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  1. I hope the New Ownership can assure a reliable annual tradition, to mean none of those disconcerting ‘rumored venue’ obvious publicity stunts. As one us said, ‘paandar lang ‘yan’.

    And please, just have the pageant at a definite~particular time of the year! 🙂

  2. I saw /heard some video saying that there will be a top 20 + internet vote ( TOP 21 ) like in MU2020. The video presentation appears legitimate , not fake.

    Then, they will choose the best 14 out of the 21. Finally, the 7 best of the best will be announced. ( 21-14-7 ) This sounds exciting

    • Multiples of 7… Parang ‘yun’g mga nanalo sa Lotto. Multiples of 9. 🙂

      Kailan, po, implementation niyan? For LATER 2023, kaya? AFTER the January 2023 edition in New Orleans… Kasi, it says above the 20-10-5… is ‘confirmed format’.

      Or, is this just another way to explain the one you mentioned earlier about having a Virreina…?

      ‘Di, kaya, may significance kina Mdme. Anne JKN? I think ‘7’ is symbolic in their culture.

  3. Celeste would surely be in the TOP 3/5

    My Top 15 girls in Random Order:

    Puerto Rico


    South Africa


    • Manong, confirmation lang, po.

      Sino, po’ng, ipadadala ni Mr. WW? ‘Eto’ng kananalo’ng MSA? Or, nag-appoint siya ng RU?

      (Doesn’t the winner automatically go to MW? Or, whichever comes first, MU or MW?)

  4. Nakuh ha baka madisappoint ako kay cheleste, pero isa sya sa talagang magandang candidate na Pilipinas . Ang national costume pinagawa sa isang kakilala ko hmmmm secret.

  5. It made me more excited to watch MU2022 after Christine’s interview with Celeste (pronounced as Cheleste). She’s more conversational and engaging now using English language, a complete turnaround compared to when I first watched her at ME years ago. Break a leg girl, show them what you’ve got! 🇵🇭

  6. The forthcoming MU edition is expected to be a search like no other. New ownership that implies new directions, a fresh new look at the global industry, renewed vigor, and new operating systems and procedures, will invariably make the search for a spokesperson a very crucial jumpstart for this multi-million business. Will the search criteria be the same as before? In this game of one-upmanship in global pageantry, MU must upend the super eloquent, knowledgeable and engaging new brand ambassadresses of ME (Miss Korea), MI (Miss Germany) and MS (Miss South Africa). Who will she be? Where will she come from? Will MU pivot to a territory not yet taken this year —not Asia, not Western Europe, not Africa— for a strategic market outreach? I believe this year’s competition will be fought more in the arena of intellect and values, and in the perceived strategic role of the participating country in the political economy of beauty pageants.

    • Koya, ano’ng say mo sa isa’ng bahagi ng mundo’ng parang wala masyado’ng naririnig pero unless may kaguluhan’g nagnaknak (fester, as in a lingering wound…) ay wala’ng dahilan para hindi umunlad & for that reason MAY interest MUO (regardless of the Ownership) in terms of blazing new territory – CENTRAL ASIA?

      (Countries like Kazakhstan, Mongolia, or Kyrgyzstan occasionally catch the eye of a few pageant observers… I sometimes wonder if a few of them reach out to Filipino pageant camps/experts for assistance/advice. Or, is the economic~political link with the ‘West’ still murky as to seriously consider them as a market to explore immediately?)

      We had a principal that while struggles to establish a sizable beachhead in the more ‘glamorous~prestigious’ countries gets plenty of business from the ones who oppose or at least disagree with those ‘cool’ nations… ‘Yun’g ganu’n. 🙂

      Kasi, mamimili ka ba ng customer? Does MUO right now have that luxury?… Curious lang.

      (I am not implying Central Asians aren’t ‘cool’. And the example I gave is in another part of the universe.)

    • If I’m a businesswoman in Asia, my focus would be to strengthen the brand globally so finding a winner that would be universally accepted and could be a lucrative source of income for the org is of at utmost importance.

      I think they’ll find someone commercially marketable yet personally relatable to see the MU brand and be the face of products under the new owners business portfolio.

      With that said, I think the trend to pick a Euro or Eurasian beauty will continue at MU as a Caucasian winner will appeal in every segment of the globe. This is where Celestes strength comes in. She has rhe Asian heart with euro beauty.

    • @Edible Flower, Central Asia would be a frontier area for pageantry, but maybe not yet now for economic and religious reasons. I believe, the spokesperson who can strategically jumpstart the New MU should most likely come from the Americas, East Europe and Middle East. I think, it is important that she should be as eloquent, professionally-credentialed and engaging as the current queens of the branded pageants (ME, MI and MS). She has to have the persona that easily resonates the MU brand essence to its global followers, as well as the commanding presence that can transform corporate boardrooms and government halls as its financial lifeline.

