18 comments on “KF for Binibining Pilipinas 2022: The First 15

  1. Mas marami paring maganda dito. Sana mup can invite more beautiful ladies in the future after all, it’s a BEAUTY pageant.

  2. The 5’11” Anna Valencia could be heir apparent of Hannah Arnold!!

  3. Si Yllana mga bakla ang kinis nyan in person walang pores. Nakakaloka 😂😆 Ewan ko para syang chinay? Not sure.

  4. Walang halfie na angelic features na hawig sa kabataan ni Madam Stella??? Mala Angelica Alita or Vicky Rushton? Alam ko mga ganun ang type na type ni Madam SMA kahit hindi katangkaran possibly because they remind her of herself… Pero sabagay bakit pa lalayo sa winning peg e sya nga naman ang 1st Miss International…

    Anyway.. I love Graciella Lehman who’s I think is a total package, same as Chelsea Fernandez, yan ang mga surewin sa lower tier pageant na ganda lang ang puhunan at bonus nalang kung may utak… And my sentimental favorite- Justinne Punsalang, na madami pang kakaining bigas but I think she will greatly improve in the near future.

    The rest look pretty.. Pretty forgetable in a sea of gorgeous women… They need to show more personality if they want to standout.🤨

  5. Some of these should have been sent to MUP. This is what happens when the franchise is owned by the head of A&Q.

    • It was KF’s choice not to send them to MUP. Why blame A&Q? Isa pa lang napadala ng KF in 2 years and you expect her to win para masabi na hindi biased ang MUP? What a mindset…

      • Yes. Tama ka! And hindi naman limited to Philippines pwede itrain ng KF. remember in 2017 Indonesia trained KF and won in MI while Philippines clapped big time. Same in 2018 when Ecuador was trained by Aces and clapped while Indonesia, KF trained entered top 20. So not limited na ngayon. They can train every girls from everywhere na.

      • There is a clear conflict of interest when the head of a pageant camp becomes the franchise owner of MUP. KF sent 15 girls (so far) to BBP, but less than 5 in MUP, the most coveted crown in the country, and you think there’s nothing to it?? Don’t be naive.

      • @Bimby

        People are just assuming that there’s a conflict of interest. Hello? A number of A&Q girls were not included in the Final 30 last year. Some even clapped during the first 2 editions (Kia Moreno, Khesha Ramachandran, etc.). Following your mindset, all A&Q girls should’ve placed every year.

        Also, Miss World Philippines has been crowning girls from A&Q since 2011, bakit ayaw niyo tahulan ang MWP? Pero yung MUP na 2 taon pa lang, tahol na kayo nang tahol.

    • It’s also because of the fact that MUP has a lot of online “paandar” to select their top 30 so a lot of expenses on candidates pocket on the onset. While BBP, candidates will just present themselves on screening. So do the math.. as a possible candidate they will choose BBP.

  6. Dimaculangan , Valencia and Fernandez are the worthy candidates here …

      • Agreeing to disagree. I think Graciella is a crown contender, albeit in what looks like a very competitive batch.

  7. Sans madagdagan at least 2 new crown titles this year sa Bb. Ibalik and Bb Pilipinas Tourism title pang dagdag. The winner need not compete internationally but her sole role os to promote Philippine tourism – domestic and intl. Sana din MesoAmerica franchise makuka nila and the postponed Miss Charm Intl. Wishful thinking I onow but this year’s batch of Bbs look stellar. The more crowns the merrier.

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