24 comments on “The Mutya ning Kapampangan 2014 Winners

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  3. She’s beautiful. she has potential. sana ma train siya at mapunta sa tamang camp.

  4. Pretty face, sweet ang dating niya. Maybe Miss Earth or Mutya ng Pilipinas in 2-3 years tapos saka na mag BbP. Sabak muna sa minor/corporate pageants for more experience at tapusin ang pag-aaral. But I’d start with the professional training asap.

    Tito Norms, since malapit na ang Miss World, puwede bang mag-request ng Senti Sunday about the ninakaw daw na gown ni Cara Subijano nung Miss World 1994?

  5. Promising!

    An intl title is waiting for her, if my formula works:

    MM + MM = MAM

    Melanie Marquez + Margie Moran = Mary Angelique Manto

    • Mas awful naman ang BBP crowns kumpara sa korona nila. Kelan kaya papapalitan ni MSA ang mga korona? Ay teka, unahin pala muna ang mga itinatagong damit sa baul! Ipa-auction na lang sana nya ang mga yun at ang malikom na pondo e gamitin ang ilang bahagi sa pag-build ng bagong wardrobe para sa ating future Queens.

  6. I was a judge at the pre-pageant and these ladies were all on top of my list. I can see great possibilities for Maolyn (Mabalacat). she has the height and stage presence. Patricia (San Fernando) and Zaina (Angeles) were both standouts for their talents–Patricia recited poesia in Kapampangan, while Zaina played the kulintang. Mary Joy (Macabebe) owend the stage with her municipal costume made of real “kabib'” shells, from which the town got its name. As for the winner, Mary Angelique (Lubao), she displayed a maturity way beyond her age. She had a quiet but regal kind of beauty that reminded me of Miss Int’l ’70 Aurora Pijuan.Well done. ladies.

    • Nice. 4 out of 5 can easily make it to the national pageants esp. Miss Earth, Miss World P and Bb. Pilipinas.

  7. I see in her a conglomeration of striking features of our Pinay Great Beauties: the forehead of Gloria Diaz, the eyebrows of Miriam Quiambao, the eyes of Janine Tugonon, the cheekbones of Margie Moran, the nose of Lara Quigaman, the lips of Jamie Herrel, the chin of Shamcey Supsup, the neck of Melanie Marquez, the shoulders of Megan Young, and the Freshness and being natural of Mutya Datul!
    She can already prepare for Miss World 2016: start conceptualizing her BWAP and the content of her Multi-media projects, hone all the more her talents…condition herself for a grueling demands of international compitions without losing steam and getting into lethargy.
    She can be a strong bet for Miss Earth…but not for next year…maybe three years from now.
    As for Miss Universe…well,she needs to be fiercer…she needs to be more dynamic without sacrificing her gracefulness!

  8. Pretty face! Cute and delicate features, very promising. Can be groomed ala-Mutya Datul style.

  9. Sir n:
    Off topic
    Now that they are both back in Manila, is there a scheduled presscon for Kris and Yvette at Araneta today? Thanks

  10. Mary Angelique Manto can be a good candidate for Miss International, she is very striking. When I first see the photo of all the winners my eyes already laid on Maolin Yalung, I just can’t decide yet what crown suits for her.

  11. Tito Norms, 1997 po si Abbygale Arenas, which I’m sure is just a typo on your part 🙂

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