7 comments on “Miss Scuba Philippines and Miss Scuba International: Saving Oceans Through Beauty

  1. she is really exotic filipina beauty…. no wonder she won and be the first ever filipina to be miss scuba international title holder.

    • It has less than 30 participations last year and in the previous years so there’s no comparison. However, MSI has better global responsibilities than MEW.

  2. Christine Paula Love Bernasor of Ormoc City was first runner-up in the 2013 edition of the international pageant that was held in Kota Kinabalu.

  3. I hope this pageant becomes more popular than its level of popularity now because it’s advocacy is truly global. A thousand better than those 2nd-tier beauty pageants I must say.

    Can we do a back-to-back?!? 😆

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