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  1. @Casper
    Don’t get me wrong, I think Filipino fans have the “right” to vocalize their excitement for their candidate. However, in exercising your freedom to do so one must ask themselves, ” Is it right?”

    At Miss Universe and Miss World let your cheers be heard baby. But at Miss International, in Japan, where conservative and polite etiquette still define the culture the answer is a definitive NO! I believe the boisterous fans are part of the equation that the beautiful Hannah did not advance into past a demoralizing and somewhat embarrassing top 15 placement.

    Thank you.

  2. Let us convince Harlene Budol to join Bb. Pilipinas again. She is the only hope that Philippines will get the crown again. She is tall, talented. charming, fluent and articulate in English. #MI2024 #BudolforBbInternational2024

  3. Just to add to some more finger pointing that may have affected Hannah’s chances of advancing further, rumor has it that loud and boisterous behavior from “the best pageant fans in the world” at the live ceremony in Tokyo Dome City Hall supposedly irritated some of the judges (yes, particularly that notorious socialite judge whom we all know). Fans had to be told to tone it down. These fans need to be reminded this is Japan, not Vegas.

    • Mga squatters ang mga baklita kung umasta. JUSME nagkalat nanaman .sila din yung Hund lang sa isang candidate na dahil sa mga himawan nila yung mga judges Nairita

    • That is a strong possibility. Chismax when Lara competed in 2005, pinoys were told not to be too loud. Then Lara won.

  4. Congratulations for your hardwork Hannah!

    Well, kung si Hannah nga Top 15 lang, si Nicole Borromeo pa kaya na pabebe makapasok nyan, kahit sya nga gulat na naging MI Philippines sya. Dapat yung pinapapasok kasi jan yung patriangle or diamond ang shape ng face hinde yung mapanga or macheeks and soft ang features, parang si Dewi Sukarnoeputri dapat ang shape at template nila, remember that. Look at Melanie,Edymar, Kevin Lilliana, Kylie, soft ang features (hinde soft ang features ni Hannah at Nicole) , I am not saying hinde sila maganda, I am saying they are not in the correct pageant.

    Dios Mio, pag nakikita ko si Nichole naaalala ko si Mariel de Leon. Kinakabahan ako for next year, kahit Miss Dresser baka di makuha ni Nicole, or Miss International Asia kahit yun na lang.

    Dapat si Gab Basiano ang MI – Philipines for the next edition hinde itong Cebuana, mali ang placements nilang ginawa sa Bb Pilipinas talaga.

    Pinilit ipasok yung sumagot ng “telephone” ayun nganga sa MGI, tapos kahit 5th RU tinanggap pa rin nya, pasalamat sya kay Miss Mauritius. Para lang nangyari kay Nichole Manalo sa Mss Globe 2016, naging 3rd RU na lang bigla after 2 days, sa pressure ng mga fans at ng kanyang mayamang beauty pageant auntie (na may ties with Bb. Pilipinas, socialite at taga-abuse ng chimay).

    • @River

      FYI, Mariel De Leon became a clapper because of her elitist hypocritical and condescending tweets against Mocha Uson and Duterte supporters that no amount of Q&A trainning nor damage-control could cure.

    • There goes your much admired Borongan lass.
      There’s nothing spectacular with her, except that she’s light skinned.
      Other than that, nothing, zilch, zero, wala.

      • I just feel sorry for Hannah , after two years of waiting , I wished she exerted more energy on stage because it was one shot , but she may not be feeling well last night …

  5. I have yet to watch the MI show in full. But from what I see from still pictures online, the Jasmin Selberg has a pleasingly sweet and engaging personality. Conversant in English, German, Estonian, and Korean, her bio seems like a perfect Miss Earth queen, too. Accordingly, her instagram feeds feature mostly her life as a beauty queen and her life with her furry friends. But I think her differential advantage in this MI edition themed “Beauties for UN SDGs” is her Queens Raising Awareness initiative, an international community driven by values and a sense of urgency on issues about the environment and society. Anchored on the philosophy “small changes have great impacts” the initiative collaborates with various beauty pageant queens to raise awareness about issues in the environment and society. Will her experiences and credentials put life to the audacious MI theme “Beauties for UN Sustainable Development Goals”. That, we have to see.

  6. Maybe the Big 3 pageant world is tiring of having the Philippines as always a top 5 finalist potential.

    Oh well. Congratulations
    Hanah. On the other hand one waited two years for a very disappointing top 15 finish. Such is life.

  7. Dios mio sino ba yung dalawang ushers sa stage nakaka pangit. Pangit na nga ang production ang gulo.

  8. When i saw her at a pageant here in Bohol, I was quite disappointed since all I saw was a tall and pale tisay with an anemic and tepid personality. Fast forward to MI and I realize that it wasn’t her competing onn and off the stage but her team. This is what happens when you take over. Let the girl become her own authentic self please.

    • Weh? Di nga? Yung mga ganitong take pag may results na tsaka kumukuda feeling right kemerut. Walang bayag kumuda before the pageant. Pwe!

