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  1. Why are Filipino men not keen on joining pageantry, unlike their female counterparts? We live in a Westernized culture where the value of women is largely determined by their physical looks, to the exclusion of their intellect, values and contributions to the world. This treatment does not extend to men. When men are objectified in media and advertising, they are seldom portrayed as decorative objects .They are rarely presented as a physical body, but are depicted as masculine and strong, thereby enhancing their power and status. I think any typical accomplished Filipino man does not want to be reduced to the status of an object, or be showcased in pageantry as a thing for another person’s use.

    • I find your comment problematic Scorge for the following reasons:

      1) Filipino men are KEEN on joining pageantry. Just watch and witness how many male pageants have sprouted and filled to the brim with candidates.

      2) I am guessing your age is maybe 50 and beyond (lol) to still have that traditional mindset that our “culture determines a woman’s value by her physical looks to the exclusion of intellect”. FYI, things have already changed the past decades or so.

      3) Definition of masculine beauty has changed a lot Scorg. Gone are the “masculine and strong” template you have grown up with (Vic Vargas? Lol). Read: K-pop boys, Alden Richards, Papa P, and all the pretty boys we have who are soft as marshmallows. Lol.

      Let’s not go any farther, I am fairly an accomplished man (albeit way beyond the desired age of Arnold Vegafria’s definition of desirable age range), but if you will ask me (or any man for that matter at younger age) if we want to be “reduced to an object or a sex object”, you will be surprised to hear that WE DO! Lol. Please make me a sex object! Lol.

      Nowadays, I still consider myself a sex object. Whenever I ask for sex, they object! Lol.

      World Peace.

      • @Thomas, thank you for your comment. I am talking of accomplished men– highly educated, successful entrepreneurs, community leaders, amd people of some degree of social standing. They definitely fall under the category of socially “desirable men” but are not inclined to join pageantry due to aversion to objectification. The “masculine and strong” template alluded is basically the template of this Mr. World/ Mr Supranational search– towering height and excelling in sports and fitness. Try sending to the organizers what you call “pretty boys ….as soft as marshmallows” and I’m sure they will immediately be rejected. Yes, the concept of masculinity may be evolving but pageantry organizations obviously are not abreast of current developments.

        On the reference to the “Westernized culture where the value of women is largely determined by their physical looks,… [not to] their intellect, values and contributions to the world”: that is my observation that is still prevalent, even among the commenters in this blog. Pageant organizations like MUP and MEP are obviously changing this mindset but most fans are still not carried along.

        Again, this is my opinion. You have yours. This is a free marketplace of ideas.

        To borrow your signature closing: World peace!

      • Welcome Scorg! Anything for you. =)

        Questions begging to be asked with your reasoning (really curious to hear your opinion /thoughts. Not being sarcastic here):

        1) Why are you are asking that only ACCOMPLISHED MEN (with your definition of what accomplished is : Highly educated, successful entrepreneurs, community leaders, etc) join the pageant WHEN THE CRITERIA set by Arnold Vegafria NEVER even mentioned those standards?

        Are you also demanding the same criteria for women pageants contestants? Why or why not?

        If I am not mistaken, you also prefer “Filipino looking. Malay looking” female contestants to represent us in international pageants, right? And that Pia and Catriona (who are Caucasian looking and of mixed blood) are not your cup of tea despite already giving honors to our country?

        It will be really interesting to see you set up your own pageants in the future:

        Men Contestants : Highly accomplished. Masculine and Strong.
        Women Contestants: No Caucasian looking , please.

        2) 18 years old? You want them successful entrepreneurs and community leaders? REALLY?

        3) You prefer “masculine and strong” because fans / commenters (as you’ve observed ) like them that way? And you think “pretty boys” will not have a chance to win in international pageants? What if these pretty boys are HIGHLY ACCOMPLISHED?

        World Peace.

  2. Rayver Cruz? I guess to each his own. Plus I think 33yo na sya. Don’t get me wrong; Rayver is multi-talented. ‘Fell in “like” with him from the beginning (Macoy from You Changed My Life). But he always looks constipated to me (acting, dancing, hosting). Very wooden!

    I do like Derrick Monasterio. Youthful vibe but also comes across as a manly adult. How tall is he though? He looks short because he’s muscularly thick.

  3. Sa totoo lang marami ang mga kalalakihan sa Pilipinas ang handang sumabak sa mga patimpalak sa katunayan may kakayahan silang manalo, ang problema hindi po sila pinagpala ng mga katangkaran at kapogihan. Sa mga bansa ng Europa karamihan ay mga matatangkad, samantala sa mga bansa ng Asia ay hindi gaano katakaran. Marahip tanggapin pero yan ang katutuhanan. Darating din ang panahon na may mananalo mula sa Pilipinas.

  4. Honestly, our local male pageants really pale in comparison to their female counterparts. There are many tall, muscular/well toned bodies in the country but they’re just not interested. Men’s psyche is different from women – many don’t want to go through the rigors of competing again once they’re unsuccessful. My point is, why don’t they just do a targeted casting calls and interviews (save cost on mounting expensive competitions where the winners aren’t really extraordinary). Better yet, why doesn’t the organization just partner with Century Super Bods organizers and pick from those physically attractive finalists from the 2016-2020 editions. All those finalists are diverse, well spoken, tall (mostly 6 ft and above) and have extra toned bodies afterall.

  5. Wag na kayo umasa…
    Mahilig sa mga pandak si Arnold V.
    Para sa kanya pang basketball player na ang 5’8

    NO to 6FT. BELOW!!

    • Kai Sotto – 7′ 2″
      Kobe Paras
      Andre Paras
      Donny Pangilinan
      Enzo Pineda
      John Vic de Guzman
      Ricci Rivero
      Kit Thompson

  7. I thought it was a joke. The blurb “most desirable man in the Philippines” reeks so much of gayness, arrogance and hubris.

    The complete blurb should have been “Arnold Vegafria’s most desirable men”. Lol.

    World Peace.

  8. Mr. World Ph 2022- Rayver Cruz
    Mr. Supranational Ph- Derrick Monasterio
    Mr. Global Ph- Kirk Bondad

      • True yan Ms. Claire. Ewan ko na lang pag hindi pa pumwesto ang Felepens sa male pageants. Have a great Tuesday Ms. Claire. ❤

  9. What does it take to be a “desirable man”? The list of qualifications, other than single blessedness, young age, and towering height, include “charm and personality of a true Filipino and excels in sports and fitness”. So the good-looking young tech-savvy inventors, scientists, university scholars, entrepreneurs, and community leaders are out, unless in their early-in-life successes they can sneak in a daily fitness regimen in the gym. But how many of our bemedalled athletes and physical futmess buffs are lookers? and tall? So the choice is constricted to ramp and commercial models.


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