80 comments on “Binibini 38 Angelica Alita: “I have always pictured myself as a candidate of Bb. Pilipinas”

  1. Angelica feels like Pia 2013. Maybe a few more years to get that womanly vibe? Really like her though.

  2. May updated schedule of events na po ba? Baka kaya hindi pa sila makamove forward because of Kim’s case. Does the primer usually air the weekend before coronation night?

  3. I hope she becomes 1st RUp…

    She is pretty… I wonder where she grew up?…

    Her name is already the perfect label…

    Angelica Alita… Philippines! 😀

      • @dexter at 5’5 to 5’5 1/2 a first runner up finish will be perfect . the face is very attractive but the height is another story . a 5’6 girl is only mediocre height. Any girl fr candidate 1-4 .36-40 falls on the lack of height category. That’s why maria g , jehza for me should be a runner up also.

      • I think with her unquestionably beautiful face, she’s one of those VERY few who could get away with being not so tall.

      • The only reason Olivia Culpo won was to make the Americans feel better at the time when their country was in crisis. I know this is not the answer you expected but I am just citing it as an example just in case she wins a national title. Year 2015 winners of international pageants are at least 5’7″, e.g., Miss Universe – 5’7″, Miss World – 5’10”, Miss Earth – 5’7½”, Miss Grand International – 6′, Miss International – 5’10”, and Miss Supranational – 6′. UNLESS, she is destined. That would be another story.

      • I agree, sana manlang 5’7 1/2 ala Megan Young… 19 palang naman.. bka kaya pa ng 1 inch basta wag mag puyat, kain ng foods rich in calcium tapos mag Cherifer premium… kung desperado na talaga at may budget naman eh mag HGH diet na! Tatangkad na sya, papayat pa sya as side effect… pa consult na sa Doctor ASAP… bka kaya pa habulin!

      • Oh… nice! Homegrown..
        I am starting to like her… She could win a crown after college… for now she should be 1st RUP…

    • Hello Closer2Fame,

      Angelica was born in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro and is the daughter of my best friend there. I’ve watched her grow up in the small town since she was about 7 years old.

  4. I don’t get the hype on Nichole Manalo. Pretty pero pang miss asia lang ang beauty nya. She has nothing but the influence manalo sash factor.

    • Agree! Yeah, she is beautiful, but she will drown in the international competition beside the Latina beauties. Plus, she looks old.

    • She os a deadringer of Miss Intercontinental 2014 so i guess you know where this is heading. Patraporn Wang pa more.

    • @ arichie Nichole m.is soooo overrated. What she undergone could have cost lots of money but still its like 5110 to Nokia 3310. No way this is an iPhone . thats y they are doing their best to minimizing the competition

  5. with proper styling and make up she will win. i like her aura from 1st phoyto with kid.

  6. Hi Angelica, with your oh so pretty face you should also picture yourself as a Bb. Pilipinas title holder! Step up your game, girl, you’ll go farther in this competition than you originally pictured yourself. I’ll be glad to see you snatch one of the crowns, best of luck to you!

    • In fairness to Nichole, She havn’t had surgery yet on that picture… She looks far better now. 🙂

    • Trying to decipher ano pinagawa nya. Hula lang po ito:

      1. Eyelid surgery
      2. Rhinoplasty
      3. Chin implant (?!) – her chin/jaw looks so weird when she talks

      • Camia, thank you for directing your observation to me. In as much as I want to justify your findings, I believe I am not in that expertise to say anything that’s why all I have been saying was her new look does not show a trace of her old self.

        I hope Sheena or Closer2Fame is around to share their feelings toward this beauty enhancement matter.

  7. I want her as a runner up for now. Bata pa naman sya ehh, baka ma-Janicel Lubina., hilaw pa. She’s definitely a stunner.

  8. I have to agree with most, she resembles Ruffa Gutierrez with updo and Paulina Vega when her hair is down. And YES, she owns one of the prettiest faces in this edition.

  9. Naturally beautiful, yes. Like Angelica, Maxine, Kim (I still so miss her…), Apriel, Sheena, etc.

    And then there are those who remind me of Cindy Miranda, like this one.

    • That make sense Melanie I’ve read in one of the forum few days ago ..they’ve got the same Doctor 👻👌🏻

  10. Tito Norman , I think there is a typo error in the last part. Angelica Alita is a fighter. She may look inexperienced to you, but she knows why and what for she is part of Bb. Pilipinas 2026, maybe you mean Bb. Pilipinas 2016.

  11. Naturally beautiful. Yes she looks a bit like Paulina Vega. I hope she gets a crown.

  12. Pag naka ponytail sya para rin pala syang si Catherina Choi ng Brazil. Pretty pretty.

  13. I like her. If she doesn’t get a crown for whatever reason this year, I’m positive that she’ll get one for sure if she joins again. I think she might surprise everyone at the coronation night!

  14. Sweet pretty face. I think she’s underrated. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she grabs one of the crowns, if not MUP, come finals. I don’t know lang how good a communicator she is. hihi

  15. She’s really pretty, probably the prettiest face of this batch, along with Maxine Medina.

  16. She’s gorgeous. see, kung anong nagagawa ng tamang styling para sa isang binibini? I find her more beautiful with soft curls or nakalugay na buhok.

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