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  1. P.S.

    It is interesting to note that, as stated here by blogger, National Directors and aggressive handlers lobby (for their candidates) towards the homestretch. It is now end of Thursday. The Finals is Sunday. The next two days should be “bloody”, so to speak. Cooking show? Pageant politics? 😦

  2. mga ateng ewan ko na Lang Kung Hindi kayo maniwala na Indonesia is poised to win miss grand at si cordoves is trying hard to fit in!! cringe worthy video

  3. Nangarap nanaman. Medyo kaba wig Nya yung puppet sa jigsaw. Medyo may similarity Lang naman kasi malaki yung cheek bones Nya.

  4. There is a humor of favoritism or VIP treamenr from latinas and europe and speially philippines in asia. But if asking me this favoritism is ok lang naman since deserving naman.
    I want her to win be the best in asia and in all continents.
    My top 3 is
    Puerto Rico

  5. OT : Sorry for mentioning it here. Do drop by Filipino-Japanese Journal’s FB page for an interview with Ms. Kylie Versoza.

    • Just viewed it Andrew…
      Kylie has the poise and charm to wear that MI crown.

      My only concern is each Big 4 pageant will probably impose the “Why should you be the next Miss __________?”

      It will be very difficult “not” to the clan duplicate Pia Wurtzbach’s MU title winning response. I noticed the words “responsibility” used over and over.

      Pia’s timely response and choice words of “responsibility and honor” is one for the ages.

      BbP ladies must be aware of this notion. Still, I ove Kylie’s chances of winning. She has that Miss International aura. She can do it!

      • @ Saluda Chang : For me, it all looked and felt half job interview and half ambush interview at either the Philippines Senate or Malacanang Presidential Palace. A fine balance between prepared response and candid/impromptu soundbite had to be achieved. And as always, it is sincerity and empathy that determines whether it will have any weight at all in the end. And nerves of steel!

      • She was definitely prepared and witty… But in my opinion..If Jen was too shrieky and Nicole is energetic.. Kylie was a bit too calm… I would prefer if she pumps up the perkyness like a notch or two.. unless that’s what the japs are looking for.

    • just as i thought, the duterte/war on drugs questions are starting to pop up

      fyi: the western media mostly sees it as a human rights issue

      what do you, guys, think would be the most diplomatic answer?

      i probably would just answer in a more general, non-committal answer:
      “i as a human being respect and value all human lives”

      a cop out answer would be: “i believe in world peace, thank you”

      a more nuanced one:
      “the government is committed to making the lives of filipinos better by eliminating one of the
      causes of crimes. i understand their efforts but i believe the innocent should be protected as well.”

  6. All eyes on Jennifer at MGI. She’ll set the tone for the rest of the BbP.

    Remember 2015 when Parul Shah’s 3rd runner-up placement last year became the spring board to a highly successful pageant season for the Philippines?.. Then Ann Colis’ win at Miss Globe?…

    Jennifer Hammond, knock em’ dead! We know you have the goods to bring home the crown!

  7. Wow! That top photo with her powder blue turtle neck and jeans defines why she WON a BbP title! What a beauty!

  8. Comments in an earlier post lamented her excitability, near lack of tact in her choice of words (recall her swimsuit-lending to Miss Vietnam?), and her having a ready answer to every question as to come across as contrived; she even needed to go easy on the energy drinks! But as the competition went along, it was realized that Jennifer Hammond was merely amiable and down-to-earth.

    May the stars and “safari forests” (Ms. Jen’s own take) of Sri Lanka work their spell to spell a victory for her this weekend. And a great weekend to all in advance. (repetitive; me).

  9. Tito Norm, di ba Fox TV ang media partner ng Miss Intercontinental? Bakit kailangan pa rin magsettle ng mga Pinoy sa livestream kaysa panoorin sa Foxnews or Fox Philippines? Late Telecast ba sila??? Ang crappy kasi ng livestream. #andamingHanash

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