fierce, sweet and sultry.

      • Mary, the difference is that Demi was genuinely like that while Catriona is trying to be one.

      • Why Jeremi? Na-observe mo si Demi since at least 2013? Oh come on. Just admit your bias against Cat. Like duh.

    • I declare that Wynonah Is Cat’s biggest threat . She has improved from her Miss Cebu days. She is very articulate and very ambitious .. and she is ready body wise . She should win MUP or first runner up

      • Hindi lang maganda ang pagkaka retoke sa ilong ni Wynonah, mukha syang majhongerang matrona.

    • Buot is beautiful but ang problema sa kanya she looks the same in all her photos. Parang wala nang meron…hence walang oomph factor. Parang si Rachel Peters…we all know she’s beautiful and has killer body but wala talaga although umasa din naman ako that she will make top 5 but sadly my prediction was right…That’s how I felt with MJ Lastimosa before too and Shamcey fortunately Shamcey made it through…

      • Buot will be a contender. Please browse through her instagram account. In fact, she’s sporting many different looks sa account nya. They all look wonderful.

    • Buot is pretty. But not for universe. She does have a classy demeanour to her which probably suits more to MGI or MI.

      To put it simply, which a small portion of you fail to admit is that Cats beauty isn’t just within her looks. The way she was raised, where she has lived and her own personal experiences makes her a product of the universe. She is a chameleon when it comes to representing her own and business brands yet she remains personable. This is what gives her that edge.

      It’s funny how Cats very own kabayans are hating on her where as so many Latino pageant fanatics are stating that, “if Cat wins, they will support her 100%”. They think that Cat will be the best representative we have sent. (if she wins) This is all on insta. Look it up yourself.

      We all have our bets and each to their own. Regardless of who wins what title, they will all remain beautiful in their own ways.

  3. Jehza looks very tired on this pic….she’s pretty for sure but I think her glory is behind her. She didn’t do well last year when everyone was hoping for a higher placement….maybe a 1st runner up or Globe for her???? Or she should consider joining Miss Philippine earth???? Or Some other minor pageants???

  4. Jehza Huellar, sana naman may korona kana ngayon, baka ma Hanna Ruth Sison ka or Kimverlyn Suiza na wala talagang nangyari ..Kigaganda sanang mga dilag pero hindi talaga nadapuan ng swerte

    • She needs to find her inner Tugonon. Janine literally looked like a fish out of water in 2011. Then she came out of nowhere in BbP 2012. The rest is history…

      Janine was also bashed worst that anyone except maybe Maxine. Maybe Jehza needs some tough love?

  5. This Muriel Girl is slaying , fierce ang aurahan ni ateng and it’s a good thing naman, ikanga huwag pakabog at laban lang.

    • In pictures, yes Muriel is very strong but in videos and when she starts speaking, no. She needs to practice, practice, practice in the communication department.

      It’s not just about beauty. It’s how a candidate can speak her mind with ease and cohesiveness. I haven’t seen this with Muriel yet.

      • Korek look at Sirene and friends. Gandara sana kaso ligwak sa Q&A. So baka top 15 lang tong si Muriel.

        Pero sa totoo lang sa vid sa taas walang class ang pagsayaw niya ha. Give na give na di pleasant sa taste. Pero in fer, game naman siya. Hahaha

    • Truly ka GMW! Masyadong confident ang mga fans and trolls eh wala pang March 18. Anything can happen between now and March 18.

      • atat na atat
        feb 3 pa lang
        marathon ito not a sprint
        may mga iba diyan candidates mag bloom
        and dark horse come pageant night and will steal MUP

        and SMA pa rin naman ang final say

    • there were no mentions of names here in this comment
      you may all assume whatever you want for all I care

  6. Muriel’s beauty screams Universe. Eto ung ganda na hindi na dapat ipaliwanag. Michelle looks very maaliwalas. Why do the girls look more beautiful at the gym than during formal events? hihihihi

    Ganda ng fez ni Jehza.. Miss International na yan basta wag manerbiyos sa Q&A.

