12 comments on “MUPH2022: The Casting Video Challenge Winners

  1. Celeste Cortesi projects so much of her personality through her eyes, and yeah, that’s why she won this challenge.

  2. Michelle and Cortesi are the most consistent in all these challenges.
    It might be a toast between these two for the MUPh crown
    I like Cortesi but Michelle has a soft spot in my heart.

  3. Yes! Belle of misamis oriental for me… like my pick bea last year, shes mu material… fierce, charismatic, brainy..

  4. I am sure that when there is top 30 and there is the physical part of the pre-pageant heating up , Michelle Dee will be dominating the contest especially in the gown competition and national attire … !

    • ..but dear..Philippines is emblazoned on her bodice!!.. That alone will scream—” POWERHOUSE!”.

  5. Norm, is there a schedule of activities for the ladies in April? I assume that only the top 30 will be asked to be in person for the remainder of the pageant activities?

    • That is my understanding as well – only the Top 30 will return for the physical parts of the pre-pageant schedule leading to the April 30 Finals.

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