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  1. I agree, traumatic yun!
    San ka naman nakakita ng Pageant na nag camping sa gilid ng bundok.. wala pang lock mga tent nila at baka kung sino nalang magpumilit pumasok.. I hope Cindy knows that the Filipinos are aware of the feud between us and China. Her Top 15 placement is already a huge achievement despite all the politics.

  2. As a Filipino, I wished she won MTQI for the Philippines but somehow the majority amongst us knew she will not do far. Perhaps strange but if you really look at their group photo, she seems out-of-place. No offence to her fans but she really does not have that queenly appeal not because she was too skinny or anything. I am sure she is doing very well and I fully understand why she prefers to be invisible.

      • I know. That’s why our fans always give us thumbs down. Whatta weird world, aye?!?

    • I’ve noticed that after her stint at MTQI and placed top 10 in boondocks of china, her personal appearances with co binibini gold batch dwindles She has a duty to fulfill with the binibini right?
      Vivid in my mind how she always mention “Unstoppable” daw siya, full of adrenaline pa nga ang aura niya at that time….. Ansavehhh? Anyarehhh ?

      • Well, unstoppable to hide so she is living up to her own words. 😉 At least she is very consistent, right?!? LOL.

      • O sige nga @ Dexter Co, since ikaw ang summa cum laude ng batch 2013, I research mo kung bakit di nakikita si cm, at anong dahilan kung bakit “unstoppable ” siya sa pagiging hidee klum niya?

      • Is it true that Candy Crush is up to level 515?…. Ang layo ko pa, I’m just at level 125….. Search mo na si cm, then please lang watch tv, rent mo ang “true blood” or see it at HBO, it’s sexy, scaringly erotic, I hope I woke up your curiousity!

      • Up to 500 in my app and I am now on the last episode at Level 486. I’ll check later if there’s any update because when I started the game, it was only until 415. Well, it’s a game that has actually no end. The last always shows “to be continued…”

      • My secret of doing well in CC is that I give life to practically everyone even if they’re not asking. You see, kindness has a way in everything we try to accomplish. 🙂

  3. Mmmm she certainly knows her priorities..fragile??? Could it be a mature (ergo, fragile!) gentleman who can tempt her enough to leave family and friends to spend New Year in a foreign country?? Anyhow- none of my business really or anyone’s for that matter- never did like her; even if the pageant itself is dubious, I could think of a few girls that night who could have been given her crown- De Leon, Apuad,Schweighart. Maybe, she’s already moved on, hence, the absences.

  4. Diusmio mga Inday, hinahanap nyo pala si Manay Cindy?
    Hindi nyo ko iniform e di hindi sana ka’yo nag-alala ng wagas sa kanyang whereabouts.

    Magkasama kaming nagtinda ng paputok sa Bocaue noong Dec.30-31.
    E sa sobrang payat ni Manay e napagkamalan ko syang Giant Piccolo, ayun nakasamang naibenta ko ang hitad sa isang Chinese businessman.
    Hindi ko lang knowing kung napaputok na ba sya o naputukan na ng intsek na si Mr. Lu Wang Ni

  5. Nothing we can do except to pray for her and hoping that everything is alright. Whatever her reasons to hide from the public eye, is no longer our business to know. I am sure she was still confused and weighing her other options after she failed to bring home the crown and the fact in a few months she will pass the crown to her successor. If you were in her shoes do you think it is gonna easy, the answer is NO. Let us all give her the space that she wants.

  6. Thank you for making a blog post about this Sir Norman. I just noticed that after her stint at MTQI, she cannot be found anywhere. We’ll except for the send offs for her other BBP Gold sisters and some events. It might be that she really had a traumatic time at China during her pageant but still her fans would appreciate her presence. She is still a Binibini after all.

  7. Kung may pinagdadaanan mang problema si CM, I m hoping na she surpass this….

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