    • @4M, I think making inroads into the European market is not a matter of crowning a queen with “the Asian heart [and] Euro beauty”. One surefire road into the hearts and minds of pageantry’s main market, the Millennials and GenZs, are advocacies on various social and economic issues. The latest annual Deloitte Global Millennial and Gen Z Survey reveals that the young generation today believes the world has reached a tipping point on issues such as racial justice, inequality and the environment. Admittedly, Millennials and Gen Zs are becoming more politically involved, making a conscious effort to ensure they spend their money with companies that reflect their values and pushing for change on societal issues. They believe in their individual power to make a difference, but they are also demanding that businesses and governments do their part to help build a better future.

      • @4M, we all want to recapture lost pageantry markets, don’t we? The key is advocacy. ME, MI and MS queens’ personal brands are shaped by their respective advocacies.

  7. Her tagalog isn’t very good, but then again neither is Catriona’s tagalog.
    Catriona even represented Albay but I doubt she speaks Albayanon.
    Nobody made a big deal about it.
    Here’s hoping Pinoy pageant fans show Celeste the same consideration as they did Catriona.

    • @Patsy

      Celeste speaks English well… She just has a distinct Italian accent when Speaking in English and Tagalog. Most Filipinos have our own unique regional accents just like 99 % of the contestants at MU… And she will be speaking English duting the competition, not Tagalog. Therefore, your comment is irelevant.

      • Some pageant fans are attacking her for not being Pinay enough since her tagalog is weak hence I made the comment.
        Your common sense is lacking.
        You’re one of those Failipino pageant fans huh? 😅

  8. Good luck on your Miss Universe journey, Celeste.

    I think Miss Universe competition is a lot tougher if it is held in January. The candidates have a lot of temptations because of the Christmas food festive left and right. Thus, I hope that the MUP Team should be on guard of Celeste’s diet. Chances are she might end up a la Rabiya. We all knew that Rabiya gained weight before the competition. She looked beefy and stocky. Gosh! That’s why she failed to advance to Top 10 after the swimsuit round. She lacked confidence. She strutted quickly and failed to smize or emote on camera.

    To Celeste: Always be yourself. Let your authentic self come out during the pageant process. Enjoy your journey and don’t forget that there are many Filipinos behind supporting you. Slaaaaaay, dear, and raise our flag high.

    That’s all.

  9. It’s still USA for complete package. Face- both ✔️. Body-both ✔️. Interview – USA is the 🏆 winner, period😊

  10. Right now, I do not see her in the top two BUT I HOPE she is in the TOP THREE !

    Might end up being the very first 2nd ru Pinas in MU history.
    Many days still to unfold and reveal her highest potential , we’ll stay tuned !

    For top two , if they are destined to be two latinas , I prefer Chile and Peru instead of Venezuela and PRico

    BUT I hope it is destined to be two Europeeps, and I prefer Ukraine and Portugal

    • Telma Madeira is ❤

      Won't this upcoming pageant be the last on Telemundo's three (3)-edition coverage arrangement with MUO? I recall you said 'they were pulling their hair at Telemundo…'. So, if I were them, I'd exert one last push to get a 'paisana' crowned…

      World & International currently have European queens. Earth has an Asian, Supranational has an African… Yeah, Latina na, nga, siguro. 🙂

      Tanti auguri e te, Celeste! May you & your family have a wonderful & peaceful time. 🙂

      (Speaking of Supranational having an African titlist for 2022 & a MU Runner-up at that, my vote for Pageant Story of the Year is 'the vindication of Lalela Mswane'. I was among those who were skeptical, that the Polish organization might think she was merely banking on her turbulent participation in Eilat for mileage. She must be so proud of herself! I hope Mr. ALV will be able to arrange to have her visit the country. But that's a topic for another post. No, Mr. Blogger? )

      • or how about the top two at MU are both ‘from the Islands ! ‘ … I prefer Mauritius and Curacao

      • @ jaretwrightlover

        Oh, yeah! CURACAO… I was trying to recall Michelle du Lau’s country. ‘Alala, mo, siya?…

        … The most delightfully humorous crowning moment at MI 2017. 🙂

        Of your recommendations, Chile, Curacao, & Peru are tantalizing.

        (Sino nga, pala, nanalo’ng MV-Universo 2022? Sa 2023 edition na, siya, sasabak. I hope it was Amazonas. Brunette.)