      • He didn’t because :
        1. He’s a gentleman;
        2. Tayo na, rin, ang nagkasundo’ng huwag ma-jinx si Ms. Hannah; &
        3. Even then, the calibration would have kicked in & in all probability the game plan will unfold. So, none of our opinions, here, will amount to anything.

        It’s still a placement. We are grateful, always, for the opportunity… 🙂

    • Who/which is anemic~tepid? The on- or off-stage?…

      I am reminded of a co-Binibini whom one pageant vlogger said were two different persons. The persona on- & off-camera were polar opposites. Also a repeater & Eurasian.

      In any case, it is the smart candidate who adapts as she goes… Yeah, the grand hotel of the Borromean islands of Piedmont beckon. ❤

    • @Cool Brew, I agree that authenticity matters most in beauty pageants. Lately, when the handlers “package” our bets according to their reading of the winnability factors, the quest for a crown ends in an embarrassing result. We either overtrain to the point that authenticity is lost, or we misread the current directional template of the search to the point that our bet mismatches the specs required.

      • On the misreading of the template, you are referring to Ms. Felizarta again, I presume.

        THAT ‘mismatch’ was a publicity shot, TAKEN HERE (NOT at the pageant), meant to drum up last-minute support for our rep in the dying hours leading up to the Finale in Vietnam. Highly unlikely the contest judges saw that… 🙂

        Ms. Arnold’s UN SDG project to teach youngsters how to formulate dish washing detergent solution as supplementary income was probably not as sophisticated Ms. Selberg’s Queens Raising Awareness Initiative. But the former was more concrete-specific~practical~TANGIBLE. But ’nuff said. ❤

      • @Edible Flor, no i’m not just talking of Justine’s case but of all cases of seemingly “overtrained” bets lately, to the point that they lose their authenticity, and/or “packaged” wrongly resulting from the handlers’ misreading of the current/recent/developing template of the beauty search.

      • @Edible Flor, on your second point about the UN SDG project, a serious flaw in Hannah’s submission may not have escaped the judges’ notice. While the homemade dishwashing liquid is a practical and doable income-generating project (to address the Zero Poverty SDG goal), it most probably have ignored the issue of use of chemical, not organic, raw materials. Any community-based project that uses chemicals that pollute the water systems fail in the sustainable development criterion.

  9. Third Miss International title in Germany’s history and the first since 1989.

  10. In fer, ME and MI both have a very strong set of winners. Now, let’s see what MU has to offer.

    Celeste, it’s your turn!!!!! hihihihih

  11. Although it saddens me that our imported bet only finished in top 15, I still feel vindicated with my observation that she didn’t radiate personality. Hope the next girl would have a more winsome personality and be more appealing. Now back to the drawing boards for those who train our MI bets

  12. Miss Germany Jasmin Selberg who speaks fluent in English, German, Estonian and Korean really deserved the crown. MIss Germany is not stranger to the beauty pageant, she represented her country in Miss Globe in 2021 but ended up Top 15 Finalist and Maureen Montagne of the Philippines crowned as Miss Globe 2021. She participated unsuccesfuly in Miss Germany Universe 2022 and Miss Supranational 2022. As they say in German Herzliche Glückwünsche, Congratulations Miss Germany!

  13. Well well well kudos kay Mare Naka top 15. Sinong nag train sa kanya na bawat Lakai nya eh yung nguso nya pumupunta sa itong nya nagmumukha sya tuloy apes. I observed during the swimsuit wala syang ka glamour glamour Diko alam kung DAHIL SA NGUSO NYA O SA HAIR NYA. There meron lang akong Han ash sa MI sya lang makapasok na Asian pero Japan yung nakakuha ng award ewan. Yung nag sa Sabing yung susunod na rep erh mananalo sus i dont see future sa girlalooo nayan shongit rin😂

  14. Congrats Miss Germany. Congrats Hannah babe. You did what you had to do. It’s ok since we have another Ace in Nicole for next year who has more spunk than Hannah babe.

  15. I’m afraid for Celeste since pareho sila ng aura ni Hannah na parang pagod na pagod.
    I can see Celeste reaching the top 10 for now.
    I don’t know but I have this feeling about Vietnam reaching top 5 along with USA

    • With MI (finally) done, MU na pag-aabalahan! January na ‘yun…

      Vietnam & USA in the Top 5? Like Vietnam & Puerto Rico back in 2018. 🙂

      I think Thailand will get a dose of ‘so-near-yet-so-far’. Anna S might end in the Top 3. RL Lacanienta’s ward might finish stronger than The Camp’s. GRIPPING, kasi, ‘yun’g backstory niya, baka mapusuan ng sponsors ng MUO, lalo na’t New Ownership … Imagine dealing a blow to the likes of Nicolene Limsnukan.

      (Am excited, too, for TCI’s next offerings. Even more so if it will be a new face! Llegado & de Mesa were a great start, but they’re really cross-overs. Sila nag-train du’n sa anak ni Sonny Parsons, no?)