    • Dahil Janice Roman lang ang bumabagay sa make up at ayos ng hair ng Davids Salon #AllTeaAllShade

    • 4m, China Vietnam etc have sent girls way prettier than Muriel . They were thank you girls . Muriel also has trouble with comm skills .
      So, no . She will not win MUP

      • Remember that not the most beautiful always wins 😉

        Pia isn’t the most beautiful in her batch.

      • But at least both Botswana and Pia are good communicators
        4m, I really don’t care who wins – Cat or no Cat … although I think Cat is millions of miles away from her biggest competition

      • Ha! Miriam Quiambao may have been stronger in the beauty department but she faltered and got nervous. That was Miriam’s ultimate downfall. Ms. Botswana conquered and confidently answered the final question. This makes all the difference.

        I like Muriel, too. She is beautiful but she seems to get nervous when in front of the camera. I saw her answer in Rated K’s Q&A segment. It was supposed to be a fun session but she still managed to show her nervousness. The way she speaks in a high-pitched/squeaky voice is a turn off.

      • My point is how did Botswana even made it to the final 3 despite not being the most beautiful… hihihi.. Remember that there were swimsuit and evening gowns too and yet she still scored high. So my point is you don’t have to be the most beautiful. You just need the universe to conspire towards you like Paulo Coelho…hihihihih

      • 4M, if Muriel does this once more in the Bb. Pilipinas 2018 Q&A, she will not seal that MUP crown. However, if luck would have it and Muriel pulls a Maxine 2.0 performance, she might just get away with it. Olivia Jordan and those who watched the finals night have said that it was Maxine that really shined that night. Right now, agaw pansin si Muriel sa poses. Malakas ang dating niya.

      • Morena I am going to give her some benefit of the doubt. I don’t like girls who are too polished. Gusto ko talaga is to see a transformation actually happen. Catriona is too polished for me to the point she placed 3rd princess at MW…hihihihi

      • @ 4M and @Morena : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        Mpule Kwelagobe, that’s her name.

    • Sorry, Muriel is maputi lang. Mabilog pa. Don’t know about her comm skills.

      All I can say is someone is right. You can see her type of beauty everyday here in California having ramen, shopping at Sephora, or driving her Lexus.

      BbP 2000-2009-level aura for me. Clap na lang tayo!

      • Wow you know exactly the typical Asian girl prototype in California and you included Sephora huh!!! Well detailed lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • Good point! I’m here sa East Coast. Pero curious lang aq, kaninong ganda sa mga candidates this year ang hindi regular beauty na nakikita mo sa Sephora, having ramen or nasa Barrio Fiesta/Kamayan/Red Ribbon/Seafood City?

      • MJ de Castro – Bb. 34. I don’t find her maarte. Mukhang hindi siya napapadpad lagi sa Sephora 🙂 Simpleng babae.

        Isasama ko na rin sa listahan sina:
        Pat Garcia – Bb. 37
        Trixia Maraña – Bb. 39

      • @Anonymous

        In order of looks AND aura for this year, but not necessarily placements (except Cat – miles ahead): Gray, Gallman, Buot, Lemonon, Huelar and sometimes Patalinjug and Manalo (at other times the last two register teen to me and I feel like a creepy old man). These ladies make me look twice.

        The rest I’ve seen before and I’ll see again but not really notice or remember at the gym, mall, or Jollibee in Daly City, Union City, or National City.

      • The gallman girl is pretty and attractive with or without make up……Lemonon is definitely has the pretty flirty next door girl vibe going on…Catriona is for sure one to beat and she could easily compete in MI or MU……….Muriel is pretty with a very filipina beauty. However, her communication skills is quite questionable and I saw her during Ms. Philippines Earth and she sounded very weak. Muriel is definitely a Sephora girl shopper, her look strikes me as maarte, lol……..and you can see the rest of the 36 candidates probably at hmmmmm Seafood Market shopping for their favorite lumpia and langoniza. lol

  7. I love Michele Gumabao! I hope SMA will send her to the Miss Universe beauty pageant. Peace, guys!

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