        Anyway, just for myself, it may be a ‘Latina’ (read : ANYONE on the Atlantic Rim, para medyo comprehensive scope natin). Matagal na natin’g inaasam makakuha ng bronze medal (2nd Runner-up)… Tatakamin natin ‘yun’g ASEAN neighbor, natin, with the silver.

      • (Cont.)

        Dito ko na, lang, ilalagay. Anyway, MUP-related naman…

        We have to commend MUPO for discovering GEMS like Krizalleen Valencia, Ghenesis Latugat, Chantal Schmidt, Noreen Mangawit, Elsa Schumacher, Ma. Fee Tajaran, Perlyn Cayona, Noy Campos, Jan Elcano, Carol Veronilla, Krista Singh, Skelly Florida, & Doc Adee! ❤

      • (Cont.1)

        Oh, my… No one seems to be reporting from the ground. Mr. Blogger didn’t indicate what time the Send-off would be. But from my vantage…

        Since dawn, flocks of black birds have been circling the venue. I’ve spotted, now, maybe the fifth apparition.

        1st salvo > eight of a flock;
        2nd salvo > a combined showing of five & three;
        3rd salvo > two of them, though I may have missed the others as with the AWESOME noise they make there’s reason to believe there were/are more; &
        4th salvo > seven, in diamond-like formation.

        I’ve been busy. I feel I lost count. There’s a possibility I’m misreporting one of these. 😦

      • (Cont.)

        I witnessed one ‘fly-by’ that was SIMPLY GUT-WRENCHING… But it was of such a SCALE that it’s impossible to not have been witnessed by many more (others). We’ll give them the floor to provide their account of the happenings… 🙂

        Guys, now that we’ve begun sharing our Picks, kumusta na, nga, pala si Hang Manita? Is she still in the country? Or, bumalik na siya’ng (ASEAN neighbor)?

  11. Well same people na binabash yung mga peg ni madam Stella before na “indio” looking girls like Zorayda Andam Janelle Bautista etc Ghilrea Quinzon etc. Nakakaloka eh hindi naman tayo mestizo nation like most latin American country ex. Venezuela and Colombia

    • Ewan ko sa inyong mga magulong pageant fans, kapag nagpapadala ng “stereotypical” Filipina beauty, daming bash na shonget and such tapos kapag ganito, may masasabi parin. Mananalo dapat ang tunay na nagperform, half man o hindi.

      Nobody outside pageant community takes pageants seriously anyway kaya bakit pa kayo nagpapakabother about dyan wkwkwk

  12. I really think she needs to be less rehearsed about her advocacy… it does not come off as authentic as when she speaks about her mom and her family.

    Nevertheless, let’s hope she can repeat another top 5 finish if not top 3 or the crown.

    I am looking forward to hearing more about how they will finalize everything while in the US. This sounds like another Rabiya 2.0 plan.

  13. It’s messed up how we’re supposed to be proud to be represented by a girl who barely speaks any native language despite having lived here since 2018. Didn’t even lift a finger to try to assimilate into our society but oh because she’s pretty and charming, she’s supposed to have Filipinos’ full support?

    Celeste winning the MUP crown is my final straw in supporting major Philippine pageants. The industry is really just about White worship even at this point.

    • I beg pageant fans to look inward and reflect why we keep holding pageants in the first place and end up sending these foreigner girls. They’ll be shouting “Philippines!” at the top of their lungs yet present not even an iota of knowledge about our country and culture. Disgusting and sad.

      • Point well taken and understandable. However, pageants are what they are; 1) subjective and 2) international competetions.

        Since 2010, the Philippines has emerged as a superpower in the pageant world that the placement streak, the top 5 finishes, the five Big 3 crowns have eclipsed the notion of sending a rep that looks like the majority of the population.

        I’ve always favored darker skinned beauties like Janine Tugonon, Paul Shah, Bea Luigi and to an extent Michelle Dee. It is what it is sometimes.

    • Paki-train kasi yang mga pure Filipino na galingan sa pageant. Hindi naman pwedeng puro lang tayo wish ng pure Filipino na yan ng hindi nila ginagalingan sa stage. Scout and fund them nang matupad yang mga wish nyo wkwkwkwk

      Bakit hindi same attitude binibigay natin kay Miss USA? they should’ve been sending Native Americans if that’s our logic hehe

      • Hay nako your comparing apples to oranges. Immigrant nation ba Ang Pilipinas? Hindi!!!!! And don’t tell me about Austronesians traveling in whatever BC is that. Philippines is a nation of Filipinas with foreigner fetish or the other way around. Charot 🙄

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