11 comments on “If Ali Forbes can, why not her sister Lea?

  1. Lea is the Olivia Culpo of the Philippines!

    She’s cute, gorgeous, lovable and photogenic, too! An advertiser’s dream girl!

  2. Saw this girl last night with the other JDV girls… Her legs are like more than half her body length with or with out heels.. She’s around 5’6 -7 but with no doubt she’s pretty! Her face is like a young version of Techi Agbayani with a vavavoom but modelesque body.. Wow!… I just hope she has more confidence in public speaking than her sister. With the right trainning, She might snatch one of the crowns.

    • Wait, correction!.. mga Aces&Queens pala nakita ko the other night… I’m talking about a different girl.

  3. She is not taller than 5’5″, 5’3 the least…You guys can check her full body photos on her fb page Lea Mallari Forbes! She even looks shorter than Olivia culpo. But she is pretty

  4. Si Lea…. Kawangis din ni Maria Isabel Lopez nuong bata pa siya……

  5. Who is younger and taller, Ali or Lea ? The photo where they’re together, Lea looks older and shorter! She can try, she’s pretty enough but the height is not promising.

  6. I just hope na parampahin ang mga aspiring candidates na nakatapak, at nang magkaalaman kung sino talaga ang mga pandak.
    Diusmio, e ka-height lang ni Kiray Celis ang magkapatid na ito, nadadala lang ng bulldozer heels.
    Tama na ang pandaraya, kitang kita sa biyas na bonsai ang mga babaitang ito.

  7. You’re right, Norman. Lea, just based on the pics above, seems to have more oomph factor than Ali. If Ali can give the Philippines a fourth placement internationally, her sister may even break her record. She should try!

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