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  1. surely pasok to sa semi…wag muna magcrown ha…practice ulit ng practice then ibang herlene na ang bubulaga sa atin 2 years from now pagsali niya ulit sa bbp. ❤

  2. Exactly the reason why I do not make a judgement based on photos alone. Her photos above were obviously filtered and photoshopped.

    Who are these handlers and girls fooling ba? We see them on screen , or we WILL eventually see them on screen and see their natural beauty (or non beauty ) anyway.

    Herlene is NOT ugly, that is for sure. But I truly agree with one commenter that after all the hullabaloo harping on inner beauty, empowered , confident women, THIS IS STILL a beauty contest. It will very hard for us to remove from our minds the thought that she is a comedienne (aka not serious) who self styled herself as a hipon (ugly face, sexy body) – – and not a beauty queen. This is the same challenge that the likes of Eugene Domingo and Ai-ai having a hard time doing dramatic roles (no matter how capable they may be) having started in low-brow / slapstick comedy.

    So here lies the rub:

    I couldn’t help but wonder

    1) After being lax with pageant criteria / standards just to appear to be woke, all inclusive, and sensitive to the call of times, WHERE do we stop all these madness? Can Kiray Celia’s join next year?

    2) Where do we stop allowing (or at least consenting to release) obviously photoshopped / filtered photos? Mind you, this is not happening in beauty pageants alone, I remember many years ago that infamous Marie France much, much slimmer- Sharon Cuneta giant billboard along EDSA, when every Sunday, we got to watch the megastar in all her mega-ness. Lol.

    Happy Weekend and World Peace.

  3. I do not understand why the ladies Rodgil just wears a shirt and a pair of jeans, in most photos and then in this photo Wilbert who represents a glammed Herlene is just wearing a pair of shorts, a not matching plo shirt, a supposed lux slimng bag and a pair of baskeball shoes.

    I guess male NDs anf trainers should at least something formal if there are photoops, I really don’t like them in a photo side by side with a trained glammed lady.

    I also dont like how trying hard or over-the-top the choice of wardrobe Jonas Gaffud wears, the expensive becomes cheap. He and Boy Abunda almost have the same taste, look at their photos, they should wear something appropriate for their age.

    • RR,

      Don’t get me started and riled up about that Girl Abunda! He/It is a walking human-rights violation. His / It style of interviewing is a nightmare enough : The constant interruption of guests, the know-it-all counter replies [even longer than what the guest said), the irritating gestures and emphasis of certain words. It seems Boy and Kris graduated from the same school of interviewing (“Let’s stop talking about me, let’s talk about you. What do you think of me?”) Lol.

      And of course, the visual violation when Boy presents himself to us. Jonas is not far behind. Sayang lang all the money they spend on branded attires that obviously do not suit them. However, at the end of the spectrum, we have Rodgil Flores in his black shirt and denims.. which I also don’t agree with. Oh well.

      World Peace.

      • I remember the time when I was working in middle east, in a very good company and was earning more than I expected. I sort of gravitated myself to the so-called elite circle, thinking that because I already have the money, I would really belong…. only to realize na kapwa ko social climbers din ang mga nakakahalubilo ko!

        I also became obsessed with designer clothes,,,, again only to realize that designer clothes are designed for certain body types. Up to now, I still remember vividly what my then secretary said:

        “Hanep talaga! Ang jeans, Armani, ang shirt Armani, pati medyas at belt… Armani, pero ang katawan…..ARMAGEDDON!” And we both LOLed!

        Now I’m back to the ever reliable 501s and plain white Hanes shirts.

      • Hey Thomas, Kiri and JustPassingBy
        I am glad to know you also share the same opinion , I just wish they could dress-up a bit just like Francis Libiran’s suit. That would be the template to use.

        I also observe this under dressed phenomena on male sponsors, men who goes up on stage who crown or give awards, they should dress as formal as the event and similar to the male hosts (in suits or barong) , with formal wear just like in the Oscars. This really should be stressed.

    • I used to like Boy Abunda until he became too much to bear.
      He has changed a lot from the intelligent and humble guy to the over-the-top and so-full-of-himself bald gay. And yeah, he and Jonas Gaffud should really change the way they dress.
      I know Boy Abunda’s favorite brand is Dolce&Gabbana but his outfits look more of off-the-rack pieces from tiangges.

  4. I liked when she was trying to be prim and proper during her 1st day of screening hoping that she would stay that way till the end of her pageant journey. But I was disapointed when she did a tiktok video right after about “2joints”. I guess she was thinking that there is no chance that she could actually pass the initial assessment… But lo and behold she got a callback… I hope and pray that she finaly takes it seriously. And that recent viral video of hers won’t haunt her in the future… Well I dont opose the use of Marijuana and hopefully if ever she makes it as far as winning a crown… I hope it’s MGI held in Thailand where “2 joints”is legal. In my opinion, she actually has potential, she just needs to believe in herself.

  5. She should take her BBP journey seriously. No more comedic act please. Come coronation night, I hope she wouldn’t be affected by the rude live audience like what happened to Vicky Rushtom some years ago. Good luck girl!

  6. I heard she will use tagalog language during the interview and q&a portions. And why not?

  7. What an amazing transformation. I could no longer recognize the old Harlene

  8. I don’t mind her getting the Globe or Intercontinental crown since back to back is unlikely.

  9. Proper make up and styling can magically turn an ugly duck to a beautiful swan.

    Since I wondered how she really looks like without make up, I searched online and… ta-daaa… HER MONICKER IS TRUE.

    Good luck, Herlene, on your BbP journey. Remember that it’s not beauty that is captivating. It’s the personality.

    That’s all.

  10. She is giving off MJ Lastimosa vibes in this pic. Truth to tell, I never really thought of her as “hipon” in the colloquial sense because she can be facially appealing even during her Wowowin days. If her communication skills have significantly improved then she can be a serious contender for any of the crowns at stake.

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