18 comments on “Maxine Medina | For Jewelmer Joaillerie Japan 

    • Hmmm… I’m wondering, should Maxine make the top 5 and since the Philippines is the host nation, does have the option to freely answer the top 5/Q&A in Tagalog?

      In 2001, Puerto Rico hosted MU and crowned its own Denise Quiñones who answered her final Q&A in Spanish!

      • In fact, every Latina who has been crowned Miss Unoverse almost always answered their final q&a in Spanish! In fact, Japan’s Riyo Mori won the MU crown in 2007 answering her final q&a in Japanese!

        Maxine should answer in either English or Tagalog -if she chooses- and not be criticized in addition to the fact that the MU pageant its IN the Philippines. Who is going to cry foul if she uses Tagalog to answer the q&a? The Latinas? 😉 Dont think so…

        Go Maxine!

  1. Gandang hindi na dapat ipaliwanag!
    Ang ganda mo Mareng Max, parang nasa harap lang ako ng salamin.

  2. Wait, napansin ko lang.. lately sa mga stylings niya, ang ganda ng dating ng legs niya. long legged, parang firm, ang strong ang ganda ng dating kahit naka pants. Are we going to see a thigh-high slit na gown? pak!

  3. Maxine’s modelling skills are superb. Only Kylie comes a close second (among the other BBP queens).

  4. I’m impressed! This is the transformation that we have been waiting to see! Very chic, sexy ng hindi nagpapakita ng skin. ang mamahalin ng dating niya at ang aura ng fez niya, exotic na napaka ganda! love iiiiit

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