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  1. Wow, Baguio and Pangasinan look stunning! Gorgeous faces. Both exceeded expectations.

  2. I agree w/ almost everyone… Ghenesis won this challenge while Lou Piczon as a close runner-up…
    Ghenesis features has the right amount of symetry, are very exotic and yet she looks very Filipina… I think she could potentialy beat one of the frontrunners in the top 3. Let’s see if her interview skills are indeed at par with what we expect a winner to be…

  3. Based on these photos alone, Ghenesis and Lou can run with crown. Both are absolutely stunning.

    As much as I love Baguio, she needs more time to mature and polish her communication skills.

    As to Annabelle, she is a great communicator and performer, but I do not see her facial beauty as universally appealing. (julia too)

    The most versatile and most prepared to compete in MU would be Michelle or Pauline.

    Michelle’s advantage over Pauline is her body and presentation/pasarela.

    Pauline’s edge over Michelle is her wit and more engaging personality.

    Oh well. Let us see.

    • They’re pretty in their own ways, but not outstanding. Overhyped I think.
      Ghenesis slayed this BYS Cosmetics round.

  4. If I’m latugat I’ll marry a rich white European businessman or American or basta. Yung mga type nya ang magiging Pornthip 2.0 na nakapangasawa ng billionaire. Exotic realness. sana All!! If Pornthip have Angel Wings Foundation she can name her foundation the Fallen Angels charot

  5. Ghenesis Latugat is a goddess! I wish she wins and upsets all these frontrunners.

  6. Okay, okay.

    Indeed, frontrunners cannot sustain their leads at times. They have a bad day, maybe. Or, the people around them are the culprit.

    Although Celeste, Michele, Katrina and Pauline have maintained their looks here, they are nevertheless brushed aside or outdone by the arresting beauty of Ivylou Borbon and Ghenesis Latugat. These two lasses are, by far, consistently wowing the pageant fans. And I am following them since the press presentation.

    For now, here are my strong six: Pauline, Celeste, Ivylou, Ghenesis, Katrina, and Michele.

    I can understand the hype on Annabelle McDonnell because, pristinely, she can deliver. But, as I have already put it since she won a local pageant, she badly got a wrong veneers size.

    If the stars will align for her on April 30, I believe Pauline would have the third MUP crown. After all, her classic beauty is universally appealing, plus she can engage a good talk. Her body is her only weakness which she can work hardly on or aesthetically remedy at the most.

    Yet, here is a very big BUT — If Celeste can pull it through with an effortless QnA score, then crowning her would be fine with me.

    That’s all.

    • Ghenesis is a hit sa mga puti Anna. Ako sa kanya pumunta sya sa Kanluran at mag enjoy. Malay ba natin at makabingwit ng bilyonaryo. Edi winner tayong lahat. Pornthip Nakhurin whatever ang peg.

      • Agree. Their sex appeals are over the top. But, Borbon’s sensual staring in the photo above makes every Caucasian’s heart beats fastly.

        That’s all.

  7. Comm skills and pasarela, A+ si Annabelle, pero face-wise…let’s just say she’s not at par with our past delagates to Miss U.

  8. If I were the cosmetic company’s owner and I had to choose 3 to represent my brand for an Ad Campaigne, these would be:
    Baguio – Exotic
    Taguig – Malay
    Cebu Province or Makati – Oriental
    Pasay – Caucasian
    Davao Del Sur – Black

  9. only a few choices for the crown really , Dee – Cortesi -Amelincx

    • Isa lang din naman ang kokoronahan kaya kebs na kung konti man ang contenders. Ganun lang talaga hindi every year strong ang batch

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