10 comments on “Miss Thailand 2006 then, Jeab Kongtoranin now

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  2. I say, as respect and norm to LGBT community, we refer to him as a ‘he’ from hereon. So happy for him!

  3. 21 gun salute for u Jeab.
    I’m proud of you te.
    Follow your heart and spread love and world peace.
    Sabi ng malantod na si Krizzy, love love love.

    • Sayang? If she’s happy with her decision, NOBODY has the right to condemn or feel sorry.

      Hypocrisy has no place in this modern world.

    • What’s “sayang” about this? This is an uplifting and heart-warming story. He’s a success. How can you find something negative to say about this story?!!

      • Sayang sya kasi kung hindi sya naging tomboy, she could have a happy family with her own children. Sayang ang lahi nya. Pero sino nga ba naman tayo para hadlangan ang kagustuhan nya. Kung saan sya masaya e di wow. Ang gwapo gwapo nya ha!

      • I think her uterus is still intact… Invitro fertilization perhaps? Or a surrogate mother using her egg?

  4. I dig lesbians who don’t make their tummies big just to look like a man. Jeab with that look could easily wow and win his/her kind if he/she’s in this part of the world. I’m sure! 🙂

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