    • If there are countries who should be afraid, Venezuela and USA would be it

      Both countries failed the reach the semis in Miss Earth and Miss International

      And with the scandal with USA, she may clap in Miss Universe

  16. Tandaan nyo ito.. I said it 1st… the stars will align…
    Nicole Borromeo from Cebu, Philippines will reach TOP 8 and possibly win Miss International next year..

      • @Ivan

        Hahaha you can hate all u want but so far I have an excelent track record in Predicting winners..

        Nagkamali palang ako kay Patricia Magtanong whom I expected to become at least a runner-up at Miss International but ended as Top 8.. And Roberta Tamondong whom I expected to become a runner-up during the finals but still ended up days after as runner-up only by default/appointment. And Karen Galman who I predicted would be a sure Top 5 and possibly 1st RUp but ended up as the winner.

        And yet, I predicted that Bea, Mutya, Megan, Ann, Pia, Kylie, Catriona, Cinderella, Maureen, etc. would win.. including the runner up placements of Venus, Shamcey, Ara, Maxene, Ahtisa, Ali, Parul, Nicole, Elizabeth, Samantha, etc.

        Best of All I predicted that BBM, Sarah Du30, Robin Padilla, would all win with a landslide..🤣🤣🤣

        And I predict now that you will continue to suffer in bitterness.😘😘😘

      • @Closer2Fame tell me you are displaying so much arrogant stupidity in your blindly fanatical support of your COMELEC-select leaders without telling me you are displaying so much arrogant stupidity in your blindly fanatical support of your COMELEC-select leaders. 🤨

  17. Congratulations to Miss Germany for a well deserved victory and to our very own Hannah Arnold for giving it her best enough to make it to the Top 15.

    On a side note though, IMHO Hannah’s pink Leo Almodal gown with the dramatic skirt reveal during Binibining Pilipinas 2021 has a much better stage presence than what she wore tonight which only blended with the multitude of nude gowns onstage. Even the aura she served back then was seemingly more glowing. And I may be mistaken, but the color and beading on the lower half of her gown remind me so much of that of Miss Colombia Universe 2021 Valeria Ayos. But then again, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery as Oscar Wilde once said.

  18. It’s obvious now that Miss International doesn’t pander to pageant fans’ clamor. We know that pageants are not exactly a big thing in Europe and Germany is no exception. I remember reading an article when a German engineer named Marlene Schimd won Miss Universe in 1961. It didn’t even make the front pages in Germany’s major broadsheets

  19. Wow! A breath of fresh air at Miss International 2022
    Congratulations to Miss Germany and her court
    Thanks, Miss Philippines for representing the country well. We all know you did your best and are happy for you to be included in the Top 15.

    And now, to celebrate this triumphant occasion – I will eat my HAMBURGer together with FRANKFURTer Würstchen while splashing myself with a bottle of COLOGNE.

  20. Big congratulations Miss Germany! It’s been long that an international beauty title goes to a West European. I was hoping for a Cape Verde win, but a 1st Runner-up finish is already a big accomplishment considering that this small island nation off the coast of Senegal is a newbie in pageantry. I had always been fascinated by the beautiful skin tone and physical features of the people of this former Portuguese colony– a pleasant blend of African and European. I think Cape Verde will soon be an African country to watch in pageant circles.

    • At MI. Since at least 2012 (when Japan won, right? And the whole alleged Yakuza issue which became an installment in Norman’s Blog’s ‘pandemic lock down serie’ ), the Mikimoto has been hurled back & forth across the Pacific Ocean.

      2013 – Philippines
      2014 – Puerto Rico
      2015 – Venezuela
      2016 – Philippines
      2017 – Indonesia
      2018 – Venezuela
      2019 – Thailand

      The title is back in the Atlantic’s neighborhood! 🙂

      This Top 5 gives a vibe similar to Supranational’s 2021 edition, won by Chanique Rabe of Namibia & with South Africa, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, & Puerto Rico as Runners-up. AN ASIAN LOCK OUT…

      (Abangan, natin, si MUAngola 2022, a Supra co-semifinalist of Sgt. Pajares!)

  21. The color of her gown matches the crown.
    Congrats to Ms. PH for making it into the semifinals.

  22. A good omen for MU 2022 … hopefully they now recognize the European fan base … and if Ukraine wins , they will have the whole EU watching MU again ! the new owner’s strategy , build up a billion digital fans … cultivate China & India next !

    • European fan base… Iris couldn’t pull in advertisements/bookings from France. France na ‘yun.

      Puhon, the Germans will be more receptive. 🙂

      Btw, what EXACTLY are China & India’s stance on the Ukraine~Russia conflict? Kasi, baka may repercussions ang pagpanalo kay Ukraine that might be counterproductive to establishing MU in the two Asian behemoths.

      But Germany gets plenty of business from China, which isn’t surprising from both a historical & political perspective. Maybe @ C2F & our other experts can chime in…?


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